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  1. Greetings tenno. In this post, I would like to state my thoughts on how I would revive pvp in our favorite game. I apologize for my English, I don’t know him very well and resorted to Google’s help. The essence of my idea, my thought is this -battle royale.I certainly understand that this is a far from new idea, and that there are a lot of such individual games. So, as I see this mode First of all, this is a dedicated server, no hosts. I think I’ll explain why it is he who is needed - just need Secondly, the card Cetus. For this mode, the map has everything. Mountains, rugged terrain, shelters, trees, enemy bases (but there is a moot point). Let's walk on the choice of heroes Not necessarily that they were immediately a lot, not necessarily. For starters, you can restrict to 3-4-5 frames. I would prefer Oberon or Trinity, Amber, Chrome .In this mode, the level of health at all about the same (At 30 level) Let's turn to the theory. Health does not recover over time. Shields are recovering, but very slowly. In order to make up health one could use health spheres or any stimulants (?) Energy I think in this mode it is not needed, but to make a cool-down for abilities. Ability power reduced by 50% (maybe 75%) Gravity increased by 100% No shot-jumping. As well as in other games with a similar mode there will be a zone that converges on some part of the map. About the weapon as well as with the frames. It is not necessary to add all the weapons available in the game. You can add to start 10-15 rifles, 1-3 sniper rifles, 3-4 shotguns, 3-4 bows. Ammo to pick up from dead enemies or loot in chests. Also in the chests it would be possible to find stimulants for running, stimulants for a reduced cooldown of abilities, heal efficiency (+ 20% - + 30%) Let's turn to the most interesting and the most difficult - mods All mods have only the first level. Just as with weapons and frames, you can limit yourself to 40-60-70 mods. the mod would be elemental or mixed, status effects on weapons would work No pets, guards and spectrums The number of players can be limited to 40-50 (I'm not quite sure about that). Calculate one session in 20-25 minutes. And the last award, the award could be taken from a sortie or something else. There would also be a separate syndicate for this map mode. All the things that were on the signals could be acquired by syndicate glasses. Thanks for attention.
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