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  1. With a little thought, I can kinda learn to like this frame, reminds me of blur from the old transformers cartoon, thinking the fastest firing weapons, throw in my prisma obex & the spinny break dancing death stance at maximum speed & crit build & ill have something a coke fiend would have trouble keeping up with.
  2. Meh, neat to have SOMETHING, but would still preffer to have the Alerts system in the downtime between Seasons, give players the best of both worlds, as for the rewards, only thing I care about in there is the 20k Kuva, hate the Kuva missions since 90% of the time I either cant see the clouds because of random glitchiness, or the dreaded host migration fun & besides, I really loathe operator mode, so this for an alternative to get my Garuda crafted & a few rivens tweaked, im all over. Now the next dreaded question, is the Wolf making a return for this intermission? another boss or enemy? or just the system of Nightflush/wave of doing random pointless carrot chasing for expiring Carnival/Arcade tickets or Disney dollars. how pissed are people that had wolf credits at the end unspent & now a whole new thing arrives where they couldve just extended the event till season 2 was ready & put in new reward tiers when it was wholly evident that leaving the playerbase aimless & directionless was a bad idea? Oh and last thing, has nightwave really improved anything? cause it seems like its caused more confusion, anger & burnout than alerts ever did & its not like we really got a story, the system didnt run well on autopilot as per all the tweaks y'all had yo make & will continue to have to make. Seems more like ya shouldve worked with what ya had & made it better rather than start from the ground up with a Bad Idea ganked from other games. But thats why im not a game developer, anyway, good luck folks hope the lemon juice & salty tears dont get too far into the various wounds & sores Nightwave has inflicted.
  3. Said it before in other chats regarding this frame & ill say it again, I wanna make this guy into the Butcher from the diablo series, a pair of the prisma cleavers, a chefs hat & an apron & im set. I'll join rooms withem & the first words everytime will be ahh fresh MEAT! Hope the powers kit involves a mass draw ability to close the distance so the cleavers can do their job, otherwise on just style alone ill love this frame, may work in a Godzilla version, little Opticore Vandal action there.
  4. Also to add, the base reason its an issue is as you said, people looking for rotation A or a specific rotation of rewards. So if they instituted a rewards selection at the end of a particular wave, round & so forth it would mitigate the issue without the need to get too tweaky with the matchmaking system as a whole, which again would be a bad idea based on DEs track record, still not looking forward to Nightwave season 2 remix south beach edition, half the grind, all of the greasy money grubbing the original. And im pretty sure even then the system could be exploited & youd end up with the same problems or just anpther set of irritations, base thing is, you cant essentially hold people hostage to the game, youd have ALOT of empty unfilled game rooms waiting for players, which takes up space on the system they run WF on, as it is that space gets spread around, if everyone decided at once to make their own room on an individual basis it could conceivably overload the system, or reduce its ability to create new rooms or effect overall playability. Think Relays when Baro shows up with something people actually want, but translate the idea to the whole WF community on a given system creating that lag with so many open pr unfilled rooms. Least how I see & understand what some issues may be.
  5. They could allow search / join parameters, only join with players based on certain criteria you set on yourself, particular MR, number hours played, preffered mission setup frame allotment, so on & so forth, a number of other MMOs do the same thing, but otherwise 2 things, 1, your trusting DE to handle your matchmaking even further, which means more possible glitches, more software tweaking & bugs upon bugs, 2, theres still no guarantee that even under these circumstances you wouldnt get people setting the same limitations you have & them just bailing anyway, no real way to enforce the parameters without stepping on toes & forcing things on players they may not want. Your best bet & the least costly on DEs end is for you to find & friend likeminded players, otherwise you get what ya get with pugs.
  6. They said in devstream 127 that it'll release on all platforms at the same time, even stated the date too im just not willing to endure watching the thing to find out the specifics, but it should be out soon & you fould get lucky here & there with Hoks daily offer & get a Plauge weapon lord knows IVE never seen one available despite having a Kewaar Riven since January thats just been taunting me, so the sooner it drops the better. Quick question to those who've done this thing, is it a good way to build up Cetus rep? im way behind on it because PoE is still a buggy mess at the best of times it seems so Ive been steering clear of it & wouldnt be adverse to farming the living hell outta this event, just seeing if theres a way to have my cake & eat it too without having to suffer more PoE than needed.
  7. Il go for seconds here, My Inaros with the Wolf armor pieces using silva & Aegis prime, phantasma & a rattle guts kit gun built for high fire rate with a pax recharge. Swear Inaros is the only frame that gets a big improvement with the wolf armor. That one has become my syndicate & loot frame, hard to kill as it is, add in an auto blocking 95% shield, blinding targets to regain health via finishers & is able to survive using phantasmas alternate fire mode without being royally screwed by having such a large health pool & no shields so magnetic, gas & radiation dont really mess him up too bad if I do screw up & end up eating a few pf those orbs, that thing fires like a mortar launcher too so you can get some impressive distance kills on big wide open maps from the right vantage point, or running up & down wires just carpet bombing everything underneath you.
  8. Nope, ill enjoy the game as I so see fit till it no longer provides me the entertainment I desire from it, here today, gone tomorrow, been playing since 86 & moved on from hundreds of titles, Warframe is just another game in a long line, Rad racer worked when I was 8, Warframes working at 37, I get what I want out of it, if the game feels like work I'm not playing, if im not playing I may as well be working on something with real tangible rewards for effort expended.
  9. For you maybe, I couldnt stand having everything that makes this game fun removed for a reward like that, if I want stealth ill play Tenchu or metal gear, I want to butcher everything that stands in my way with impunity while the remaining horde looks on in abstract terror of the death machine stalking towards them. that and operator mode sucks any way I try to slice it, hence the topics title, YOUR ingame nightmare, some people have nightmares about clowns with tube socks full of squirrels & marmalade reading the new york times to them in swahili, others have falling dreams that cause them to awaken in a cold sweat. Unto each their own.
  10. Spy with no ciphers, operator only & no revives & you cant set off alarms or lose one data load, with a guarantee of a rare mod that hasn't been earned before as a reward for completion, like adaptation rare, or a Prime Warframe built & Tatered with a slot. I would literally go through hell on trying to make it work for the rewards.
  11. Mines been shifting to Hildryn more & more these days, she just wrecks everything in her way, eats defenses, damages everything, buffs the party, cures status effects, abilities are charged & ready to go from minute one, recharges fast & with My Arca plasmoor & an amalgam shotgun spazz has faster rez for downed teammates, I use the sprint aura & im usually the one whos first to the fray, toss in my Tombfinger kitgun with a max pax charger & a few fire rate mods & its just a game over for anyone in the way, Arca comes out with bigger meaty targets or big bunches when a Nidus does a larva ball. Shes just suiting my playstyle more & more, be where the action is, the eye of a full force 12 sh!tstorm that the party can be made stronger for, the only other Frames that even comes close are Harrow & Oberon, but those are squishy frames that need a slight ramp up & maintaining buffs & paying attention, Hildryn just rocks easy & keeps the damage & defense flowing as long as there are enemies to fight.
  12. They actually announced the date in devstream 127, not sure how far in, but they said all systems & a specific date in an answer to someone off the livefeed Q&A. So uness something new has been confirmed it'll be coming soon, mid june, if somone wants to watch & find the date go for it, but it was announced with a specific date in June on all systems, now what ACTUALLY happens may be a seperate beast entirely, just want to put the Plauge Kewaar riven ive had since january to freakin use.
  13. Im hoping for some fun mixed abilities, eating a target with one power makes the Oni frame invulnerable while the poor bastard in his gut takes the damage ala parasite link from nidus, a draw in ability for a massive group like vauban, Inaros style health up when consuming a target, stomp, bump or flop care of rhino, or health regen sharing akin to Hildryns pillage, hell throw in a nekros desecrate when a target is full consumed after taking enough damage & belching out extra goodies! Theres alot of genuine fun that can be had here!
  14. Cool, figured as much, but better to be sure im not missing something under appreciated or one of those rare weapons that kicks ass but somehow slips beneath the radar. Thanks folks!
  15. So I've seen alot of people complaining & really wanting this weapon, mentioning its been over 200+ days since it was last out and such, is it really that impressive a weapon? i have the thing from when I had to quit playing back in 2015 due to PC death, just curious what I seem to be missing that makes this weapon something to be sought after, not a bad weapon, but not all that compared to the prisma cleavers in my book. Anyway, thanks folks & have a good one!
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