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  1. The problem with cross play is that they would need to slow the updates way, way down on pc. Instead of a bug being fixed the next day it may take like two weeks for the update to go through certification on all the platforms so they can apply it to all of them at the same time. This is basically a requirement for crossplay since everyone needs to be on the same version of the game.
  2. Lets see... These are definitely up there on my list. Titania prime Ember prime Protea
  3. Too bad that sponge mode, aka steel path, is a requirement now. Just more elites being thrown on the pile of stuff that never gets done unfortunately.
  4. Its crazy that this bug is still around after all this time. I ran into it myself earlier today, complete showstopper. Once the host left and a host migration happened the objective auto completed at least.
  5. The helstrum is quite nice as well. It procs a lot of status and does passable damage.
  6. I did try my bonewidow against an enemy necramech and thumpers, its definitely disappointing. The ironbride should work like it does against the orphixes and do damage to the weakpoints if it hits the enemy given that melee range is required to even use it in the first place. As it stands youre pretty much always better off just using your archgun against those types of enemies.
  7. The resource drop objective can break in the same way as the control one. Basically enemies may just decide to stop spawning in the area and going outside the area fails the mission. Had this happen during a run earlier this week, got the first drop then enemies decided not to show up and the timer ticked down until the mission failed. The bonus objective on the capture missions is still practically impossible to complete unless you bring a stealth frame with no companion that can attack. Even then a random grineer blowing up a critter will fail the bonus objective.
  8. That does explain the stupid amounts of damage im seeing in the orb vallis compared to the rest of the game. I think those things even shoot a bit after being blown up currently, which would explain some annoying fails on the special duty coildrive objective. Had a normal coil drive show up, blew it up close to the defense target and the defense target then died from being at full health.
  9. I really don't get why people hate so much on xaku. Have they not played them? Since their launch until now they have become my most played frame and at least i find them to be one of the better frames in the game. Their kit does make them fairly versatile and only one of their abilities outright suck (Deny). Everything else has their uses.
  10. The event should work even when solo, just make sure to bring a good archgun. If you're lucky the spawns of enemies will still be as big as with a full group and then you get a lot of affinity.
  11. I did testing on that exact scenario myself. Both the stropha and lavos 4 will one shot the lot of them after they have been primed by cedo.
  12. Something that is probably getting more and easier damage with no cooldown is Cedo and then a condition overload melee weapon. Lavos can nuke some enemies with his 4 and Cedo of course, but that cooldown kills it. Especially when a condition overload stropha or glaive will do the same thing with even more damage and is usable on any frame.
  13. I suspect it only really happens when you arent the host. When i run solo the ability has worked fine all the time.
  14. Ah yes... The only mission type i really avoid is defection. The others are situational. When im solo i tend to prefer sabotage, spy, capture or exterminate. In a group most others are fun, unless the group is just bad. A decent group when doing excavation to pop relics compared to a bad one is basically the difference of actually opening relics quickly or potentially not at all. Railjack is definitely fun with a decent team, or it used to be at least. Now its kind of broken due to the invisible walls all over the place and because everyone just runs tether to vaporize all the en
  15. I had the following on the corpus ship: Doors are missing on this level while using Dx12. I did check the same room while using Dx11 and then the doors were visible.
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