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  1. 1. I don't think I really understood the issue with Itzal. What is the difference to top tier frames and weapons that are the 'best' way to play. 2. My thoughts which might be a little jumbled bc. I just got home from a party: Itzal is objectively the best at what it does and because WF isn't pvp it doesn't hurt anyone. You are motivated to go out and experience the poe on a K-Drive? Do it! Nobody is stopping you. If DE wants choice they should make content for neglected stuff, nothing can be perfectly balanced for everything and there will always be the best thing. Amesha is powerful but nobody cares. If there are parts of your game nobody plays maybe see what can be done to improve it instead of changing the elements people actually play. If DE wants to force their players into a specific style of play they will lose. Maybe they should ask themselves why people like fast cars in games, or fast spaceships, or Itzal.. maybe because flying over the open worlds is boring? unfun? look at your second monitor time? Here is an idea, make the flying actually exciting, rewarding and dangerous! They should learn from their players telling them how they like to play their game (not using K-Drives, mostly using Itzal) and use it to make their game better for their players. Instead they try to force people to play the way they 'envisioned'. Trying to make your players fit your game instead of the other way around is not a good idea imho. Nobody will like K-Drives more because Itzal is worse. You cannot fight human nature and people will always try to get to the rewards faster/easier esp. if they have to repeatedly do the same thing. Players feel a "sense of pride and accomplishment" after they have overcome a challenge and putting them on a timer both figuratively and literally isn't a way to make something challenging. Nobody grades movies on their running time. Who can blame people trying to shorten the mission they are running 100+ times? Exploiter was interesting bc. gear didn't matter much. But is that healty for warframe on a bigger scale? Just use whatever, it doesn't matter?
  2. When will they realize that there will always be a meta option. Something will always be better/more convenient than something else for content X and players will use it. As soon as Iztal is 'slow' there will be another 'best' choice. Nerf Frame X, now everyone plays Frame Y. Nerf Gun A and watch everybody switch to B... I just don't understand why you would do this in a pve game.
  3. I just tried trading unranked mods with a friend and the ranked (and equipped) versions were automatically selected too. This happened on both sides.
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