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  1. I don't believe the foundry rush timers are what convince people to spend platinum. I believe more people spend platinum on cosmetics, forma, potatos, and of course actual gear that they can't be bothered farming for. Not to mention Prime Access and Accessories which without a doubt pulls in heaps of cash. Foundry Rushes probably earn chump change in comparison to the amount of plat a player would spend if they didn't quit the game after seeing they had to wait 4 days after a painfully long grind just to use what they grinded for.
  2. Please DE this bug has been in the game since Plains of Eidlon was released. I believe it isn't limited to just Dargyns as well, so long as you are forced back to your Warframe there is a chance this will happen with any vehicle or with spoiler mode
  3. I find this happens consistently the second time I do the bounty without returning to Cetus first
  4. Nope, I played a tiny bit of TF2 (like less than 2 hours) and CSGO I played even less. I played Paladins a bit but I never used money to buy a lootbox only currency I earned through gameplay. I despise the idea of spending money on something when I don't know what I'm getting out of it.
  5. I have lived with it for 5 years but that doesn't mean that I have liked it for a single minute of the time I've spent waiting for 3 day Warframe builds after hours upon hours of grinding. It's even worse now that I've gotten to the point where the only interesting thing that happens now is I get to try something I haven't used yet. I only have Sevagoth to go and holy crap I am not looking forward to grinding Void Storms only to have to wait 4 days to use him. Also why would I buy lootboxes in any game? I never have before, I'm not going to start now.
  6. Also raising the number of possible elements on a single weapon would probably just result in people throwing Galvanized Shot/Aptitude/Savvy or Condition Overload on every weapon and then as many elements as they can because DE removed the condition cap when they did the melee nerfs (which actually buffed condition overload funnily enough).
  7. I feel Mausolon does a decent job at standing out when on the ground, with a 300 round magazine and a charging alternate fire that deals a ton of damage if used well. Also the sheer feeling of firing a weapon that size from your tiny frame just makes it feel powerful even if some weapons can do better. I can't really speak for any other Archguns on the ground because I haven't used them on the ground but I imagine something like Velocitus with infinite enemy punchthrough would also feel pretty strong.
  8. There is pretty much no point in having said mods if the damage is so low because of how status effect procs work. The higher the damage types stat compared to the other damage types on the weapon the higher the chance for it to actually proc in the first place. But also these limitation exist so that we can't combine for example Magnetic and Viral at the same time except in a few rare cases
  9. Yeah this is definitely a no, as funny as it would be for DE to do this and suddenly heavy weapons become Grineer Steel Path meta.
  10. Me and my friend were queuing for public Lunaro and we actually found other people like twice and we had only been grinding conclave missions for a week at that point. It's kind of funny how they ask us not to exploit conclave but then when we simply match public and it's just the two of us almost everytime anyway so it's kind of unavoidable.
  11. I personally am nowhere near the max cap but I do think that there doesn't actually need to be a cap in the first place. If anything it's losing DE money from people not buying more slots when they would like to.
  12. Don't know if anyone has said this but subsuming Rhino's Roar can be a bit of a bandaid solution for any frames that use Strength and Duration builds because the damage buff from Roar is treated like a Faction Damage Buff during damage calculation. (Double dipped by damaging statuses)
  13. I despise Foundry timers. I have since I started playing the game 5 years ago. It is such a gut punch to go through an absolutely massive grind to acquire some of the equipment only to have to wait an additional 12 hours to actually use the thing you've grinded to make (or 3 1/2 days for Warframes which is absurd). Kuva and Tenet weapons are nice because I am actually rewarded immediately upon completing those ordeals but then there's the 23 hour Forma build time to kill that joy. (Don't tell me I don't have to forma them 5 times, I do it for completion) I also wouldn't dare spend Platinum to rush the foundry because it is actually way more worth it to just buy a Warframe outright, (Warframe + Slot + Potato) or (Weapon + Slot + Potato). I am not suggesting that foundry timers be outright removed but reducing the timers from 12 hours (or 84 hours for Warframes) to something actually playable in a single sitting would be a massive improvement for retaining players. My own brother has tried and given up multiple times to get into Warframe and each time the reason he gives me is that "It doesn't feel rewarding" or that he doesn't like having to wait 8 hours (which is essentially 24 hours for a casual player) before he can complete the junction objective (Spectre Blueprint) and actually progress the story. (On a similar note, new players don't start with enough slots, forcing players to sacrifice equipment or buy a slot also put him off) Oh also being able to craft multiple of the same item at once would also be great because waiting a single minute per mineral refinement is absolutely stupid when I have to do it quite a few times for some items. Well there you have it, of all of the problems Warframe has this is probably the one that stings me the most often (Not necessarily the nastiest sting but an annoying recurring one) TL/DR: Foundry Timers should be shortened so gameplay feels more immediately rewarding
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