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  1. Vacuum and radar does work on merulina already. Its however very buggy if youre not the host. As a client it will just randomly stop working and sometimes hopping off and back on the board fixes it, sometimes not. As a host it works perfectly all the time however.
  2. I'm going to guess its going to drop like a week before the holidays in december. It will be a buggy mess as usual at launch and it will get one round of triage fixes before DE goes off on their holiday break for like 3 weeks. Kind of like how railjack was released.
  3. I used to play titania a lot myself and even while dex pixia can put out a huge amount of damage it feels completely obsolete due to being single target. I agree the razorflies and diwata could use a buff. The flies especially need to be more tanky at higher levels and having something like holding down 4 while her 4 is active could spit out a new set of razorflies at the cost of 25 energy, so the same as turning the ability off and back on. Diwata needs a lot better damage.
  4. I wouldn't be surprised if the buff shows up on the screen, but does nothing whenever the bug that causes vacuum to break is going. Or even that it shows up on screen, then goes invisible while still working since it was active before merulina was activated. There are so many bugs with that thing its absolutely stupid.
  5. I suspect that if the lich damage attenuation was less insane at higher ranks this would be far less of a problem. At least in my case that's the main reason why i don't want to level my liches up needlessly. While i can still get them down i just find the whole thing to be about as fun as breaking through a brick wall by headbutting it repeatedly. The only real place where i don't stab is on earth if the lich shows up before i get the first requiem. Once that is revealed i can try it in two different positions by using oull. Which is likely to get me another revealed requiem, and thus enough to finish the lich with zero risk of ending up with the massive sponge it is at rank 5. If i was running with a group of friends i was sure would actually stick around and help to the end i wouldn't really care too much if it ended up rank 5 either, but pugs almost never stay. Groups also get increasingly scarce as the lich ranks up, which also doesn't help. So the question becomes: Do i risk a massive inconvenience for myself to slightly help some random people ive never met, nor is likely to ever meet again? Or do i risk slightly inconveniencing them on the first planet of the whole grind in case my lich shows up before i have the first requiem?
  6. I really wonder how the whole damage attenuation system works on liches myself. I've heard enough reports of people saying that removing damage from their weapons actually increase their actual damage and other weirdness that id want some proper testing done by one of the more build focused youtubers. In either case when it comes to lich killing i've been using the cedo, corinth prime or titanias dex pixia myself and all of them seem to work ok. Anything that relies on status to do damage can basically be left out entirely due to the status stacking cap on the liches (its 4) so you cant really stack any meaningful status damage. So you want raw damage with lots of crit. I'm not sure if there is some weirdness going on with rate of fire, but i did read something about adding rate of fire actually ending up decreasing your DPS. That rate of fire lowering DPS is one i'm not sure its true, so it needs testing.
  7. Well, this is necessary to do at the same time as a potential nerf of the gate with the key imo. However... Reworking the shield gate to only remove 50% damage will bring back the one shots. I for one would prefer never seeing that again. It could be reworked to some kind of max damage per hit cap so that frames with no shields don't end up easier to kill than those with a shield gate. Something so that players can only take something like 50% of the frames combined shield and HP value, rounded down so that three hits at the minimum required to kill a player should work. Another option is just a flat limit per hit, say 500 damage after damage reduction, or even both and just go with whatever value is higher. Exceptions can of course be made for stuff that should one shot players no matter what. (Like the orb exploding, special boss mechanics and similar) If something like that is added then i could see the shield gate being weakened or outright removed entirely as it would no longer be needed. But at the end of the day some form of one shot protection is in my opinion necessary.
  8. Well, if you slot a dragon key its not supposed to be a buff in any way or form, right? It just seems kind of excessive to keep a shield gate at all in that scenario. If you have a dragon key you're either doing a riven challenge or popping vaults, neither of which are all that high level. That is apart from cheesing with the shield gate of course. Something like this could definitely work. Also toxin /really/ shouldn't bypass tenno shields as that kind of makes full on shields tanks impossible if the enemies have any kind of toxin damage. If people need to build for HP to not get one shot by a shot with toxin on it then shields will always remain worse off. Once that is done then i could definitely see shields becoming useful on especially frames with low armor. Perhaps add some kind of shield "armor" stat on the frames themselves as well so that a crappy armor frame could have very good shields for instance?
  9. Another option is of course to use primary dexterity for some more combo duration on your melee and potentially easier stacking of that extra damage. You can still ditch serration and such though.
  10. I would say a better option is to just outright disable the shield gate when you have the key. Problem solved pretty much. You still have the reduced shields, but you can't cheese stuff with the shield gate anymore. However... Isn't this whole setup the only way a lot of the squisher frames can even survive against high level enemies? In which case some alternative for those should be in play before this whole thing is removed, otherwise those frames will just be bumped off the "usable" list by a lot of players. It also doesn't solve the whole backwards logic of less shields being better for defense.
  11. I wouldn't be surprised if it randomly stops working when you're not the host like vacuum does. It could also act weird and heal merulina instead of you, i think i saw that during my testing. Aka bugframe yo.
  12. Did they fix it? When i tried you could activate it before but when i hopped onto the board it entirely stopped working. The effects still show but it didn't slow enemies nor did it give the lifesteal.
  13. Its a feature, not a bug. Enemies that are immune to warframe powers cannot be damaged by titanias guns, nor other frames exhalted weapons like mesa's regulators. This has been the case for the nullifier capture targets since years back.
  14. The regeneration is still irrelevant as this setup generally refills shields through the augur set and the brief respite aura. So shield go down, you roll and cast an ability to get your shields back. Repeat.
  15. Id rather see the whole combo system removed myself. Especially on abilities. Mainly because all it adds is bigger numbers for spamming an ability, or melee weapon. If enemies run out for any reason that bonus is lost as well so it needs to be built back up from nothing. Unfortunately its basically a required mechanic to use on melee weapons as it is, which effectively blocks the use of other weapons due to the combo timer. Unless you run the tenet grigori, tenet livia or xoris. I guess naramon would help slightly. Basically the whole problem with the current combo system is that its pretty much designed for people that spam only melee and only heavy attack builds can completely avoid it and still be good. On abilities it'd just further push the one buttom spam, especially on khora. Having shattered lash turn into an exhalted weapon would be a /gigantic/ nerf to gara unless some multiplier with power strength is added. That is because exhalted weapons don't get rivens and a bunch of mods don't work on them. But if that is taken into account and the exhalted weapon ends up not losing her a ton of damage it'd be good. Id say the same for all of those abilities in that case, just give the frame some exhalted weapon where you can stick the stat stick mods. Want to build combo on there? Sure why not? But at least make it possible to not use it as well without a massive loss in efficiency.
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