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  1. Clan name: Redemption Clan tier: Shadow Clan platform: Nintendo Switch Clan role: Founding Warlord Feature image: https://ibb.co/F3jthv5 Welcome to Redemption. We are one of the first clans created on Nintendo Switch. Our main focus is the 4 elements, nature and the Orikin. Extra images: Obstacle course: https://ibb.co/kgzNnXq https://ibb.co/fYpYMPQ This obstacle course is 3D platform game oriented which is one of my favorite video game genres. In order to win, you have to destroy the dummies, skip obstacles and pass through the gates. Forest Hall: https://ibb.co/PmJZ0VD Quite simple yet a little inspiration from the Forest Temple on Ocarina of Time. Void Hall: https://ibb.co/b5FBwpR Just another view of the Void Hall. Elemental laboratory area: https://ibb.co/KXL9r4f Here is where we spend most of our time researching and studying the arts of the 4 elements. 😉 Tap tap passage: https://ibb.co/4KgkGfc Chains of Harrow inspired passage where further research can be done. Myth says that a ghost from Harrow haunts this area with his beautiful voice. 😉 Ninja Garden; https://ibb.co/NCJdg1G A place where we learn from each other where a dueling room, another obstacle room and an elemental altar are located. Void Observatory: https://ibb.co/0mg65ZH This is the place where we go stargazing while making plans and at the same time, gathering void energy. I hope you enjoyed my humble clan!
  2. Question, do I have to participate by email or should I simply post my profile on here?
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