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  1. Ive been having a lot of connection issues lately, i.e. that red diamond popping up like every minute or 30 seconds. I even got disconnected from the server and booted out to the login screen. Anyone else having these problems??? Every time I try to do something, like start a mission, it pops up
  2. I highly doubt they even know about this or care. If they did, it wouldn't still be a problem. I just tried it today and the same issues are occurring.
  3. Obviously. What I'm saying is that hopefully by doing daily tasks, I will have enough standing before nightwave ends.
  4. I'm actuallt behind and hoping that the daily tasks will save me. I only got three recovered tasks. If this wouldn't have happened, I wouldn't be behind right now. I will be damned if I miss more rewards because of a bug, like when my score for hostile mergers wouldn't update.
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