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  1. Alrighty then, here's my two cents on the subject : Valkyr's kit betrays how old and outdated she is in terms of mechanics used, and hasn't been tended to while the game changed drastically in some ways. That's pretty much the same problem almost every older frame suffers from really, outdated mechanics. - Ripline : utterly pointless when it comes to adding mobility (though it can end up hitting surprisingly hard, if you spam it enough and manage to keep the stacking damage bonus up anyway...). Frames themselves have parkour and bullet jumps, and operators have "dashing-all-over-the-place" levels of mobility. The only viable option I can see is an entirely new ability. We can keep the "spamming makes it better" mechanic for said new ability. That or adding some crazy mobility sh!t to it, because wasting energy to get a pathetic amount of momentum is just sad. - Warcry : the fact that the armor bonus only scales off BASE armor and the devs haven't even considered it to be a problem since its creation, years ago, still baffles me to this day. The attack speed bonus is neat and frees up mod slots on melee weapons, and the slow on enemies, if range didn't end up gutted to get reasonable amounts of duration and strength on most builds, would be useful for the more annoying enemy types, provided they're not immune to it of course. Also making the buff reliant on allies being in your immediate vicinity to benefit from it is just... just what were you thinking dear devs? - Paralysis : Useful to get easy finishers and stop enemies that aren't outright immune to it in their tracks. Range is not so great though, and once again most builds gut ability range in favor of duration/strength, and let's not even mention damage scaling off Valkyr's shield, that part is too sad. Duration of stun shouldn't need an augment to be remotely useful. -Hysteria : Ah, Hysteria. This one's always fun to try and balance. Not. Invulnerability is neat. Scratch that, it's an unfortunate necessity when you have to French kiss enemies to be able to hit them with that absence of range and horrible moveset and they can eviscerate you through your armor. Also... where are the sweeping arcs with them claws? The crazy mobility one would expect of an ability forcing you to use melee so as to keep up with enemy numbers? You could do so much better dear devs! The only attacks I use are the slide attack, because it at least deals decent damage and can hit multiple enemies easily, and the slam attack, to get the prompted ground finishers (can't pass up 6400% bonus damage). How can she not have a moveset that is at least decent? HOW? As for damage, I would make every attack deal a low minimum percentage of the enemy's maximum health on top of the base damage, unaffected by Power Strength of course, or maybe make every attack on the same enemy deal more damage than the last, or see your damage go up as time goes on, like energy consumption. That way it would remain effective AND add some sort of interesting gameplay with the damage and energy drain working together. It would give us the opportunity to choose between energy conservation or big haymakers. Right now I only use Hysteria for a few seconds here and there, mostly to change position safely or focus one target in a sea of enemies. Not feeling very "ultimate-y" personally. Other than that she's fine really.
  2. Why is it so necessary that he NOT be able to say things like that? What's the death toll? How many people died because someone typed "Nezha is a trap" somewhere on the internet? Seriously, is there a humanitarian crisis somewhere caused by these words? Are traps falling like flies all over the world? Maybe we should ask Nezha what he feels about it? Oh wait...
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