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  1. Same old tired song... "This new FOTM frame makes these other frames obsolete! Oh the humanities! Think of the children!" The frames OP mentions don't need Wisp as comparison to feel underwhelming : they just ARE. Because the game changed, while they did not. They all have the same thing in common : they didn't follow the tide, forgotten/ignored by DE. Wisp changes nothing to their situation. If anything, this is just yet another huge spotlight shone on Warframe's already glaring balance issues accross the board. Nerfing this frame won't make all those other frames more viable/better or relevant. Reworking/buffing/bringing THEM up to the current game's "meta" or whatever instead WILL. I can't believe it's still too hard a concept to grasp : don't break what little there is that works, fix what doesn't before it piles up so high it ends up looking like a mountain. So much is broken and outdated in this game, and yet we still see this type of thread demanding things that perform well be brought down to the level of those that can't perform at all as if it was going to make them perform better instead. It won't. Let's focus on the frames that need help instead of those that don't, shall we?
  2. Why is it so necessary that he NOT be able to say things like that? What's the death toll? How many people died because someone typed "Nezha is a trap" somewhere on the internet? Seriously, is there a humanitarian crisis somewhere caused by these words? Are traps falling like flies all over the world? Maybe we should ask Nezha what he feels about it? Oh wait...
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