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  1. not true think of this u hold the gunblade in left hand u fire it causing the mobs to get stuned/blinded and u use the recoil to swing around in a half turn and slashing across all the mobs for massive damage. could be done extremly elegantly and would be fun at least how im picturing it
  2. u still get plenty of rep.. baits last like 5 or 10 mins i think never really timed it but they last awhile in the water.. murkray bait is 200 rep each murkray is worth.. 500 rep per small, 625 per medium, 1000 per large. not counting if u have a resource booster where 1 fish actually gives u 2 cuthol and norg are worth the same values per trade in but cost 300 and 400 rep per bait which ur still gaining more rep than u lose. as for glappid 500 rep per bait and they are worth the most.. 1200 for a small, 1500 for a medium 2000 for a large.. its rep gain no matter how u look at it.. unless ur missing every single cast in which case thats not a rep or bait issue thats a cant aim issue that u just need more practice also games change that always have more people enjoyed the changes from cetus/PoE to fortuna/OV and this change in cetus/PoE reflects the feedback from that. its not meant to punish u for being new in any way heck i had all the bait recipes and sold em id rather just buy the premade baits its no less immersive to buy baits to go fishing with than it is to make ur own.. which ur not even making it ur foundry run by ordis is making it for u.. it would be far more immersive and far bigger loss if we could make the baits while OUT ON the plains right at the waters edge even if therre was a faliure chance that would be making ur own baits and immersion
  3. i always held right click then tossed baits with 0 issue. as for fishing from the zipline never had an issue with the pause before the spear throw i enjoyed the challenge of tracking the fish made it feel far more immersive even had a running joke with some friends as me fished together where i would talk like steve irwin making random facts about the fish and such we always had a blast.. issue is cant fish for crap now on land 😄 i do enjoy the pause for before the throw but would love to be able to throw baits and such without needing to hold right click.. and using spacebar to exit the fish confirmation screen tho neither is that big an issue and is mostly QoL stuff
  4. that or farm relics (which u need to do anyways for one of the bountys) and then sell prime parts for plat and buy 3 ayr sculptures is what i did last time this bounty was up and i did it again an hour ago
  5. soo doing relics earning prime parts selling prime parts and then using the plat to buy a sculpture isnt an activity thats available? imo its both available to almost anyone and earned naturally not to mention if amber stars is the issue just buy the ayatan ayr scultpure 3 cyan stars is all it needs its how i got mine last time this bounty was up and got it done today too took me an under an hour to buy enough empty ayr sculptures
  6. just watched a friend take him down less than 10 mins ago and he was lvl 64 lvl 64 is NOT lvl 60 DE plz fix this issue and for those who say "its not that bad" thats not the point he is supposed to CAP at lvl 60 for a 4 man squad lvl 64 or even the OP's lvl 70 is NOT LVL 60 so his cap isnt working its the point of the matter not how hard he is to kill ive killed a few times personally and dont care either way but when the devs say he can only be this lvl max and then he is higher lvl than that there is an issue
  7. he didnt leave becuz he was host which means the other 3 were in HIS group he shouldnt leave they should he was there first and also i had the host migration break bountys 3 times in a row yesterday its still an issue
  8. its not the fact kdrive sucks its the fact any other archwing and kdrives sucks compared to the itzal specialy movement wise
  9. was testing a new idea and discovered nidus can make grineer pinatas its amazing
  10. could press F and swap to primary *shrugs* would seem the logical choice of action
  11. so bullet jump up and aim or jump and wall latch 😄 seem like a legit logical tactic i never really understood the thingy on top of the bubble normaly just shoot the bubble dead or (my personal fav option) run inside the bubble with my melee weapon and beat the sheit outa the corpus inside in a rage of anger for interupting my mass killing spree.. that or cuz his friends on orb vallis always interupting my floof hunts
  12. just let me add some of my floofs to the gun ill kill the nullies with fluffy cuteness.. course if that doesnt work theres always my hand dandy larkspur ready at a moments notice for some nullie bashing
  13. it just takes abit more prep i guess. i always use energy pizza's when i exit cetus into PoE/OV and then while im getting energy i pull out the tranq, swap to the echo lure i plan to hunt and then mark it on the map and fly via itzal as i ground slam on the waypoint i press 3 and go prowl midair and then start my hunt i got 5 of each new floof alrdy and plan to get more but sadly as i was placing my floofs on my floof shrine i was talking with my friends and had an idea for a new ultimate shrine of floofdom that will requirement to rip apart my floof shrine and add a floof roof and tunnel of floofs.. le sigh need more floofs.. somehow its the building that i dread not the actual floof hunting as that is always fun and relaxing
  14. alrdy choose my nidus 😄 no deciding needed
  15. the only update equinox needs is the same thing someone else had said in another forum post.. the ability to mod for both forms day and night seperate forma so u can have 2 builds as equinox is a dual frame she should have 2 sets of modding and 2 sets of forma independant of each other so as u flow from day to night or night to day u know u arent gimping urself by having barely any build that would benifit her other form and personally yes that would be alot more work.. but soo much more rewarding to be able to flow between 2 builds as needed and would reward higher skilled gameplay that comes with more time invested via forma and modding
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