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  1. What I'm expecting is basically blood rush, condition overload and weeping wounds for guns. The combo for the combo dependent mods will probably still scale on the melee combo however as this forces someone to use both melee and guns to get the most out of said guns. Condition overload for guns will get nuts however if its as good as it is on melee weapons.
  2. My current setup is this thing, which uses gloom to stay alive. The melee is a bit of a hybrid stat stick setup since i wanted it to work passably as a melee weapon as well. Its still a work in progress however but the simulacrum testing ive done was promising. Gara Prime Build - Gara Prime Gloom 1.0 - Overframe Dakra Prime Build - Dakra prime Statstick-hybrid - Overframe
  3. That happens when radiation procs come into play. Im not sure of the exact mechanics but the guns keep shooting the sentinels (but does no damage) for the rest of the mission, or until you die i believe.
  4. In my case its pretty much either viral/slash/heat or corrosive/heat for everything. Sometimes i swap in toxin for corpus, but its generally not necessary at all. Its too bad that corrosive got nerfed so hard by the stacking and time limits on the procs as i tend to find that a lot more interesting to use than viral/slash builds. So basically i want my weapons to actually do the damage with their attacks, not with slash status procs.
  5. I would have preferred a choice myself. But since you are going to be running splinter storm constantly those glass details were more or less useless most of the time. So at least i would have kept them visible at all times and am therefore also happy with this change.
  6. Isnt the main reason for people not doing anything to help that they want to level their stuff? As far as i know the exp gain in railjack makes all affinity go to the plexus for anything you kill, but stuff your team kill is split, and thus allows you to level weapons and frames. So its basically designed to make people do nothing if they want to level things other than the plexus in railjack.
  7. Ill have to say both nullifiers and ancient disruptors like many others already have in this thread. The nullifiers since they are a pain to deal with if you run weapons without high rate of fire. The drone thing tends to be up inside the ceiling or spinning all over the place far too often. On the steel path ill say the ancient disruptors are worse since they straight up delete your energy if you get anywhere near them. If you then rely on channeled abilities to stay alive you're not going to have a good time.
  8. Id say just get rid of energy use for railjack abilities completely and just replace it with a cooldown. It already works that way if you bring lavos and it would solve the main problem most people have.
  9. Let's take that build then. You have no status chance mods or fire rate mods, so you're working with the 35% chance from the guaranteed Impact proc. You get a weapon that kills with Bleed ticks, but sometimes just doesn't because none of your shots got lucky. But yeah, yet another Crit/Slash build. Yay, so bored of that being the only build in town. And you're getting a much weaker uncharged shot as it will proc a lot less. A hard to get gun with 3 Primed mods and a stack of forma to fit them probably should be able to consistently kill Veil Proxima
  10. One option that could work is that it is the original Sevagoth, the first, pre-tenno version. It would help explain the stories in the laverian as well. If the original frames in the legends and such were a heavily altered elite soldier rather than an actual tenno and the line about all the original frames being failures having been exaggerated by ballas for whatever reason. Maybe the tenno "took away his pain" at some point to allow him to remain sane before they went on and more heavily relied on transferrence?
  11. Now that ive played sevagoth, put in the forma and put it through some higher level stuff i can finally give my two cents. The good: Appearance. This frame looks very nice and the sound design is on point as usual. This goes for both the shadow and sevagoth himself. The damage output of the shadow is extremely high, so its definitely capable. The abilities are nice and all have a use to the point where i don't see a reason to subsume anything onto him. The bad: Too squishy. He dies far too easily when enemy level goes up high. While he can still kill
  12. So without further delay i bring you the Anvil of Dawn and her crew:
  13. If its an explosive legerdemain build then i can definitely understand why people don't want to stay. Anything that constantly and continuously nukes all the enemies on the map is incredibly boring to play with, even if its efficient. That is because it basically turns the game into afk mode for the other players until such time that the enemies are tanky enough to survive the nukes.
  14. Doesnt tellurium drop from the new corpus railjack stuff?
  15. If i had to guess he will have a quest for the main blueprint with the rest of his parts dropping in void storms of the various proximas. There may be extra parts due to the shadow so that you will have to farm one part at each proxima.
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