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  1. So I've noticed that the only "Prime" armor set or really anything Prime-related that can be used for fashion that Baro has, is the Eos Prime set, which to me doesn't really look all that good but it was the only prime armor set i had that I used before i had gotten the Avia Prime armor set. I really wish that DE could possibly had more Prime fashion stuff to Baro's inventory, like maybe a new Prime armor set specifically to get from Baro, a Prime Sigil or Prime Syandana. I would especially love to see one of the last two things that I mentioned be added into Baro's inventory. I just want people to not miss out on what it's like to own a Prime Sigil or Prime Syandana, since the ones I've seen look really cool, and it's sad that some don't have either of those because they either can't afford the Prime Access or they're spending time away from the game, or a mix of both. Kinda sucks to be honest, and would be really cool if someone from DE saw this and forwarded this to someone on the team.
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