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  1. So basically, your plan is to take away warframes, which, by the way, in case you forgot dear devs, is the very essence, Hek, the very name of your game, to instead force us to play with 2 or 3 pieces of quite frankly underwhelming and unpolished new gimmicky gear, in a rather... stingy and extremely repetitive event? Could you explain the reasoning here, pretty please? Listen guys, I get you trying to push your latest new toys on us in the hope we'll like them, especially after the fiasco that was Railjack, but forcing our hand is really not in either your or our interest. You're just go
  2. Wrong. The Tenno gained their powers directly from the Void during the Zariman Ten Zero incident, where they ended up stuck there for who knows how long. The Untime door itself is inconsequential to their state and abilities. The Heart does not maintain the Untime door. The Heart did not exist when Albrecht was studying it, and he studied that thing for a long time, so much so that the entire Orokin oligarchy grew tired of waiting for him to show any result, and ultimately stopped caring, as for them the Void was a dead end. Albrecht himself says so in his recordings. It's what caused him
  3. This whole heart thing is utterly nonsensical unless the devs retcon a big chunk of the origin story of the Teen-O and the Void, or explain the myriad of contradictions in the lore and holes that Deimos brought (I mean on top of all the pre-existing others). They're going to have to tie so much together I can't wait to see this whole thing unfold. Like the heart somehow remaining active without a hitch, or surviving for so long with an entire Infestation strain absorbing the entire freaking moon it resides on, including certain sentient life forms, aka the Entrati family, who KNEW of its exist
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