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  1. I strongly believe both could be merged into something better. Purely in terms of actual ingame activities, I think NW`s daily/weekly challenges are the better system. They have more variety (with a lot of headroom up from what NW1 offered) and work well for showing (new) players what`s on offer in the game. If they would just pop up and give us direct rewards like the Alerts did, I would be quite happy with it. I think it`s possible this is actually what DE are heading for, they are probably just (over-)selling the work-in-progress (of coding challenges) as "event". However, the NW "event" in itself remains the most unpleasant experience I had on Warframe. I hope I can regain my love for the game once it`s all over.
  2. I agree the info we got is just too vague to really have an opinion on it. To me the crucial part is how this "catch up" will be handled. If it just means that unfinished weekly challenges go into a box for two weeks and pop back out after you tackle the live challenges ... I am not sure that would fix anything. For people who have trouble investing the demanded time to begin with, it would rather lead to a stockpile of undone challenges with a delay on "missing out". But it could also mean that they archive all challenges, and remove the hard end of the event. Knowing the event stays accessible even after the "live" version ended would indeed remove a lot of the stress-factor. Plus, players who start playing WF later on would have it as extra content.
  3. Well, it`s used to gate weapons right now, it could as well be used to differentiate between challenges meant for low/mid/high players. It`s fair to assume a new player is lower than MR5, a player who has played for some month around MR10, and a vet at least MR14. I didn`t hear about that, but I have no doubt it worked to engage players for the time being. Myself, I`ve probably spent twice the time on Warframe than I normaly would. I also never had less fun with it. A short boost in generated playtime isn`t worth anything if you lose players in the long run. A looping cycle of daily/weekly events would do the exact same thing, call it "forever" or not. You have to see that there is a difference between hourly Alerts, daily/weekly Challenges, and a 10 week event with a hard end. I don`t think I have seen a single post asking for that. Everyone is discussing the format, not asking for free rewards. (Sidenote, I am rank 28 right now, with enough left to do this week for 29. So it`s not about that.)
  4. Yes, removing the time limit would be the saving grace. Tons of posts on this thread highlight the problems it causes. Remove it and boil it down to daily/weekly challenges which keep coming like the alerts did. Never getting the next nightwave sounds like a blessing. 😉 Allowing players to play at their own pace would be a terrible thing? Oh my. About "never getting the next rewards" ... of course if you remove the time limit you have to change the way rewards are distributed. It could easily be a reputation system like everywhere else in the game, just on a longer time scale since it would be tied to continuous challenges. Or, as I suggested a few pages back, high end rewards could be given for truely challenging weeklies, which could even be MR gated (without a time limit, challenges being locked for younger players would not be an issue). They could be as rare as DE wants them to be.
  5. But the system as a whole kept going. In theory it could have run for 100 years. My suggestion was to have NW as a loop (store included) with no defined ending after 10 weeks, so a slower rate would imo fit in with that. Either way, if need be reputation could still be tracked and raise the cred payout. The way I layed it out, you`d have a shot at umbral forma once every 15 weeks. That`s hardly "handing out like candy". Since I already called the challenges that would substitute the rank-reward-timeline "master elites", I wouldn`t mind them being gated by something like mastery rank either. Actually, that`s a core part of my critizism. Why is everyone trying to complete the same challenges, even though the game has such a wide range of player "levels"? Why is it a good thing to have strong players carry weaker players, for rewards which aren`t even aimed at those weaker players? That`s a result of the "carrot on a stick, with a timer attached" format. As one of the weaker players, I`d prefer to be excluded from hunting the great price right now, but know that I`ll have a shot at it once I grew stronger.
  6. Just speaking for myself, this was never an issue to me because alerts had a defined audience. If an alert on Eris came up while my max progression was Jupiter, I knew I was not the audience. Well, alerts were kinda never ending, except they got ended. 😉 Anyway, let me try to draft an "endless" Nighwave loop. For the sake of the example, lets keep the shop as it is now (cosmetics, changing set of mods). Lets also keep the system of daily and weekly challenges. Dish out wolf credits based on how much of the weekly total a player does, e.g. 5 creds for 25%, 10 creds for 50%, 15 creds for 75%. So far that`s something that can loop forever, is useful to new-ish players, and not bad for seasoned players. Have one "master elite" challenge per week which gives one of the current ranked-rewards. The more desireable/high end the reward, the tougher the challenge. One week it`d be a moderate challenge giving Forma, another week it`d be really brutal (out of reach for a player like me) giving something like the Umbra Forma. Wolf cred bundles and the super useless stuff excluded, this would make for about 15 weeks of rewards, at which point it loops back to where it started. This way the high end rewards would have seasoned players as a defined audience, and could actually offer a real challenge. Sure, some weeks would be less interesting for veterans in terms of rewards, but that`s no different from what we have now. The old "I missed the alarm" issue would still be mitigated by having a full week for the main reward. Well, something like that 😉
  7. Oh, nevermind then. 😉 I thought it was directed at me since you wrote it after quoting me. For any player under a certain threshold of average time investment per week, it does. You are right, there is a group of players who either spend so little time or simply are too new, they just shouldn`t bother. The whole event isn`t for them. But there is also a pretty big group in the zone between them and dedicated seasoned players. This is the group who are not really happy, because they can`t go at their own pace. Plenty of suggestions in this thread, mine included (change to an endless loop event, rewards on a weekly base depending on the weekly difficulty). Come on, you have to see the difference between random event pop-ups, with a time investment of 20 minutes max per event/reward, and a 10-week event dangling a carrot-on-a-stick in front of you. Don`t get me wrong, I am not saying Nightwave is bad, the core idea is actually pretty good imo. But I think it needs some substantial changes in order to not alienate a seemingly huge group of players.
  8. None of this is new to me, so no, it doesn`t change anything. Like Ayin already stated, the amount of time people can (or want) to invest in a game varies. Plus for less seasoned players some NW tasks either take more time or are just not doable at all. Everyone under a certain threshold will feel pressured by this system. It`s inherently a race against a 10-week clock. Just because the pro-driver in the Formula 1 car doesn`t even break a sweat in that race, doesn`t mean it`s fun for the rookie in a VW Beetle trying to keep up. I have only been here for about three month, but afaik a system forcing it`s pace on the player is new for WF, and actually almost the opposite of it`s usual flow. Tbh., personally I am not even crazy about the rewards since they are kinda ahead of my progression. But NW still manages to stress me out. No clue what the "just go play destiny" line was aimed at, I for one don`t play it. 😉
  9. Good point imo. I like the K-Drive, and often use it solo for the fun of it. But it should be a buff for resource farming rather than the hinderance it is right now.
  10. Sorry for being a bit off-topic, but I just wanted to agree that tile-hacking with gamepad seems more difficult. I am playing on PC, but with a xbox controller, so I have the same problem. I didn`t know ciphers (the saving grace for gamepad users) can be disabled on sorties, now I don`t even want to try them. 😕 Would be nice to see that reworked sometimes to make it more manageable for gamepad users.
  11. I doubt there is anything new to add after 85 pages, so just to drop my feedback. Imo the big issue is the "10 weeks and then it`s over" format. It adds pressure to play when you don`t really want to, it threatens you with missing out on things. Previously I logged in asking "what do I want to do today?", now I log in asking "what do I have to do?". Missing a week or two shouldn`t jeopardize a crazy 10 week-effort. I like having those NW tasks, but I think it should rather be a weekly, endless loop where you can constantly earn currency for a weekly, endless shop. As for the rewards that are currently in the timeline, they could instead be rewarded one by one for completing a week, or completing all elite tasks (if the system had no 10 week limit it wouldn`t matter if I can`t do an elite task yet, I could do it when the reward comes up next time). Actually, this would have the added benefit of being able to balance those rewards to the difficulty/time-demand of the tasks. About the tasks we have seen so far ... I am fine with everything except tasks which stop us from doing things at our own pace. Using Formas, Statues etc., once you know such tasks exist you stop using those things when you want/need to, but start to strategize. That aside there seem to be so many more options for tasks than what we have seen so far. But I suppose DE knows that, they just can`t code everything at once. Lastly, imo the whole NW integration into the UI isn`t really good. E.g. it took me quite a while to notice the shop, since it`s just a small "press key" insert instead of a proper tab. I also saw new players not even identifying the NW banner as a clickable element. I hope a Nightwave-like system will stick around, but not in it`s current form.
  12. Just to throw in my rookie take on Nightwave. At first I didn`t like it at all, but now I think it could grow into something better than Alerts with some changes. Imo for new(-ish) players Nightwave offers very little reasons to do those tasks. Early in the game you are still concerned with mundane stuff like credits, endo and basic mods. And you need those instantly. So my first suggestion would be to add small amounts of those things as instant reward for all Nightwave challenges. Just like Alerts were a good way for new players to gain some extra cash. I guess most seasoned players would enjoy seeing some sort of (semi-)instant reward as well, maybe through a really tough weekly challenge. UI visibility ... just as a hint for DE, a friend of mine who started playing after the Nightwave launch didn`t even notice it`s existance. He thought it was just some meaningless advert. The really positive thing of Nightwave vs. Alerts for new players is that it works better as a tour through the many sections of the game.
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