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  1. Trinity prime,MR10 ^Me after finishing my first ayatan treasure hunt^ Bio- Just a casual Warframe looking for someone who can bless my life and give me energy- or the other way around. Tennos often see my as a weak Warframe until i drain all of there energy and health and leave them suspended in the air. So if you see something you like be sure to inbox me and i'd be happy to farm some kuva or do the daily sortie, and ill show you im so much more than a mere 'healer.' Nicknames- EV, Bless,Trin, are just a few. Interests: Two words: Rubico Rivens Hobbies- sometimes i like to do Elite Sanctuary Onslaught but it makes me sad when volt shouts at me for not pressing 2 enough....so i mostly stick to rescue missions which help me feel better about my self as i'm freeing (mostly) innocent people who deserve a better life. P.S.😜Ill show you how to wear a syandana correctly😊A tenno who can go with the flow and isnt narrow minded would really bring (arcane) warmth to my 'heart.' [Sorry about weird format]
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