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  1. Can we also talk all resources that once were grinded out now raing from thumpers and raknoids. Can we rain some kuvahhhh? Ummm please :D
  2. Can we discuss a kuva canister gear item??? Allow pickups while archgun deployed?
  3. Add groundslam damage that scales with weapon. Melee Capabilities with archgun deployer space ninja needs an engineered swivel. Or archmelee add on. Oo
  4. Make kuva canisters that you can attach to normal life support if more than enough are present to reach 100% would add incentive to endurance runs. Also scale kuva to level YASSSSSS!!!!
  5. The key to this game is patience. Practice runs are offered to help learn the challenge.
  6. I kind of understand lower the time of missions in Arbitration but why scale down the mobs. Players that make it to Arbitration should have weapons and strategies to accommodate any scaling. Add an elite Arbitration. Also elite rivens that can only be unveiled by challenges 95-99% designed to be completed by squad only, otherwise small margin for solo completion.
  7. Cool puns. Can you allow players to pick up items (data mass, kuva catalyst, etc...) While archgun deployed? Allow for carrier to recoop for archgun deployer? And pppleeaase bring MEH RIVENSSSS!!! TY in advance much love to WF and its partners!!!
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