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  1. So basically, your plan is to take away warframes, which, by the way, in case you forgot dear devs, is the very essence, Hek, the very name of your game, to instead force us to play with 2 or 3 pieces of quite frankly underwhelming and unpolished new gimmicky gear, in a rather... stingy and extremely repetitive event? Could you explain the reasoning here, pretty please?

    Listen guys, I get you trying to push your latest new toys on us in the hope we'll like them, especially after the fiasco that was Railjack, but forcing our hand is really not in either your or our interest. You're just going to disgust many players even faster than you already were when we didn't have to use the damn stuff. Try to learn from your repeated mistakes, instead of repeating said mistakes again and again like that, maybe? Give us some good incentives to play the parts of Warframe that have so far been left abandoned by most of the community. Don't force us to. That won't work. And at the very least finish developing and polishing Necramechs before using them like this, and give the community a fair amount of time to ease into them instead of shoving them down our throats for Lotus' sake...

    Oh and your event is buggy and clunky as Hek. That is also a problem dear devs. On top of all the other problems I mean. Other than that, everything's dandy. Merry Christmas and a happy new Year to you!

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  2. On 2020-12-08 at 6:25 PM, GrayArchon said:

    I feel like you didn't read anything I wrote. The Untime Door is the only reason the Tenno were able to gain their powers.

    Here's how it works: The Heart maintains the Untime Door. The Door allows travel through the Void. The Zariman travels through the Void, suffers an accident, and the Tenno are created. If the Door wasn't open, the Zariman would not have been able to travel through the Void. The Tenno still owe their powers, indirectly, to the Heart, and when it stops beating, the Tenno lose their connection to the Void and thus their powers. This is made explicit during the quest.

    Wrong. The Tenno gained their powers directly from the Void during the Zariman Ten Zero incident, where they ended up stuck there for who knows how long. The Untime door itself is inconsequential to their state and abilities.

    The Heart does not maintain the Untime door. The Heart did not exist when Albrecht was studying it, and he studied that thing for a long time, so much so that the entire Orokin oligarchy grew tired of waiting for him to show any result, and ultimately stopped caring, as for them the Void was a dead end. Albrecht himself says so in his recordings. It's what caused him to so recklessly try to go through the door himself. The Untime door is just that : a door. It doesn't "allow" for anything other than direct access to the Void through it, and a hazardous one at that. The Heart came well after Albrecht went through the door in his seriglass bell. The Zariman Ten Zero incident most probably happened because the Orokin were toying with the severed digits left by "the man trapped in the wall" when Albrecht had his daughter close the Untime door as "the man" was reaching for him through it, as again Albrecht himself says. They then studied them because the aforementioned digits were links to the Void, which is also mentioned by Albrecht. We can clearly see in our Railjacks, the severed digit being used to power our Void engine. The Zariman Ten Zero experiment was probably the first iteration of that Void engine, using a severed finger as power source in a military ship to use Voidjumps in order to expand their Empire even further than it already had. So the door itself is not, and has never been necessary to use Void energy, it just acts as a catalyst for the Heart to facilitate and widen the scope of its use, to channel and then redirect it more broadly instead of having to open potentially dangerous and unstable Voidgates all over the place for the more mundane Void-fueled tech. We also know the Orokin Empire existed long before they started using this technology, so closing the gate would not have meant the end of the Orokin, just a momentary inconvenience. Albrecht did have his daughter close it after all, and it didn't destroy the Orokin. They still had their own tech and sources of power, which is once again mentioned by Albrecht (radiation wars probably means nuclear power, as well as oil and smoke), and the fingers to study. The quest itself is just the Entrati family, a bunch of Infested Orokin suffering from amnesia, thus making them the unreliable narrators of their own story, spewing disjointed and fragmented pieces of information that they believe to be reliable, which makes it very much not so. The fact that when the Heart stops we end up so weakened is nonsensical, which is the very heart(haha puns) of the problem with this story. It does not make any sense for the Heart to have any influence over the Teen-O and whatever they can do. That's the issue so many have with it.


    On 2020-12-08 at 6:25 PM, GrayArchon said:

    It has been maintained by the Entrati family. Explicitly said during the quest.


    Which makes no sense. Albrecht created the Heart. Nothing in the quest tells us that he shared his knowledge with the rest of the Entrati, not even his daughter. She herself mentions how her husband is the only one who can fix it, and again, no explanation as to why that is. And we've already established how they themselves are at best the unreliable narrator of the story, as Formous above mentioned, and there's pre-existing lore that either conflicts with or outright contradicts what the Heart of Deimos tells us. Don't get me wrong, that pre-existing lore is itself not necessarily more reliable, that's true, but there's more of it, it tells us more, it that makes it at least seem to be less shaky.


    On 2020-12-08 at 6:25 PM, GrayArchon said:

    The Heart is in a sealed chamber protected by the best Orokin security on Deimos. The Infestation may have been brought in by Grandmother for her purposes during the quest, but other than that we may assume that the chamber remained uncompromised this whole time. And the hive-mind's control over the Entrati is not absolute. For one, they're not doing its bidding. They're still individuals. For another, they're actively resisting. Mother says during the quest: "I can hear its hive-voice scratching in my mind: 'let the Heart stop beating, let the door close forever'." But she doesn't.


    And that doesn't shock you? The entire moon has been absorbed by the Grey Strain, so much so that it's more Swiss cheese than celestial body now, yet a few walls, doors and old necramechs is all you need to stop it suddenly? Otak tells us that their defense has failed because there were no Dax or Tenno to curb stomp the Grey Strain, that the Heart itself is compromised. But as it turns out, nope, it's just Grandma Entrati having a go at it and using us, like the Orokin always do by the by, to jog the memories of her little family so that they can be nicer to each other. I mean I get it Grandma, your heart's in the right place (mwahahaha), but maybe next time let's not play with this seemingly vital piece of technology that we're not supposed to know so much about? Grandma Entrati, we're told, is neither a Dax soldier nor an Orokin scientist, yet seems to know enough about the Heart to damage it just enough to stop it without destroying it, and making it seemingly easy enough to repair and restart without too much of a hassle considering how high tech it is and how it's the McGuffin of this story and how it's everything blahblahblah... Who the hek are you Grandma? You even seem to be able to remember a lot more than all the others, and are even the one taking care of all the old doodads and shiny thingies because you remember what they are and what they mean. You even know about the seriglass and how it's not that big a deal, having a ton on hand, while Mother is obsessed with her one single solitary shard because she... has daddy issues? For an infested, even only partially, Grandma seems to be amazingly unphased, I'd go so far as to say even free of any and all influence from the Grey Strain, while the others can't even remember their names, hear voices in their heads, and what little they do seem to remember, well, turns out some of it is outright false. We went from "the Infestation absorbs everything, surrender puny creature, one of us! one of us!" to "nah, it'll be fine". Who are you Grandma? I find you more interesting than the Heart, the other Entrati, or Albrecht and his buddy in the wall and his magic fingers... and there's the Halloween doodad too, you remember old crazy stuff from the Orokin Empire and make spooky stories about it!


    On 2020-12-08 at 6:25 PM, GrayArchon said:

    Deimos was in the Void until shortly before the quest starts. It's possible it was kept there since the Old War to prevent the Sentients from reaching it.

    All of the Orokin Empire's infrastructure was Void-based, and they ascribed it divine importance. Turning off the Heart to stop the Tenno is like stopping one's heart to fight an infection. It's suicide.

    Literally nothing needs to be retconned. It all makes sense. People in this thread are acting like any new information is a plot hole simply because you didn't know about it before.


    Again, as Formous mentioned above, if Deimos was in the Void all this time... how could we get any Void energy from it? The Heart pumps Void energy from the Void to our world through the Untime door. If Deimos is in the Void then... both sides of the Untime door are in the Void, thus creating a closed circuit. That is utterly nonsensical.

    Wrong again. The Orokin Empire far predates Void technology. It just allowed them to spread further than the Sol System in a timely manner. And we've also shown how the Heart makes no sense whatsoever, and how even if it did, turning it off would be an inconvenience, nothing more. They would still have Voidjump capable ships, albeit only a handful (so many puns), and the ability to draw power form them, and even use them to open other Voidgates to draw Void energy from, provided of course they could replicate the Heart. There's also the fact that it didn't seem to hard to restart it after repairing it for us, with vastly diminished means and resources compared to what the Orokin Empire had available.

    New information doesn't mean valid or sensical information mate, just saying. In this case we're looking at plot contrivences and inconsistencies (which are not always much of an issue or can be undertsood to exist for practical reasons, especially when time is a factor) in the rearview mirror, we're facing a big ol' hole on the road here, people are going to notice and ask questions. Some people like a coherent, somewhat sensical story, what more can I tell you?

  3. This whole heart thing is utterly nonsensical unless the devs retcon a big chunk of the origin story of the Teen-O and the Void, or explain the myriad of contradictions in the lore and holes that Deimos brought (I mean on top of all the pre-existing others). They're going to have to tie so much together I can't wait to see this whole thing unfold. Like the heart somehow remaining active without a hitch, or surviving for so long with an entire Infestation strain absorbing the entire freaking moon it resides on, including certain sentient life forms, aka the Entrati family, who KNEW of its existence, thus making the Infestation aware of its existence through their memories, yet miraculously leaving it alone for who knows how many centuries. Hek, even without them, the Infestation should have reached the heart a good long while ago no matter what, even with the Necramechs wandering about. Oh and there's also the fact that the Sentient would have never missed such an obvious weakness in the Orokin's last ditch effort to stop them with their most powerful weapon, this existential threat to both their entire plan to destroy their creators and their very existence itself. AND the Orokin themselves, in all their arrogance, would have never been moronic enough to leave that thing so vulnerable or out of reach for so many obvious reasons, like for instance the Tenno, their WMDs, going rogue and blowing up their entire empire to smithereens... ESPECIALLY after the Sentient themselves, ALSO their creation, gave them plenty of warning and experience on the matter by also going rogue and trying to wipe them out. One would think they'd have learned from that and have an offswitch handy to stop the heart and cut the juice of their nukes before they go off... I guess making severe, repeated mistakes is the lot of everyone and everything in Warframe's universe... with such a critical mass of stupidity on such a scale, it's anyone's guess how the Orokin managed to even last long enough to build anything...


    5 minutes ago, (XBOX)TehChubbyDugan said:

    The shortest, truest answer is that DE does not give a single, solitary pixel of a #*!% about keeping lore straight or having a cohesive story.  They don't.  They ignore plot holes and loose ends a lack of continuity (no, not the Orokin kind.) like they ignore the community's desire for basic QOL to not be locked behind mods.


    Pretty much yeah. I mean maybe they do care, but they put themselves in a very bad spot lore and storywise anyway over the years. But then again, they kinda did exactly that with the game's balance, so we really shouldn't be surprised. At least it's going to be entertaining to see how our dear devs try to make this mess make sense. I can only see a massive retcon working at this point, and it's going to have to be nice and tight this time if they want something solid to build upon from then on. I really can't wait to witness all of it, it's going to be fascinating.

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  4. We stopped being anything other than mercenaries after the devs had the "wonderful" idea of making the Gradivus Dilemma a thing. The Tenno "honor" and "maintaining the balance" shticks went out the window years ago. Now we just do whatever for whoever has the FOTM shiny stuff we prefer. Half the time it's just us being soldiers reacting to enemy attacks in a war we didn't choose against factions that all want to enslave/control us because we're walking WMDs. The other half we're paid spooks/mercs.


    17 minutes ago, Eluminary said:

    Nekros Prime trailer admits to acts of terror =p.  Grineer are definitely military with the corpus there just private security for businessmen, they're just interested in making money and we're getting in the way.  the infested are just minding their own business eating corpus and Grineer which is what they do by nature and we slaughter them for it because killing grineer and corpus is our job.


    Wrong. The trailer explains how fear is a weapon, how it is Nekros' main "theme" and how by extension the Tenno themselves embody the fear and terror they instill in their enemies' minds and hearts. We're one of the boogeymen that everyone fears (or used to at least, before the devs decided it was a good idea to share our true teeno faces and selves with anyone and everyone...). It has nothing to do with what is commonly referred to as terrorism. We don't fight to impose a political or religious ideology by force, we fight because if we don't we're screwed.

    The Grineer and Corpus want absolute control, including over us, just for slightly different purposes. The Infestation is just the same except worse, it's a threat to the entire system and all life in it, that's why EVERYONE fights it, not just us, because it just wants to assimilate everything to keep growing and growing without end.

    We don't fight all these factions because it's our job, we do it out of necessity. Then we meet other factions that pay us to fight for them because they're too weak to do it themselves. That's were we become mercenaries.

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  5. Just make it so that people who want to opt out are the ones who have to interact with the motes, since they're the ones who want to not benefit from the buffs. Doing the opposite seems rather nonsensical to me. An option to disable the prompt for those who want the buffs would be nice too, to avoid accidents. That or giving the action a specific keybinding, that would work too.

  6. Alrighty then, here's my two cents on the subject : Valkyr's kit betrays how old and outdated she is in terms of mechanics used, and hasn't been tended to while the game changed drastically in some ways. That's pretty much the same problem almost every older frame suffers from really, outdated mechanics.


    - Ripline : utterly pointless when it comes to adding mobility (though it can end up hitting surprisingly hard, if you spam it enough and manage to keep the stacking damage bonus up anyway...). Frames themselves have parkour and bullet jumps, and operators have "dashing-all-over-the-place" levels of mobility. The only viable option I can see is an entirely new ability. We can keep the "spamming makes it better" mechanic for said new ability. That or adding some crazy mobility sh!t to it, because wasting energy to get a pathetic amount of momentum is just sad.

    - Warcry : the fact that the armor bonus only scales off BASE armor and the devs haven't even considered it to be a problem since its creation, years ago, still baffles me to this day. The attack speed bonus is neat and frees up mod slots on melee weapons, and the slow on enemies, if range didn't end up gutted to get reasonable amounts of duration and strength on most builds, would be useful for the more annoying enemy types, provided they're not immune to it of course. Also making the buff reliant on allies being in your immediate vicinity to benefit from it is just... just what were you thinking dear devs?

    - Paralysis : Useful to get easy finishers and stop enemies that aren't outright immune to it in their tracks. Range is not so great though, and once again most builds gut ability range in favor of duration/strength, and let's not even mention damage scaling off Valkyr's shield, that part is too sad. Duration of stun shouldn't need an augment to be remotely useful.

    -Hysteria : Ah, Hysteria. This one's always fun to try and balance. Not. Invulnerability is neat. Scratch that, it's an unfortunate necessity when you have to French kiss enemies to be able to hit them with that absence of range and horrible moveset and they can eviscerate you through your armor. Also... where are the sweeping arcs with them claws? The crazy mobility one would expect of an ability forcing you to use melee so as to keep up with enemy numbers? You could do so much better dear devs! The only attacks I use are the slide attack, because it at least deals decent damage and can hit multiple enemies easily, and the slam attack, to get the prompted ground finishers (can't pass up 6400% bonus damage). How can she not have a moveset that is at least decent? HOW? As for damage, I would make every attack deal a low minimum percentage of the enemy's maximum health on top of the base damage, unaffected by Power Strength of course, or maybe make every attack on the same enemy deal more damage than the last, or see your damage go up as time goes on, like energy consumption. That way it would remain effective AND add some sort of interesting gameplay with the damage and energy drain working together. It would give us the opportunity to choose between energy conservation or big haymakers. Right now I only use Hysteria for a few seconds here and there, mostly to change position safely or focus one target in a sea of enemies. Not feeling very "ultimate-y" personally.

    Other than that she's fine really.

  7. 7 minutes ago, TheGreenFellow said:

    Many do feel underwhelming, some do not. But that's rather the point of the question posed in the OP, highlighted in bold.

    I actually concur that they've been neglected by changes in DE's design mindset, and as you say, highlights glaring balance issues. As you might see in the OP, I too would prefer they bring other Warframes up to this level.

    But nowhere did I "demand things that perform well be brought down to the level of those that can't perform at all".

    Fair enough.

  8. Same old tired song... "This new FOTM frame makes these other frames obsolete! Oh the humanities! Think of the children!"

    The frames OP mentions don't need Wisp as comparison to feel underwhelming : they just ARE. Because the game changed, while they did not. They all have the same thing in common : they didn't follow the tide, forgotten/ignored by DE. Wisp changes nothing to their situation. If anything, this is just yet another huge spotlight shone on Warframe's already glaring balance issues accross the board. Nerfing this frame won't make all those other frames more viable/better or relevant. Reworking/buffing/bringing THEM up to the current game's "meta" or whatever instead WILL.

    I can't believe it's still too hard a concept to grasp : don't break what little there is that works, fix what doesn't before it piles up so high it ends up looking like a mountain. So much is broken and outdated in this game, and yet we still see this type of thread demanding things that perform well be brought down to the level of those that can't perform at all as if it was going to make them perform better instead. It won't. Let's focus on the frames that need help instead of those that don't, shall we?

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  9. 16 minutes ago, A-p-o-l-l-y-o-n said:

    Why is it so necessary that you be able to say things like "Nezha is a trap?" Why do have to say that? At this point, even if it were to stop being considered derogatory, it's spam and non-constructive.

    Why is it so necessary that he NOT be able to say things like that? What's the death toll? How many people died because someone typed "Nezha is a trap" somewhere on the internet? Seriously, is there a humanitarian crisis somewhere caused by these words? Are traps falling like flies all over the world? Maybe we should ask Nezha what he feels about it? Oh wait...

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  10. He's so underrated it's criminal. You can do everything with him, he just suffers in teams where he can't build himself up. If the devs only could listen to the numerous suggestions made to make him work better with teammates, I would play with others more when I use Nidus, instead of going solo most of the time. He just doesn't play well with others because he needs to feed by killing stuff, which ultimately makes others Nidus' biggest weakness, when his 3 and 4 bring great advantages to teammates. He's a giver, while most frames are just takers.

  11. Well, her 1 is kinda useless, I agree. Her 2 should stay on her in my opinion, and aiming at teammates to put one on them should be how it works, it's not great that it jumps from teammate to teammate the way it does right now. Her 3 is basically a bulletproof vest, very useful, although it kinda overlaps with her 2 jamming weapons. Her 4 is one of the best in the game as far as I'm concerned, I don't believe it needs a nerf, seeing how it doesn't work at all on some enemies/bosses, and turns you into an immobile target in a game where mobility is paramount. I think that's why her 3 exists honestly.

    I'd replace her 1 with something actually useful and make her 2 stay on her and castable on teammates. Other than that... maybe touch up her passive. They tend to suck on most frames.

  12. It's just a convenient and lazy thing the devs implemented a long time ago. There is no coherent lore behind nullifiers, the devs themselves basically admitted to this. Don't look for an explanation to how they affect warframe abilities, or even weapons, there is none, they're just there to try (and sadly utterly fail) to create "challenge" and counter our godlike powers. They are a failure, everyone knows it, even the devs, but at this point removing them entirely wouldn't make the game any better. Just don't jump in the bubbles, you can swipe at them when using Hysteria if you can't/don't want to turn it off. It's not fun, it's not challenging, but it works.

  13. 15 hours ago, Grimmstyler said:


    We are talking about Exalted weapons having ammo pools. Which Peacemaker does not. And i think Mesa is the soft spot for this discussion

    I don't see you complaining about Exalted Blade or Hysteria not having ammo pools, and yet they both are Exalted weapons. And your focus on Dex Pixie gives me the impression that this is not so much about Peacemaker and Mesa than Titania in her current state.

    The point I'm trying to make is all Exalted weapons do no work in the same way, nor should they. Making false equivalancies won't get you anywhere. Exalted weapons are too dissimilar to make a 1 for 1 comparison and balance system to apply unilaterally and systematically to all of them, no matter how much you try to make false comparisons and equivalancies. Peacemaker is absolutely not a "soft spot" here, that makes no sense whatsoever. You cannot justify adding a magazine and reload time to it simply because Dex Pixie has these mechanics.

  14. You're comparing 2 completely different frames with completely different kits here OP, you do realize that, right? They function differently, fill different roles, and are balanced using completely different parameters.

    Alrighty then, let's follow you into that rabbit hole, how about we ask for Titania's 4 to get its mobility nerfed to the ground since Peacemaker removes Mesa's ability to move entirely? Seems fair to me, it follows this nonsensical reasoning of yours perfectly after all, so you will agree with it entirely, right? Maybe we should also remove the evasion bonus, since Peacemaker doesn't have that either? And the ability to use melee attacks too while we're at it, I mean you can't do that while using Peacemaker, so it's only logical to remove it as well, right?

    Try to think this one through, please. You're not making any sense here. How is Mesa's Peacemaker not having an ammo pool hurting Titania's 4 in any way, shape or form? How are these 2 abilities similar enough for anyone to make a comparison that uses one to ask for the other to be balanced around it? Come on man, use your higher cognitive functions a little bit, for Lotus' sake. You seem to like Titania, and for some reason you aim your frustration over her need of a balance pass or rework at another frame in the most arbitrary way, one that is completely different, shares nothing in common with her, ask for just as nonsensical and arbitrary a nerf, which wouldn't help Titania herself at all, and that Mesa doesn't need or deserve. Just... think it over mate.

  15. RNG based passives are a terrible idea, I agree completely. An "EMP aura" passive for Nyx is just plain useless too. I can just press 3 to have a similar effect, making this absurdly redundant. I don't understand how the devs think sometimes I swear.

    For her 1 to be worth using, it needs a few things IMO : as you mention, an AI that isn't brain dead would be nice. Also, I strongly believe making Mind Control permanent until release or the death of the controlled unit instead of duration based, would help immensely.

    Psychic Bolts is just... bad. Doesn't bring anything to Nyx's kit. I agree that it must go, and I really like this idea of Nyx using her psychic powers to fool enemies and make them think she's one of them. I never liked her 2, it's just not worth a power slot for me. I'm all for getting rid of it and this idea of a power that would give her this ability to manipulate the minds of enemies like this sounds very interesting, like a new take on infiltration, using something other than just invisibility. Great idea there IMO, I support it completely.

    Chaos was always a mixed bag for me. The initial stun is incredibly useful, and the chaos effect is nice, although not consistently reliable due to its very random nature. I would suggest making it better by simply making enemies not see Nyx and her teammates. Maybe also pets? As for objectives, it might be a tad too strong to make enemies unable to target them, I don't know.

    Absorb has many long standing problems that for some reason, and despite the many threads about it, the devs have obstinately refused to address for years. First, magnetic damage makes absolutely no sense. It should either be radiation damage or even finisher damage, since this is an ultimate ability after all. Second, the fact that you're unable to do anything, not even move, unless you use Assimilate, makes this ability boring and uninteresting, and enemies don't really end up focusing on you all that much. The idea of forcing all enemies affected by Chaos to focus all their attention on Absorb would indeed help here I believe. I'm also not a fan of energy consumption being tied to damage absorbed, it's just a relic from years ago when there weren't any counters the AI could use. Now it has several, so I think this mechanic should be either removed or rebalanced to take this into account, as it tends to struggle with the higher end of enemy scaling and nullies without Assimilate to move away from them.

  16. Well the thing is the devs themselves said "nope, not interested, not happening". I mean never say never and all that jazz, but still, I don't see proper first person being a thing ever in Warframe. Would be a TON of work for the devs, and there are so many mechanics already in the game that aren't first person friendly to begin with, not to mention they're always spread thin working on too much stuff at the same time anyway, so...

  17. That's a big problem indeed. Also the tracking is really broken, I often see my chakram flying off away from enemies after hitting the first. Even when they're tightly clustered together. It really hurts the ability on the whole, and Reaping Chakram particularly becomes pretty much worthless.

    Maybe adding some marking system of some kind would help? Or make the ability work closer to the way Shuriken does, allowing the Chakram to hit every enemy in a cone through obstacles? This is pretty much what makes Shuriken useable, Blazing Chakram would benefit immensely from a similar type of treatment IMO.

  18. I have only a few issues with Nezha's kit as it is right now


    Blazing Charkam needs a look at. It bounces off empty air far too often or just chooses to bounce AWAY from enemies after the first without hitting any other surface. The charged chakram ends up being more reliable because of this, even though it also tends to bounce off nothing too. The homing chakram needs to be reliable, and right now it's not. It's clunky and sometimes litterally anywhere but where it should be.

    Warding Halo in its current form feels weird to me. Right now it looks like Splinter Storm and Iron Skin mashed together, which makes it clunky because of the mechanics used together. It's trying to land somewhere between the other two, and I think that's exactly where the devs made a mistake. Warding Halo has the limitations of both Splinter Storm and Iron Skin, without the BIG upside each has. Iron Skin has proc immunity, an absorption phase and a limited health pool, but complete damage absorption and no duration. Splinter Storm has no immunity, limited duration and reduces damage received by 90% maximum, but can be refreshed easily, has no health pool, can be used on enemies and can deal HUGE damage when using Mass Vitrify several times to refresh and boost it. Warding Halo has proc immunity, an absorption phase, a limited health pool without complete damage reduction, and can't be refreshed. It's like an amalgamation of Iron Skin and Splinter Storm, and I think that's where the problem is. I would give it complete damage mitigation back, or remove the limited health pool and make it duration based. Or make it its own unique ability with its own mechanics. Don't get me wrong, it's not that it doesn't work right now, it just feels needlessly convoluted in terms of the mechanics it uses.


    Reliability is what Nezha's kit lacks right now. It's really good other than that IMO. Fun to play, just not entirely reliable. I can't trust Blazing Chakram, and Warding Halo trying to be too many things at the same time seems to hurt the ability more than it helps it.

  19. I think shotguns are mostly fine. I agree with OP on one thing though : the current state of fall-off. It's utterly ridiculous.

    The effective range of ballistic, pellet-type shotties is between 8 and 20 meters in the game, and then their damage declines VERY sharply over a very short range. The effective range of STANDARD 12 gauge buckshot is 50 yards in real life. That's 45.72 meters of FULL lethality before fall-off starts being an issue. More than twice the effective range of the Sobeck, the only shotgun with a 20 meters effective range, the others getting between 8 and 18 meters. 

    But the most egregious part is that they ALL lose most of their damage BEFORE reaching the 45 meters mark, for up to 80% damage lost after only 20 meters for the Hek, probably the most affected by this. For future tech space shotties, this is where I think it's getting absurd, but my real concern comes from a different part of the game. Because I would actually be fine with the current state of shotties if the game opening up more and more wasn't having such a negative effect on shotguns. First with PoE, and now Venus on the way, I would suggest adjusting the effective range of shotguns to something a bit more adapted to this type of playing field. I'm not asking for a full 45 meters of effective range for all, but a small, measured bump up would be welcome, and certainly wouldn't break the game in any way.

    And I know what some may say "Don't bring a short range weapon there then!", or "We have long range secondaries!", which is all true, and good advice indeed. But the issue remains that the current effective range of most, if not all shotguns is ridiculously short in Warframe. It's an easy thing to adjust, and said adjustment could be applied to PoE and Venus only, and it wouldn't stop anyone from enjoying the game, would it now?

  20. This wouldn't bring any challenge to the game. It's just cranking up the numbers, nothing more. It's pointless. All you do with this is create even more of a rift between low and high level content, more power creep, more broken stuff that makes creating actual challenge even more impossible. And the saddest part is, we wouldn't even feel the difference because our current "end game" builds all focus on preventing enemies from being able to insta-kill in some way or another. skill is utterly irrelevant, as is tactical thinking. All that matters is the loadout. Is that what you want OP? More of the same?

    We don't need MOAR LEVELS for enemies. We need mechanics and gameplay options that offer fair, challenging content. So far, Warframe has failed to deliver. Cranking up numbers won't change a damn thing. We need more enemies that force us to aim, to move, to think, and the devs have actually done a few things that could help with that the past year and a half, which is a good sign, even if personally I have long abandoned all hope to be challenged in Warframe. But this? It just isn't it. It's just more of the same broken and boring thing, just even more broken and boring. That really what we want, what we need? I sincerely doubt it.

  21. Yeah this has been bugging me for 5 years now. It's just plain bad design to be honest. We shouldn't have to grind TWO full sets of mods just for Sentinels and their rather small "contribution" to our damage. It's just... bad. We should be able to use the mods on Sentinel weapons without such a punishing limitation.

  22. Ivara's very proficient in both solo and group play. Plenty of tools to choose from that you can use on both enemies and teammates, and she rewards smart play, positioning and good aim, she's one of my personal favourites.

    Ash is also a great option if you want to deal with pretty much every enemy and keep a low profile. He's remarkably flexible and powerful, his kit ignores armor and stacks slash procs all day.

    And of course Loki if you're looking for pure Crowd Control in your kit and stealth.

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