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  1. Marthrym

    Where is Update 23!? [LIVE]

    Take your time dear devs, it's ready when it's ready.
  2. Really appreciate the added funtionalities of the launcher regarding updates, thanks a lot dear devs!
  3. Take your time, no rush. It'll be ready when it's ready.
  4. Marthrym

    Khora's Planned Changes

    Appreciate the shorter casting animations, they were really too slow, even with Natural Talent. I would suggest a different passive too, as the current one is rather underwhelming. Whipclaw should be slash based IMO, not a 30% 30% 40% IPS spread. Making it propagate Ensnare on hit is a really good addition to their synergy, much appreciated! The new ensnare sounds much better too, thank you! Not a fan of the "if Venari dies she's gone until you revive" thing. Seems really dumb to me. Especially with pet AI being... well, not very bright, to say the least. Between pathfinding issues, pets just not moving for several seconds as if they're looking for their brain or simply managing to somehow getting stuck in stairs/crates/other random stuff, and Venari not being very tanky to begin with and not benefiting from some essential mods that would improve that lack of survivability (hopefully they are part of the mods you intent to fix?), her being half of what makes Khora Khora, it seems unwise to refuse us the ability to bring her back at will. I would strongly recommend you abandon this idea, fast. Wouldn't want to end up with yet another frame in the "not viable" pile now, would we? Another thing I really would like to see is expanded stances with more varied and interesting effects shared between Khora and venari, such as shared damage reduction when using defensive stance, damage boost on attack stance, passive healing and/or life steal for the team on heal stance. As for Strangledome, not going to lie, it doesn't feel like an ultimate. At all. And the changes to Whipclaw and Ensnare, as well as their new synergy, make it seems an even less interesting and useful ability IMO. Now it seems redundant to me. Where's that Exalted Whip we were promised? Just tell us if it's too clunky and unwieldy to implement, I'm sure we would understand. At the very least give Khora an ability deserving of the name "ultimate", because right now, it really isn't. Overall the changes seem to be headed in the right direction, especially Whipclaw and Ensnare and how they synergize, although a few other changes really need to be scraped entirely, like losing Venari until we are forced to revive, this one I really don't like, and I don't understand the logic and thinking process behind it to be honest.
  5. That is the single worst mentality to have in these scenarii though. We should ensure no one else has to go through all that bullsh!t we had to put up with for 2 years. Not ensure they have to as well. That is just so wrong on so many levels... I do agree on one thing : DE, sort your mess out, you've been serving us double standards since day one. Stop it. No more needlessly tedious systems and mechanics, no more waiting for years before finally deciding to do something to then not even really try and slap on bandaids and half-measures that solve nothing. Just get to it, and do not stop until it's done, period. That's the only way this can work now. Listen to your community, get rid of all the pointless stuff that only gets in the way of the experience, aka lenses, convergence orbs, separate Focus pools for each school. Get rid of all that already, it only hurts your game and the trust and credit you've built with us over time. We want this to succeed, we want to help. So let us. Please. So many good suggestions on the forums and reddit, so many people trying to help. Just try one way that isn't your way for once.
  6. That is actually a very good point. Which saddens me greatly. I guess it's overall better than the current version, since more frames benefit from it... I just wish they'd just get it right this time, not years from now...
  7. You know, they also could make it so that if the frame used has an armor that is below a certain threshold it gets a flat amount, and if it is above it, they get a percentage instead. Everyone would win if they did that, and it is far from difficult to implement.
  8. There are several very simple ways to make Focus a fun, interesting, and rewarding experience, that quite a few players have shared on these forums and on reddit. You just need to keep it simple, free of pointless slapped on mechanics. this is what I would do (of course it's just one personal take on what to do to make things better, and I'm fairly sure other players have better and more interesting ideas) : - Get rid of Focus lenses ENTIRELY. Just give us Focus when we play the game, for Lotus' Sake. Stop adding pointless, tedious additional layers of grind. - Get rid of cenvergence orbs. Again, Focus should be earned innately and naturally, just by playing, no matter which frame or weapon we use to get affinity. This current "system" of yours goes against everything the "Ninjas Play FREE" motto supposedly stands for. It's boring, tedious, hurts teamwork, it brings nothing good or interesting to the game. - No more 5 different Focus pools for 5 different schools. Make all Focus gained go in a SINGLE pool, useable in ANY school. Once again, pointless layers of grind and separation just there to slow us down are just plain wrong. You can easily tweak Focus costs and gains to balance the whole thing, make it an investment in terms of time, all that without any needlessly, painfully boring and tedious systems slapped on the thing just for the sake of slowing players down. That way everyone wins. The caps still stop us from maxing out everything too fast, you have simple yet effective tools at your disposal on your end to tweak the experience, and players don't have to jump through pointless and tedious hoops just to have a go at this part of the game. Just keep it simple, that's all you need to do. What you're proposing right now is just a half-measure, a hastily and poorly applied bandaid. Again. Stop it already, you can do so much better! Of course reshaping each Focus school into something that offers more than little to no reward in exchange for a huge time investment is another story entirely. And please don't call it Focus 2.5... It's embarrassing really. You're better than this guys, come on.
  9. Marthrym

    Umbra warframes [Discussion & Appreciation][*spoilers*]

    That... makes absolutely no sense. Like at all. It's just plain silly. The Founders Packs were a thank you from the devs to the players that showed faith in the game at the very beginning, without them it simply wouldn't exist today. This has nothing to do with Umbra frames in the first place. It doesn't give any right or reason for anyone to demand, ask or even suggest that kind of thing, or any other kind of thing simply because the Founders Packs were a thing one day. It's not a valid reason. And hell, after 5 freaking years, Founder items and their unavailability still cause tensions today. And you want to add more of that on top of it? Are you crazy OP? Have you lost your mind? Do you really hate Digital Extremes, Warframe and its community that much?^^' The facepalm is strong in this one.
  10. Marthrym

    August 23 Database Upgrades

    Thanks for the heads up, don't worry about us, just do what you need to do to make it easier for you guys!
  11. Marthrym

    Umbra warframes [Discussion & Appreciation][*spoilers*]

    Same stats as Primes, different takes on abilities mebeh. I don't really care honestly, as long as they don't make more power creep, I'm really not into this whole Umbra thing.
  12. Marthrym

    Thanks for watching Devstream #79!

    I'm worried. I mean I was before, but after seeing that you guys simply don't understand that nullies are anything but challenging, the worries level got cranked up to eleven and then some. I'll say it again, for you dear [DE]Scott, since you're the one who used this term to qualify them : nullifiers don't bring any challenge. They are easily dispatched. Even in numbers. They're just a tedious and boring foe to face, that's all. What makes players that seek challenge dislike such an enemy is that they take away gameplay options, and do not offer anything in return. Nothing. Not even that challenge you mention, [DE]Scott. They're boring. They're easy. And they take away what makes this game different from any other second rate shooter out there. There is nothing to adapt to with nullifiers. They don't make us think differently. They don't make us think at all. We see a bubble, we do exactly the same thing we do with most enemies : we shoot them or cut down the guy wearing the silly backpack. But for any frame that relies on selfbuffs, the melee option simply isn't a viable one. Especially knowing that countless other nullies are waiting for their turn. In a so-called fast paced game, having to stop every 15 seconds to rebuff because we chose melee instead of ranged weaponry isn't fun. Or challenging. Except for our patience. It's a pointless sacrifice and a gigantic waste of time and effort in the long run. So we're stuck with using ranged weaponry with these frames, and that's it. No other option. Just guns. Isn't this game supposed to be called WarFRAME? Maybe you should consider renaming it WarGUNS. So where's that challenge of yours [DE]Scott? Where is it? You are right about one thing, and one thing only, which I'm sure is the only reason why you keep them the way they are and so stubbornly refuse to make them an actually challenging foe : they tend to slow us down. Not because they're tough. Not because they require adaptation or thinking on our part, no. Simply because their bubbles use a gating system and take 2 good seconds to take down with ranged weaponry, that they shield other enemies and tend to overlap a lot in higher level content where they nullies' spawnrate goes way up, and that as I mentioned before melee isn't always an option depending on the frame used. They slow us down, and that's it. No challenge, no adaptation, no thinking required. We just have to stop and shoot that annoying bubble for 2 seconds to get the guy inside to be vulnerable. If buff-reliant frames got their buffs back once outside the bubbles (same thing with Scrambus/Comba auras dispelling buffs if the locked power has been used beforehand, which makes absolutely no sense whatsoever) after a few seconds for instance, and if slow firing weapons were just a tad more effective at taking down the bubbles, then I'm certain you wouldn't see so many threads on the forums about them. In return, you could give them different tools to make our life a bit harder. They could really use something, because remove the bubble, and you have nothing but a random dude with a backpack and a high damage, long range weapon with a near-zero short range accuracy. Give them different types of deployable turrets and stationary buffs for their buddies for instance, I'm surprised you don't use them more. I mean you have so many ideas (too many for your own good sometimes methinks), I'm sure you can come up with interesting ideas that promote actual tactical thinking instead of brain-dead shooting. This game has so much potential. So could this enemy. And I'm not going to talk about how they tear apart a chunk of Warframe's lore to boot. Better have them be a challenging enemy before one that makes sense.
  13. Marthrym

    Update 18.13.0: TennoGen, Passives, & Reworks 

    So, now that frames are more or less "balanced" dear devs, are you FINALLY going to do something about that stupidely, utterly broken enemy scaling of yours? Because you know, kinda outweighs a few passive and skins, however good they may look. Changing our weapons, their damage output, multishot and all that, it's a start, but it's nowhere near enough, nor is it doing things in the right order as far as I'm concerned. Enemy scaling is the cause of everything that ends up going wrong down the line, you made it so that enemies are either so weak and defenseless that killing hundreds of them instantly just requires to press a button, or are just downright overpowered stats wise, don't give a damn about damage based abilities and can just dispel, nullify or outright ignore any and all Tenno powers while their sheer damage output and numbers is enough take down any frame in a matter of seconds, with sometimes no recourse for the players other than cheesing the game. There's a sweetspot in there somewhere, but it is so smothered between the two extremes that sometimes I think it might as well not be there at all... It's just all or nothing with Warframe. Where's the balance? I know this may seem aggressive, offensive even. Actually I hope it does, because at this point I don't think "pretty please" works with you guys. Balance this game for Lotus' sake, 2 and half years of viable propositions to make this brain-dead third rate TPS with zero fair challenge and difficulty something that not only looks great but FEELS great, especially its "veteran" content, and yet all we get is more pointless changes that don't actually change things for the most part, or come far too late for many a player who has already abandoned ship. Sorry, had to get this off my chest. I am angry dear devs, furious even. Because I actually care about this game and this community. And you. Yeah I know, hard to believe. Still, this anger I feel comes from the fact that after more than 2 years, more threads than I can recall, with VIABLE, REASONABLE propositions by MANY players, newbies and vets alike, you still take the easy way out. Because yes, this is the easy way out. You always stay away from the roots of the issue, always skirting them without ever diving into the thick of it. What's wrong, are you that scared that you can't provide actual, fair challenge? That it would be too much work to go back and rebuild a viable, solid base for your game? You're better than this, you showed it before. You can do it again. The task is daunting, but the more you wait, the more you refuse to accept the simple truth, that in its current state Warframe is just void of any fair, true challenge, and that taking away gameplay options instead of creating more ways to play is the worst possible way to to go, the more work you'll have on your hands if you ever come to your senses and realize that you're wasting invaluable time fiddling with what more or less works while everything that causes the real, deep balance issues is left untouched for years. I also know that this is my personal opinion, I perfectly understand some will disagree. As I have said numerous times lately, I WISH I could find Warframe challenging, as some seem to be able to. But I just can't. I'm used to being challenged in other games, yet in this one, nothing. No thrill when I manage to take down "high level" enemies, no satisfaction when I complete a so called "trial", no matter how much I play, it just tastes stale. The only times I have fun are the times I actually don't play the way you want me to. Ironic, isn't it? It's been said 2015 would be the year of quality. I'm still wiating half a year after that one. What happened to bringing balance to CC abilities that tend to make enemies completely powerless without making them outright immune with cheap mechanics? It's all we got for a year and half now. I'm sorry, I truly am, but honestly, I am fresh out of hope and patience. And it saddens me greatly, because I see so much potential in this game. So much. More so than in most games I've played in the past 3 years. So yeah, angry, sad, disappointed, tired of waiting.
  14. Marthrym

    Operation: Rathuum!

    Yeah but this isn't what this event is about. They don't need anything like an Absorb-type ability to just insta-gib most frames, from accross the tile for some of them. Their base stats and their scaling, coupled with the complete CC immunity they possess, is just downright stupid. A buddy told me his Warcry Valkyr was OHK by the Twin Bazolk Executioner. I tested it myself, with a Maxed Vitality, Steel Fiber and Vigor. The guy was level 20, first "tier" of the Rathuum. He did insta-kill me. Obviously I just let him hit me to see if it was indeed true, all you need to do is run around and he won't ever hit you even with his teleport attack, but the other executioners and their "pets" share the same massively overpowered damage output, and they use ranged weaponry with deadly accuracy to boot. Add that to their immunity to CC, and the result seems rather ugly and imbalanced to me. I get that our CC abilities need a big overhaul to be less overpowered too though, but for me they're just a consequence of enemy scaling being absurdly broken. It's all or nothing, we either blast through enemies because they can't even try to attack us, or they are outright immune or only need a split second where they're not under control to just insta-kill every frame that isn't sporting total (or close to) damage mitigation because their damage output is just bonkers and many frames rely solely on their CC abilities to simply stay alive in a fight.
  15. Marthrym

    Operation: Rathuum!

    So, the usual crap. Thanks for the info. I admit it was foolish of me to hope this trend would ever change in favor of actual difficulty and challenge... Oh well, more the reason to break this so-called "event" with some cheese to go back to whatever fun I can squeeze off Warframe as fast as possible. Which isn't hard actually, just need to not play the way the devs want. Irony, oh irony. EDIT : Just to be clear, I understand some people find fun in this "way". I wish I could too, to be honest.