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  1. I also have yet to understand HOW these things "Steal" anything or demand a payment in their system like a Mob boss, what the hell is the story behind this goofy mechanic? are the tenno paying up out of guilt? seriously, how does this mechanic factor in at any point in any capacity with a functional narrative? The Lich holding hostages? at this point truth be told the constant "I'll get you next time Gadget" Dr claw messages every 10 minutes or so is more annoying than losing a rare mod & 2000 credits, is THAT really the best idea for a "Nemesis" some loud annoying guys you can't just turn off? Good to see DE continuing it's trend of bad ideas from Mrs Mouth & Nightflush.
  2. Gotta agree, this idea was a failure in an attempt to stimulate play to remove an annoying irritant that just won't shut up till you grind away for a few hours & good luck on Switch, no one wants to bother with this garbage so most of the time unless you get lucky in gathering a group of masochists for a run to randomly generate a rune or requiem or wtf ever you wanna call it from 4 possible choices NONE of which may be one that will allow you to finally remove this eyesore from your screen, much like the NWs Miss Mouthy, at least this joke doesn't take up half the screen on occasion. I just came back after NW season 1 burned me out & I come back to Railjack being another dose of joke content attempting to make multiplayer co-op more than a once in awhile thing, to bad it costs so much to do & rewards so little that the time spent could merit FAR more rewards doing solo missions. But this Lich thing is just the dumbest thing, the enemy isn't "unique" it's a gated bullet sponge, why would they think that a good idea? what was wrong with making stuff more like the various Stalker rip offs? shows up after doing the right things to piss off the right people, have a fight, kill or die, enemy goes goresplosion or Poof's into the ether laughing at your battered carcass. Someone needs to stop listening to whoever it is that keeps coming up with this stuff that sounds great in concept but makes it feel half a$$ed in development & execution, unavoidable or just not worth the time or effort, I would wanna see one of these DE devs who espouse how AMAZING this new system is sitting there for hours to deal with this for a crap random reward or one they already have. I'd hazard to bet by hour 2 they'd be foaming at the mouth or asleep with the controller hanging halfway outta their hand. Serious lack of empathy, if you wouldn't have fun doing it why the hell would you think anyone else would? PLAY this content, bugs & all then come back & tells everyone how AMAZING it was.
  3. Dex Drakgoon please! Let it shoot out Lotus shaped shard flechettes.
  4. I suggest having both, I have 2 builds for mine, ones geared more for buffs & heals with range & duration as the focus, this one is the one I take to the plains & fortuna with, sniper rifle & a rattleguts pax charged kitgun with tipedo prime. You'll want to be tough, but you'll be able to get back into the fight faster & need to keep a given area covered in the Magic Carpet for longer, not nearly as important a factor in the close corridors of regular space based missions. Second build is for the space based fun, less emphasis on duration, & more on efficiency & strength to help counter drain eximus bs with a monster energy pool to work with, armed this bugger with an Amprex & a Tombfinger, with a Lesion. This one can do reckonings more often knocking enemies to the ground giving a few valuable seconds for the team to get free hits in while the meatsacks are getting back to their feet, or time enough to bolt to cover or just leg it the hell outta there. Think about what works where your using him & say "if someone else was playing this guy what would I want them to do?"
  5. I used to post what I felt was an easy fix to keep Alerts in the game back when NW started, so here goes for the umpteenth time. Make Alerts akin to the randomized missions in The plains of Eidolon, they pop up, in random areas, last about 5 minutes, long enough time to throw together a quick recruiting message, gather a team looking for that particular reward, then go to the murder party, the system is already in place, the mechanics work & it would be available only to those who are within that planets system at that time. Even involve syndicates, have them send distress calls, answer them for bonus rep, or disregard them enough times & look like a jerk, or even have a few be traps set by rival syndicates or anyone who's hunting your carcass, the Vay Hek sends a false signal out, traps players in a gauntlet of room, mission becomes to break out from the trap & escape. Oh well wasted opportunity for creative solutions, just scrap it & bring in miss mouthy to satisfy folks.
  6. Been playing this game off n on since Beta, back when they had Frame Helmets that had their own unique stat bonuses on PC, quit in 2015 when my PC burned to a crisp, came back with the Switch release, so been about & seen the games progress for awhile. I cut n bailed back last July when I was about to Forma A Weapon from a useless Polarity, then realized how little I cared with Phantasy Star Online 2 on the way, I started WF on PC back before Sega officially/silently stepped away from a Western release for nebulous BS reasons. Between that release, the Burnout from Nightflush/Wave (still sounds like something sewer workers should worry about rather than Space Ninjas) the removal of Alerts, the Tennogen debacle that though fixed took a LOT of people complaining to get a good "we done screwed up" fix while posting the information that there was ever anything wrong in a small obscure post that no one who isn't DEEPLY involved in this forum site would ever have found, aka people who just play the game & read the patch notes from their dashboards deeming that if anything were amiss DE would report on it & make certain it was prominently displayed that information. This was not the case, it all showed poor decision making, poor direction & all the while glaring oversights are disregarded while the changes that are pushed are ones that no one really asked for. I was & am waiting for this game to take off, the potential exists for pure amazing, but questionable cash grabbing & port communication & lack of focus seem to be the driving forces I loathe. But here I am again, playing away, I like the Gameplay, the Co-op is still enjoyable, all the basic elements for a fun game still remain, as such I'm treating it as less a main game where I care of focus on what's coming or happening & more of A Casual I'm just here to look good & make things die in flashy gory ways with a style all my own, Be it My Nidus inspire by the Wretched MTG game card, or The Corpse eater Nidhoggir aka Nekros. If the games great potential ever comes I will be glad to be A part of it, if it doesn't, I'll have been entertained until a suitable replacement, PSO2, becomes available on Switch, I despise M$ after the whole COFFINS RRoD fun, went through 4 of those PoS & PC is a Pain in the eyeballs, seriously would rather gargle with fish hooks. So until then, Casual play, don't care about the games direction, Nightflush can go take a flying leap, I'll continue to look good & make everything die in myriad ways solo or with others, no added preservatives or flavoring, Diet Warframe, for when DEs toxic decision making is just too much. Good luck folks & happy trails to those who are no longer here, may we meet again on firmer ground & fertile fields!
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