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  1. Meh, neat to have SOMETHING, but would still preffer to have the Alerts system in the downtime between Seasons, give players the best of both worlds, as for the rewards, only thing I care about in there is the 20k Kuva, hate the Kuva missions since 90% of the time I either cant see the clouds because of random glitchiness, or the dreaded host migration fun & besides, I really loathe operator mode, so this for an alternative to get my Garuda crafted & a few rivens tweaked, im all over. Now the next dreaded question, is the Wolf making a return for this intermission? another boss or enemy? or just the system of Nightflush/wave of doing random pointless carrot chasing for expiring Carnival/Arcade tickets or Disney dollars. how pissed are people that had wolf credits at the end unspent & now a whole new thing arrives where they couldve just extended the event till season 2 was ready & put in new reward tiers when it was wholly evident that leaving the playerbase aimless & directionless was a bad idea? Oh and last thing, has nightwave really improved anything? cause it seems like its caused more confusion, anger & burnout than alerts ever did & its not like we really got a story, the system didnt run well on autopilot as per all the tweaks y'all had yo make & will continue to have to make. Seems more like ya shouldve worked with what ya had & made it better rather than start from the ground up with a Bad Idea ganked from other games. But thats why im not a game developer, anyway, good luck folks hope the lemon juice & salty tears dont get too far into the various wounds & sores Nightwave has inflicted.
  2. Dude, they did communicate, they said the items will be back between april & june, may release was everything they gave out for the tennogen they removed, read through the forum, this BS was dealt with over a month ago now, get over the loss of shiny trinkets for a temporary time, they got on this & made reparations in a matter of hours over the communities fury. Yes they done screwed the pooch, they also put the information in obscure places on the forum in bug reports instead of the updates screens on the liset where it would be seen, but they listened & listened fast, so read through the thread, i know i myself posted the answer to this gripe from a number of people, let alone whos said what since the debacle.
  3. You got to keep what you paid for if it was in the "we done screwed up" package, & yes you will have to buy the items you lost again when the become licensed & no longer possible grounds for any sort of infringement suit between the tennogen creators & DE. It sucks, but this is the world where the pizza guy who delivered a pizza to the brother of the best boy in a movie currently in production feels they deserve a spot in the credits for the movie & can sue & win. They said they're gonna try to get the taken content out between may & june.
  4. And that there is exactly the kind of feedback they need to hear from us, even if your at odds or in the majority, not all agree to the way this situation was handled, there was no reason to bury the issue in bug reports prior to this, or to not even acknowledge the issue via a ticker on the Dev stream & update node on the ship, that was the biggest kick to the nuts beef I still have & this civility as opposed to open rage does far more to clarify your take on it, well put & delivered there. By all means keep it up.
  5. With that attitude, you may be better off making a request for a full refund & just leaving yourself as thats just disrespectful & not conducive to any improvement or feedback regarding this issue, your personally irate, take it to a service ticket & lead your misdirected rage away from forums, demand a refund & see what they say, with regards to this action, I would not be surprised if theyve had alot of these come up in the last 12 hours & given circumstance & the unique nature of this issue would grant the full refund.
  6. Yet, the items will be back within the next two months or so they say, but I feel for ya, my first posting about this in the thread they locked before starting this one was loaded with Vitrol, from time I spent going after equinox prime BECAUSE I had the tennogen dragon wings, I even bought a reactor & color pallet just for making a pair of Incubus & succubus, I didnt care for equinox prime, had no reason to bother prior to seeing those wings, I originally gottem to make my nidus into a tenno version of the Wretched from magic the gathering, folks loved it, I bought the titania agile stance at 50 plat JUST to make a great looking status throwing demon frame, Equinox was going to be the 2nd & 3rd of the demonics I wanted to make & I spent time to track down & get everything I needed to make it happen. 2 weekend days, with lots of host migrations, Wolfy dropping by & bad luck ended with me finally getting everything less than 20 minutes before I had to head back to start another work week. I even bought the wings when I had a 75% off coupon, that coulda been another frame? another weapon & so on, instead 105 for demon wings! sold! Now its not 1000 plat worth of goodies, but how much would your weekend for a fashion frame youve never played be worth if the thing that gave it that zip & justified the effort were taken over a glitch in some legalise line of steaming, fetid human sewage? About as pissed as you are, but this is nothing new in gaming & at least they did SOMETHING, WoW has done stuff like this & given nothing back, server roll backs rendering a few days effort & luck meaningless, Diablo 1,2 &3 same, Phantasy star 1, universe, & 2, same things, hell Halo 2 released without Multiplayer working on the midnight release, least for me & my cadre of looney bastards can attest to. However rail as you feel is needed to be heard, thats what these forums are for, but dont say things about how you dont want anyone to think this is acceptable, its not, but this is the state of gaming & many things now, if youve ever bought a pre release game, your essentially doing that now with in game fashion accessories & got an extra bundle pf goodies for a missed release date. Least how ive calmed down over it, that and how fast DE got on this, shows theyre paying SOME attention to Switch player base & yeah were last to the party on weaker hardware, christ on a pogo stick they had to announce that people will need to upgrade their memory storage to fit the current updates to the game as its getting to over 20gigs. So for some folks, this is their first game based Rebar suppository, for others, its the same old song & dance, dont be disrespectful to those who've performed this dance before.
  7. That list only included i think 1 syndana, maybe 2? the names really get me, but all the rest were not licensed yet, so whatever is there on this list is what were supposed to have while the items they refunded may not have BEEN licensed, but it may be they had these lined up & ready for the next drop & made them available early for those effected & if you were in the few who snagged them while this unlicensed material loophole fun was going on, you get to keep an early release syndana no one can buy yet. I know it's confusing as all get out & nuttier than squirrel sh!t, but thats how I see it, likely to be wrong, but I still have the one other tennogen thing I bought which was the Mithras skin for 2h swords. Anything not on that list is what they pulled, save those few items they may have gotten licensing for & had waiting in the wings for the next drop.
  8. TENNOGEN SWITCH BUNDLE I Nova Visage Skin Mirage Morgaine Skin Trinity Knightess Skin Ember Graxx Skin Saryn Graxx Skin TENNOGEN SWITCH BUNDLE II Volt Zener Skin Wukong Auman Skin Loki Incubus Skin Excalibur Apex Skin Rhino Mastodon Skin Harrow Graxx Skin TENNOGEN SWITCH BUNDLE III Naru Syandana Mithra Heavy Blade Skin Rhino Teutonic Helmet Loki Ersatz Helmet Loki Rogue Helmet Mesa Falcon Helmet Nova Tachyon Helmet Wukong Xingzhe Helmet TennoGen Bundle XXXIV Gara Zamariu Skin by led2012 and daemonstar Limbo Graxx Skin by Faven Equinox Divisa Skin by HitsuSan Titania Lympharis Skin by lukinu_u Kavr’r Greatsword Skin by Faven and Scharkie TennoGen Bundle XXXV Zenoriu Earpices by led2012 and daemonstar Zenoriu Oculus by led2012 and daemonstar Zenoriu Mask by led2012 and daemonstar Garasu Oculus by lukinu_u and Ixe Lumis Earrings by lukinu_u Incognito Oculus by Prosetisen TennoGen Round 15 (Not yet on switch, but i'm assuming it's licensed?) Nidus Night Hunter by Mz-3 Garuda Successor by prosetisen Ivara Astrea Skin by Rekkou Dominus Syandana by led2012 and jaeon009 Nikana Shinigami Skin by Hitsu San and Reil This was the list I saw courtesy of Ghoul vixen & this bronson fellow, hate to take any credit & alas the thread I saw this on was locked so unable to quote for some reason. And if you have an item that didnt get deleted or came with the compensation package then your not really in the effected group, sorry, I feel more for those who lost goodies but already owned alot of the stuff they gave out, but gotta work with what ya got.
  9. File a support ticket if you lost anything & got nothing from the recent issue, some of the tennogen stuff is ok & wont be effected, like the mithras blade skin for 2h swords, theres a list floating around someone posted of what Tennogen goodies are supposed to be accessible & anything not on the list was what they removed, otherwise yeah, just file a support ticket.
  10. Thank you, its a step in the right direction, wont keep my Equinox prime from being shelved for a time, but again I had the frames I wanted before hand, this goes a long way to assuage fears of dismissal over cosmetics or in game issues. Thank you again, that peace of mind is invaluable after being burned horribly by so many other games & developers.
  11. I added my piece to this a few days back & after a little more thought, I gotta say, I really dont like the sound of this, no literally, its name & such sound horrible for what it is, first of all why the hell do people attach a number to the end of a planet name & assume it works? Shouldnt there be a saturn 2-5 for 6th to be named? And Nightwave? Sounds like something my old Werewolf the apocalypse or Vampire the Masquerade groups wouldve used, in this it has NO context & does NOT invoke the idea of setting out on a series of Missions ev9king murderous slaughter, Stealing tech, or doing anything at all really, how about PROJECT nightwave, at least it evokes an I am undertaking a broad sweeping action engaged in by many. Just sounded really unappealing right from the get go, maybe its implementation will have it make sense, otherwise, still gonna say as for alerts, I suggest looking up some phrase about babies & bathwater & throwing them out some such sort or another & ill hope The Switch version of this comes WAAAAY down the line so the system can be tested & ill know what to expect rather than the usual trial by fire with these big content updates & cryptic or confusing explanations for things. Ill hold out hope im just being a twit.
  12. After seeing the "challenges"associated with Rivens, I hold this idea in severe contempt, We have the grind of a syndicate now made essential for ANY forward progression & An expiring currency, yeah, because it works so well with the Argon crystals & that doesnt infuriate anyone, just change the credit type, color, symbol, or what have you each time the event comes around, that way sometime down the line those credits become valued, works well for Ducats right? Maybe even allow people to use these credits like Platinum, a second currency thats legit to EARN by all without having to finagle around with actual money, or being too low to even get plat from the void relic bits. Ramp up the grind, but garner more community interaction, credits dont HAVE to expire, or at least let people use them or dispense them. What happens when theres an entire week where people dont want to bother, like people with daily sorties with Rescue or spy in it, NEVER pug those, but when they come up, I myself dont bother, a week of rewards not worth the effort to obtain? Bad idea. I HOPE it can work, but with what I see as it is, this has trainwreck on it if its not properly tested & checked that these issues dont ruin an otherwise thus far 6 years running functional system. I like the random pop up runs, those are neat, could make alerts area dependant, you only see it if your recent mission put you in that system, or make it uniquely tailored, imagine getting an alert for A reactor, BAM G3 ambush, or whole stalker crew waiting to rip you to ragged strips, could find ways to make what ya have fun too, no reason to do away with something thats worked fairly well, just get creative, you folks at DE obviously know how to do that, youve done damn well, just be careful your fixing something that isnt that broken.
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