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  1. I definitely noticed this in railjack stuff myself. In my case it feels like you can either go with the guns and take ages to kill the enemies or just one shot them with a heavy attack from <insert melee weapon here>. It was to the point where i stopped really caring what guns i brought and just went for fashionframe guns and just killed everything using melee. Apart from a few isolated cases involving frame powers and cheese its just not worth using guns against those enemies. The guns really fall behind a lot faster than melee does, so at lower level stuff they still work perfectly fine. But get to like lv100-120 grineer (Or 90+ railjack grineer) and you're pretty much always better off using melee, doubly so on cramped maps. So yes, primaries and secondaries need a buff in relation to the current melee weapons.
  2. This can definitely be annoying both ways. One time i managed to park the railjack in a rather bad place so it kept getting shot with missiles and nobody hopped on the helm to move it while i was raiding the missile battery. Ended up having to teleport back, repair it and get back on the helm myself. On the other hand ive had people jump on the helm while i was trying to fire the artillery gun, making me unable to hit anything and just driving the railjack into the crossfire of multiple crew ships. I have never seen my ship need that many repairs in one mission apart from the first few runs before i got my hands on decent gear.
  3. In my experience playing nyx the main problems with her kit are with her nr1 and nr4 abilities. The mind control is just bad because the AI sucks and even with a 2000% damage boost they feel like they cant kill anything, it would however be nice if this worked a bit like nidus's link and transferred damage to the mind controlled target. Her nr4 skill really needs the augment integrated into it as ending up immobile and unable to do anything isnt very useful or fun for that matter. The psychic bolts work fine for what they do, stripping armor. Its the reason i pretty much main nyx in railjack stuff. Chaos also does what its supposed to, but having the enemies less likely to shoot/hit nyx while under its effects would be nice at higher levels.
  4. Myself i usually go with either djinn or helios prime, depending on what im doing. So if i have a melee heavy frame then its usually helios so i can use the deconstructor for the gladiator mods. If its high level stuff i prefer djinn since it resurrects itself when it inevitably gets vaporized by something. With djinn i use either the vulklok or cryotra, the former because it can actually do damage and the latter because it can easily apply status to enemies. I usually load the cryotra for viral damage. There are some cases where i use the carrier as well, but that has been decreased a lot now with the weapon exilus mods being able to fit ammo mutation.
  5. Shields could definitely use a boost. Right now they are basically useless since the armor damage reduction does not apply to them, changing so that armor decreases damage to shields as well would probably go a long way into making them a decent option. Not to mention the whole shield gating thing hildryn has going. Even so there is the problem of mod space. At least i very rarely run with much more survival mods than vitality and maybe adaptation unless the frame in question has a lot of base armor. Basically the game is designed in such a way that each frame/player needs to be fairly self sufficient. As for CC and defensive frames, they help at least, but nobody can help you if you go down so fast the healer/defense/cc doesn't even have time to react. Besides i'm sure that the (un)holy trinity of tank, dps and support is something that most players would prefer to leave out of the game. I didn't really get anything especially tanky when i first went through the star map myself and mainly stuck with playing titania and zephyr. Both of them do work fine up to high level stuff too. Tho i wouldn't want to bring a non razorwing titania for anything high level. Ive also found nyx to work really well in railjack with the tougher enemies but in fewer numbers. Means her armor stripping will be especially useful. Of course those frames have one thing in common, they have abilities that massively boost their defense with the right build. Titania has her razorwing, which not only can be used to give a ton of evasion and damage resistance but it also sends out razorflies that draw enemy fire. Zephyr has her nr3 skill which blocks more or less all ranged damage and nyx has assimilate to make her literally invulnerable. So if i were to make a small change to make things better it would probably be to balance and make sure the squishy frames has a good ability to keep them alive, along with perhaps giving shields inverse armor or something to that effect. So the lower the armor on a frame the tougher the shields are, with the starting shield resistance being set on a frame by frame basis.
  6. You probably cant unless you re-balance damage around not having armor/hp mods on frames, which would just defeat the purpose of this whole thing. In either case i don't think it would be helpful at all as people being tanky isn't really a problem, especially at higher level when a stray bullet will one shot a lot of the squishier frames. Also it already has its own detriment to equip health/armor mods anyway as you wont be getting as much damage as you potentially could without them, which leads to slower kills and thus slower affinity gains. The reason that pretty much everything doing high level needs either stealth, invulnerability or lots or armor/hp with adaptation is because they would otherwise get one shot. And you cant really evade all fire from the grineer due to their hitscan weapons. At the end of the day id say this kind of thing is just entirely unnecessary and just a way to basically change nothing other than making something like loki, octavia and valkyr etc the best for farming affinity due to not needing survivability mods because they have the right abilities. While those frames that cant avoid damage entirely would be at a disadvantage, either because they would be squishy and die all the time or because they get less affinity. Skill would not really play into it at all.
  7. Also just to say. There is currently a bug ive seen pop up when ive done railjack stuff. Basically it shows all nodes as empty all the time unless you change your group setting to public and then go through a load screen afterwards. So if you are at the dojo and hit navigation in the railjack while being set to friends only and then swap it to public there you will see all nodes with 0 groups and going back to your orbiter will then show the real numbers.
  8. While it could be cool i can definitely see that the current control setup makes more sense from a gameplay perspective. Lore wise i suppose the easy way to explain it is the usual mumbo jumbo void drive causes drag in space or something to that effect. Or its just a design thing to make it "easier" to pilot with CY doing all the calculations etc in order to basically let more or less anyone hop on the pilot seat and fly the thing with no training. As for the corpus space fans, if you look around that tileset i do believe almost all of it is covered by a shield. So there may well be atmosphere, but no gravity, inside the shield.
  9. It would be funny if capturing the target counted as killing someone, but i wouldn't be surprised if that was the case. Suppose testing is required here.
  10. After the cryophon nerf i swapped my vidar cryophon for a zetki apoc which does feel like its doing more damage than the cryophon is. Heat is at a manageable level now and the apoc does dish out a lot of damage with its high crit and high base damage. Its falloff is still on the low end making it really good as the pilot gun. For the side turrets i use Zetki carcinoxes as they are way more accurate than the vidar ones. Tho i do have a a lavan carcinnox as well that people playing gunner usually like as well.
  11. I usually stay well clear of the crew ships unless i get a message that someone is on the slingshot. Running with forward zetki apocs that probably outdamage my cryophons while having better range. On the side turrets i run with a zetki carcinnox as after the heat change they are entirely usable and far more accurate than the vidar ones. Void hole and particle ram are on there as well, tho the latter is mostly for the almost free bonus damage when fighters stray too close. And void hole for the usual reason of bunching enemies up for nuking with a torpedo as well as slowing them down and make them easy targets. Still need a better reactor to be able to stick a void cloak on there, but that's probably the next thing ill add, if i survive the reactor grind.
  12. Yep, thought i finally had this one earlier today as the target was hidden from view behind a wall. Nobody walked up to me but i think the grineer killed a floof or something in the area so the bonus failed. Usually it ends up failing because a grineer ends up dying to my sentinel during the capture.
  13. The movement and the guns/frames mainly in my case. And that the game actually allows you to get to the "OMGWTFBBQ" level of damage etc. Im one of those that like to play on easy so i can feel like a superhero so to speak. Of course the lore and setting in general is different from most others I've seen and remains interesting, even if the current angle of more "void magic" rather than pseudoscience sours it a bit. So here's to hoping that DE turns away from their current course to RNG oblivion before it goes too far.
  14. I expected that they would have more than one mission with different numbers really. I also didn't really expect the rng hell of the reactor farm and thought the power of the railjack would be more akin to frames where you level it to get capacity and slot in mods. On top of that i expected more bugs, but then again I've been playing a lot of elder scrolls online and they tend to have game breaking bugs for weeks after a big patch. At least in my experience this hasn't been the case with railjack. Sure its buggy but bugs that completely nuke missions are fairly rare as far as I've seen. The most annoying one i keep having is where i start a mission and don't get anyone joining my group until the end of said mission, if at all. Probably is caused by most people trying to bring their own ship rather than hop on the crapshoot of joining an existing one.
  15. I would not be surprised if they do eventually release mk 4 gear and basically make all mk 3 gear useless and probably gate it behind raids or something. Or if they keep cranking out proximas until you fight lv90-100 fighters. I don't think they will increase the ground enemy level much from where it is now tho, at least i hope not as they are already in the range where a ton of weapons and frames are basically unusable against them. In either case i hope they won't go the route of the gear treadmill as that makes farming out the good stuff just be a complete waste of time. Just get something good enough and leave it at that until the next round of gear comes around and turns your gear into trash that needs to be replaced along with basically invalidating all previous missions etc as they wont be dropping what you need anyway. This kind of thing is really what killed an MMO i used to play, once you got to raid tier gear you could basically forget about the rest of the game as nothing worth using would drop anywhere but in raids. And since the raids were hard and required coordination to a level that doesn't exist in warframe that drove a lot of people off eventually. Id hate to see the same happen to railjack.
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