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  1. Looking for a Sobek with +dmg, +status chance +multi/firerate -impact. PMO me in here, in-game or discord: Commy.#5476 If I'm not online in-game, add me with a note 🙂
  2. WTS 2 Triple Rare Raska Kubrows, both double Jupiter Brown + Alad Blue. One is Lotus and the other is common pattern. https://imgur.com/a/0m4ZW96 :) If you're interested, PM me here or in-game. If I'm not online, feel free to add me with a note!
  3. I feel like the Tigrol Fur Pattern needs to look more closer to a Tiger's fur pattern. I know that a Striped Fur Pattern exists, but that doesn't have much bigger and thicker stripes as the Tigrol has. Here's a comparison of what the current Tigrol Fur Pattern looks like to what it should look like. FYI, I'm not a good artist 😞 https://imgur.com/a/VOnp9qY
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