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  1. Did some more fights... her first phase was interesting on my side, and after returning to fortuna, i found one of the widdel spooderlings hiding in the corner:
  2. Has happened a number of times, and I saw a similar report on the PC forums but could not add to it. I was invited this time so i believe i wasn't hosting, but it has happened as well while doing solo, unfortunately i dont have captures of those. Don't know if any of that helps, but I can provide more info if there is anything that would help, unless the folks at DE are sticking up for her poor babies <.<
  3. The necessary *is* done, and what's more, the folks at DE have gone *above and beyond* to simultaneously submit these certs. Warframe may still have untapped potential, there are many arguments i have about what i think are indefensible choices on DE's part (Universal looting, the fact that the Item Label slider is *still* off by default, general version disparity like the ignis wraith issue i mentioned previously) Infuriating it may be, but attacking a party not at fault doesn't solve problems
  4. I'm not going to act like the most patient person in the world, but lets be real here, this is a case where DE can't really do better. I so appreciate that they're committing the resources to make 4 builds at once. It would be nice if cert processes just went away but realistically, this is as dolled-up as the gift horse can get, I'm not looking into that mouth and getting a face full of horsebreath xD
  5. Quite excited to hear a lot of what is going on here! Looking forward to being part of this little paradigm change, and hoping this means a lot of good things for the game and community in general (Re:Cross-Saves... obviously... xD) Can this puh-leaaase be updated to include the Ignis Wraith? It seems it was added to Baro's inventory to account for it not being an available-on-demand trade as it is from the other platforms, but the only way a player can get it, even with an over-requisite amount of desire and resources, is to wait for a lucky baro visit =/
  6. One of many issues I've had with lich missions lately... thought I was crazy a few times, but finally caught it on stream.
  7. "warframe bugs in a nutshell" xD Edit: don't worry, if i can continue trying to tolerate listening to my own voice back, I will have plenty more to contribute on these forums from my streams ;]
  8. This one has been happening to me sporadically since Empyrean, but the Arsenal images next to different pieces and categories sometimes don't show properly and instead we are left with a series of colored shapes, which persists until the orbiter is reloaded:
  9. For what it is worth, it was brought to my attention that the enemy spawn bug appears to happen when re-starting the event bounty from the tents on the plains without loading back into Cetus. I haven't had this issue re-occur yet while doing the event once per load from cetus, for those who wish to avoid the possibility of this problem. That said, I do hope some of this information can help in delivering real fixes, or at the least, proper in-game communication to players as to these work-arounds until a solution can be found.
  10. Not sure if these have been mentioned in more general Old Blood bug lists, but i didnt see them anywhere here: Converted ally liches sometimes show the current active enemy lich's name on their spawn message instead of the correct one (dont have a picture currently) Liches spawning into a mission will sometimes cause all enemy health (including the lich's boss health bar), ally health, and waypoint markers to gain a red overlay from when the lich spawns until the mission is complete:
  11. Well, I do appreciate the clarification on this, thank you for your time! I apologize for the fact that looking back, those probably weren't the most constructive posts from me... So yeah, the response means a lot :]
  12. Indeed, as i said in the intro there, the fact that these are such OLD bugs is indeed worse and less confidence inspiring, besides the fact that drone pathing issues aren't even exclusive to this event! Basic plains bounties have the SAME ISSUES. I shudder to think of all the poor folks who could have loved this game but one of their first experiences was going out to give Konzu an early lunch and getting to watch a drone endlessly bump against nothing.
  13. That is a poor excuse to say the least, especially considering the bugginess of Empyrean as well, and the fact that this is all due to DE's choices, not the players. Besides the fact that DE has added more and more forma sinks through paracesis and kuva weapons.
  14. Following up as this happened yet again last night. This time i used the "Leave Party" link and as soon as my party was migrated, the boil progress immediately jumped to 99% and spawned three hemocytes back to back for me.
  15. To add to this, i have had the payload display show up correctly usually when i first load into the dojo and head into the drydock, (provided my RailJack has loaded) but it is upon building something (even parts which do not consume pustrels) that they all update to show the pustrel count
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