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  1. u still get plenty of rep.. baits last like 5 or 10 mins i think never really timed it but they last awhile in the water.. murkray bait is 200 rep each murkray is worth.. 500 rep per small, 625 per medium, 1000 per large. not counting if u have a resource booster where 1 fish actually gives u 2 cuthol and norg are worth the same values per trade in but cost 300 and 400 rep per bait which ur still gaining more rep than u lose. as for glappid 500 rep per bait and they are worth the most.. 1200 for a small, 1500 for a medium 2000 for a large.. its rep gain no matter how u look at it.. unless ur missing every single cast in which case thats not a rep or bait issue thats a cant aim issue that u just need more practice also games change that always have more people enjoyed the changes from cetus/PoE to fortuna/OV and this change in cetus/PoE reflects the feedback from that. its not meant to punish u for being new in any way heck i had all the bait recipes and sold em id rather just buy the premade baits its no less immersive to buy baits to go fishing with than it is to make ur own.. which ur not even making it ur foundry run by ordis is making it for u.. it would be far more immersive and far bigger loss if we could make the baits while OUT ON the plains right at the waters edge even if therre was a faliure chance that would be making ur own baits and immersion
  2. its not the fact kdrive sucks its the fact any other archwing and kdrives sucks compared to the itzal specialy movement wise
  3. tank frame meta? my first kill on her was duo with my friend i was on ivara and he was on khora ivara and khora are NOT tanky specialy not ivara no armor or health mods i still farm the exploiter orb with khora via whipclaw build ive seen octavia and mag and titania trinitys and pretty much every frame in between some tanks yes but for the most part mostly nontanky frames
  4. @[DE]Megan plz fix ivara her cloth is now never see through any more no matter what color or color pallet we use my friends and i fashion frames are ruined with the cloth being so visable its was soo nice being able to make it invisable with certain colors
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