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  1. I'm really starting to wonder that was well. I hope they haven't quietly scrapped these changes due to some reason.
  2. What i dont get is why the corinth is getting boosted further. Its going to obsolete the corinth prime before long because their base damage is the same.
  3. I really cant understand why people want the self one shot damage back. The knockback is annoying, but at least you wont end up a smudge on the wall if a teammate or pet jumps in front of you when you fire. What I do want them to change however is to remove the knockback from all weapons etc that didn't have self damage before along with amps.
  4. The thing with modding, at least in my opinion, is that its one of the more fun things to do in the game. It is so not despite the damage mods getting extreme, but because of it. A 5%-15% difference in damage between something like primed heated charge and ammo stock would basically make modding and mods fairly optional. Thus turning the entire modding system boring because theres nothing to really build for. I know i would likely have quit ages ago if modding was basically for nothing or just tiny changes. Why waste the endo on a primed mod over the normal one if the change in damage is
  5. How would you handle the primed versions of those mods? If they are still around but with lower numbers after the change they will be "mandatory" because a small boost is better than no boost. Or do all the stats get boosted by as much as the top mod for that weapon? What happens to the mods themselves? Are they deleted or altered into something new? As for the steel path side, just no. That game mode should never be made as an endgame, especially not by nerfing everyone outside of it. Mandatory mods will exist in one form or another unless the mods are basically nerfed and changed t
  6. This would be really nice on a few weapons. Id love to have a auto burst trigger on the hema for instance.
  7. Lets see... What ive been using the most recently is basically this: Primary: Basmu, corinth prime, trumna. Secondary: Kuva nukor, sepulcrum, tombfinger. Melee: Stropha and pennant. Archgun: Mausolon and velocitus (In space)
  8. The downside of this would be that it kind of nukes the reward of getting good mods and learning to mod properly. Since if you do decouple damage from the mods enough then what's the point of farming mods/forma in the first place? Regardless a new meta will show up and there will be new no-brainer mods to slot in place of the current damage/multishot mods. Probably just rate of fire and elemental damage. Status weapons will be in the toilet without the multishot so if you want to apply status effects you will still go with multishot or more or less anything. Basically the entire objective
  9. Another option is to go with sacrificial pressure over primed pressure point for more crit chance.
  10. In my case its Khora. She was the first frame i got. Picket her up from the market not long after i started playing and sold my original starter volt at about the same time.
  11. The worst ones i remember seeing were: Nightwave and removal of alerts (I still miss alerts) Kuva lich RNG hell Railjack RNG hell: Revengence. The reactor grind was the best! /s
  12. Still happening after todays patch. Other bugs with these skins are that the velocipods hover way too close to the ground when its ridden, fx appearing in the air and the fx from the velocipod itself not matching your energy color.
  13. So after some testing with todays changes i can drop a few more thoughts. Xatas Whisper: This ability still works as before and void damage is still massively reduced by armor, making it somewhat weak. The status proc is still a detriment to damage by making it harder to land headshots for yourself and anyone else in your squad. Grasp of Lohk: This one is far, far better now. The increased grab range and making it recastable made it far easier to use. Still kind of weak against high level armored enemies. It appears bugged right now however and if you run the
  14. One way to trigger this bug is to use razorwing then exit the railjack with your operator. When you enter something afterwards titania is huge until you reactivate razorwing which will fix it.
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