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  1. Nova Ravnica - Selesnya Ghost clan PC Founding Warlord Screenshots of our dojo: Here's the obstacle course in action: As our multi-gaming clan is based on the famous card game "Magic: The Gathering", we also decided to use the respective theme of the Selesnya guild - plants, gold/stone structures, nature, and the general light white+green theme. The dojo is easily accessible, and it follows the theme strictly. You can reach all parts of it, except for the glitch sectors, without of having to teleport. As you also can see in the map on the last 3 screenshots, our dojo is well structured. We have a generator sector, a technics sector (laboratories), an entertainment sector (duel room, obstacle course, parcour), and clanhalls inbetween, with the most decorated one being our mainhall. Good Luck and Have Fun, fellow participants 😉 Edit: The clip of the obstacle course unfortunately cuts of a few seconds too early. Didn't see the gfycat time limit.
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