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  1. Eidolons is the main one here. I find them wholly unfun and yet they are practically required farming if you want any decent progress through the focus system, not to mention arcanes. Liches are a close second because of their extremely slow grind to get the murmurs along with the requiem rifts being a huge pain. It feels like those relics almost never drop the requiem mods. Railjack is on the other hand one of the game modes i really enjoy and i would play it a lot more if there were a reason to do so. But since its all the same mission with increased numbers then there isn't once the intrinsics are high level enough and you have the railjack gear maxed. I kind of hope this will be fixed and not stay an island for too long. Adding in the liches and things like more mission types along with having rifts spawn in proxima missions should make it a lot more attractive.
  2. Hmm, and suddenly the normal corinth is better than the prime version apart from the secondary fire.
  3. Im pretty sure they have actually fixed its multishot at this point since when i tested mine it does spew out an absolute mad amount of status. Definitely more than one effect per tick.
  4. Ah yes... This is definitely a bad idea at this point. Im sure that some people would find it hilarious to play stuff like long survivals and other endless missions only to kick one or two of the players right at the end for instance, screwing them out of their rewards. Or if you show up and someone gets pissed because you nuke stuff with <insert nuke frame here>. Hell i could see eidolon teams doing it, like kicking everyone that enters that doesn't have a chroma prime with a rubico prime or whatever meta stuff they want for their team.
  5. Well, the thing is that there are often so many enemies its near impossible to see what's going on. So having fewer enemies will allow these minibosses to have more complex mechanics and attacks. An attack that is relatively easy to evade with a clear telegraph can be extremely powerful after all, while something in the middle of a lit up screen of fx needs to be fairly weak since theres too much going on to reliably see it so it can be evaded or countered. Use the segmented hp of the jackal and liches on these enemies to make them last longer.
  6. Basically for that to change id say they need to reduce the amount of enemies we fight at any given time a lot. At least in some instances. So for instance it could be that you clear a room of a horde of enemies and then a few commandoes get sent in that are like mini bosses. AOE still works, but since there are far fewer enemies to fight it isn't really as optimal anymore.
  7. What would be seen as AOE damage in this case? Mesas 4? Melee weapons? All are technically AOE already. What about punchthrough on weapons? Or is this only for explosions and large AOE powers? What about chaining attacks like the nukor and aprex? In either case it wouldn't add much more than forcing a few pure AOE weapons out of being all that good. So instead of the bramma being /the/ meta weapon it'd probably end up being the stahlta or similar since it has both AOE and single target.
  8. As someone mentioned its possible to make hard stuff, but that also requires better balance between all weapons and frames. Right now all harder enemies would really accomplish is forcing a smaller variety when it comes to frames and builds. So basically unless the entire game is rebalanced and warframe abilities, buffs etc are somewhat standardized along with weapon damage it wont really work all that well to bring in actual hard missions and whatnot. Where would the balance point be? Should it be balanced for the most meta cheese stuff imaginable or where a decent build on any weapon/frame will be enough? In either case after such a rebalance the "power fantasy" would most likely be dead. I could see hard missions being made through something like dungeons or raids in MMOs where the main challenge is in the boss mechanics and team coordination rather than pure tankyness or damage output. In either case all difficult content in an online game such as this will be optimized to death by the players because i don't think many players like to fail missions and will do what they can to minimize the risk of failure. Be it through enforcing a strict meta setup and premade teams or ranting at people that fail the mechanics. Don't get me wrong however id love to see some kind of heist type missions that really benefit from a proper and communicating team, involving several mission types and railjack all in the same heist. Like the mission is to kill captain bob. So first up is a spy mission to find out where he is, use railjack to get to the location of the mission. Detection at this point means Bob gets word of the attack and takes some kind of action to stop the team. Que large galleon/obelisk fight with both railjack and sabotage elements. Proceed to bobs location. Ohnoes, theres an annihilation grid around his ship, board the control station and shut it down. Crap you got detected! Bobs ship is spooling up its void drive, you have 3 minutes before the ship leaves the sector. Board the ship and fight your way to the bridge where you fight bob in an epic showdown with full mechanics and telegraphs etc. So stuff like that. Something that could theoretically be possible would be active scaling depending on how the team does in the missions. Blast through easily and the next one will be harder and potentially faster. Struggle and the next one is easier but takes longer.
  9. The first one has really been bugging me. The railjack seen from the orbiter will use the default skin and take whatever colors you set to your orbiter interior rather than showing the actual skin and colors used on it.
  10. The no kill one is practically impossible to complete unless you go in without a pet capable of attacking. If any grineer in the mission area dies for any reason (including getting killed by vomvalysts) that bonus objective fails. I think it even extends to animals inside the target area, so that if grineer kills a rat the bonus objective fails. Aka the no-kill capture bonus objective is broken and its unlikely anyone is trolling you when it fails.
  11. If they take one of those "make the game more difficult" threads and runs with the worst stuff. So ALL abilities now require line of sight and to introduce "fear" they also make it so that if you ever die your frame will be permanently lost along with all the mods and gear on it. Another one could be: Friendly fire is now turned on in all missions.
  12. I used mine on titania prime this time around. The previous ones were volt prime and gauss.
  13. This looks really nice. Cant wait for when it goes live.
  14. Magnetic /really/ needs to instantly disable any enemy shield gates since as it stands you're currently better off going with toxin against all shielded enemies other than the coin bearers. Why bother with magnetic when you can just shoot through the shields entirely and kill them in one shot rather than two? Blast should be returned to being a knockdown rather than decreased accuracy. Impact should no longer stagger enemies since that's what causes impact procs to basically work against you. Put the decreased accuracy here. Electricity is fine as it is really. It does damage over time while also acting as a stun. Gas seriously needs a huge buff as its horrible right now. Mainly because its damage is resisted or neutral by everything other than infested. But infested don't really need any boosted damage type to take down. The more durable infested are weak to corrosive anyway while all other infested are neutral to it. On top of that its damage ticks are extremely weak because of how the tick damage is calculated for gas. Radiation is seriously fine as it is and is pretty useful for crowd control when enemies get tougher. Viral needs a bit of a nerf so that it isnt automatically the best one in practically all cases. Nothing too big tho. Corrosive needs to be buffed to strip 95% of enemy armor at max stacks rather than 80%. Basically at some point you run into diminishing returns on that due to how armor scales. A mid level enemy may get their damage resistance dropped from like 60% to 30% by corrosive right now. But a high level enemy lose a lot less damage resistance because they have a lot more armor to start with. I think i checked it at some point and it was something like 95% damage reduction going down to 85% on a lv120 corrupted heavy gunner. The main reason to pick corrosive as it stands is because it gets a big bonus against ferrite armor which most armored enemies have. I cant say its surprising to see that viral and corrosive are the ones that are the most used since they are the ones that will make you able to kill most enemies faster. I suspect toxin is in a similar position with the corpus. At the end of the day any status that doesn't make enemies die faster will be considered "useless" after all.
  15. Ill second the one saying that her first skill especially needs duration as right now its painfully short. The shield thing is good but needs to last a lot longer and having them boost damage resistance on the shield would be very nice at higher levels. Especially if knockdown immunity is added as well. The shrapnel grenades are passable but needs more damage even if they do make decent area denial as they are. But they too need a lot more duration to work well in that role. The artillery is actually one I like as it is and id say it mainly needs more ammo. Since it increases its own damage per shot that will nicely buff it as well. However as far as ive noticed when playing this frame its that the damage of the turret isn't even close to as terrible as people make it out to be here on the forums unless its used against single enemies. If its changed to use mods then make it exalted as at least i would rather avoid having to bring a stat stick primary to make the most out of this. The turrets should also get a duration bump. Say like 30 seconds or so, then despawn when either the duration ends or they run out of ammo. Dispensary is fine and really handy whenever you stay in a general area for whatever reason. The temporal anchor should be reversed when you hold the button to deactivate it so that it will rewind the frame without moving it backwards to make this more useful in more mobile missions. Longer range is needed on the nuke as well.
  16. TYPE: In-game DESCRIPTION: Proteas turrets will not shoot enemies affected by hard CC abilities such as vaubans vortex or khoras strangledome REPRODUCTION: Have a vauban deploy a vortex to vacuum in some enemies and then use proteas turret, it will not fire at all. EXPECTED RESULT: The turret should be firing at the enemies OBSERVED RESULT: The turret doesnt fire REPRODUCTION RATE: Constant
  17. Id love to be able to use other styles for building the dojo myself. So like letting people use normal tilesets for it, so want a corpus ship? You can get it. Want a base on mars? You can get it. Want something in an infested mess of a ship? Sure, why not? The problems i could see popping up would be when/if they change the tilesets which could reset the dojo built using the one being changed.
  18. I went with "Mausoleum Cannon" for my tombfinger primary. Mainly since i named the secondary one "Tombgun" due to not getting any good name ideas at the time. Guess that leaves something like "Gravecutter" as a saw.
  19. Another thing to note about the stropha compared to the redeemer is that its range is a lot shorter. So the stropha has pretty insane levels of falloff while the redeemer can comfortably blast a squad from across the room.
  20. I guess these are the only enemies in the whole game where it may actually be worth bringing magnetic. Unfortunately they are only a single enemy in a mission where toxin is usually a far better option against everything else.
  21. Now that i have been playing Protea for the past couple of days i can give some feedback on her abilities etc. Her passive is fine, it works as it should and they are mostly gimmicks anyway. Grenade fan: Needs scaling as pretty much everyone in this thread has said already. It also needs more duration since right now its spammy as all hell and too slow to cast. The shield mode is very nice when combined with blast shield on a moa. Not only will the moa have huge shields, but you get a ton of overshields as well. Blaze Artillery: While it has extremely high potential right now if enemies are /very/ bunched up, like nidus parasite level of bunched up. If that is the case the multiplier on the turret will go up very quickly and let it do a lot of damage. However, Protea lacks any kind of ability to bunch enemies up and thus cant really make use of it on her own, not to mention that the turret wont shoot at enemies in stuff like vaubans vortex or if they are CC'd. Unless the enemies are currently being damaged by her shrapnel vortex that is. Because of that this ability ends up being lackluster at best, its rare for the turret to hit multiple targets in actual gameplay so its multiplier doesn't ever ramp up as much as it should. A solution to this could be to simply remove the multiplier entirely and make the damage scale with the target. Another way to do it could be to have its multiplier ramp up per shot rather than per hit and then rebalance its damage accordingly. This would make it a lot more useful against single targets or when enemies are too spaced out for its punchthrough to reliably hit more than one. It should also have longer duration as others have said, but since its more of a quick fire thing rather than a turret to hold down a location it doesnt need to last very long still. However right now it runs out extremely fast. So my thought here is that it could be made to last for say 30 seconds or however many shots it has. So if its used and no enemies are in range then it will last for 30 seconds, but if there are enemies around for it to fire continuously it wouldn't last longer than it does now. Dispensary: Works fine, especially useful to plop down at the start of the temporal anchor or near a defense objective etc. Since it refills archguns it makes protea the only frame that can reliably use them in normal missions. Temporal anchor: Works as it should, pop it and go for totalmegahelldeath with ability spam and whatnot. The nuke range needs to be bigger however as right now its practically not noticeable at all. All in all i do enjoy playing her even with the limitations and shortcomings. Its just too bad many are rather crippling to her ability to compete with other frames.
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