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  1. within these 6 melee kills your cat already died if you need this otherwise i recommend varazin with healing dash 😉
  2. Still no fixes for the Ropalolyst bugging out several times ( including black reset screen issues etc ) ?
  3. Ingame Name: Nephalgar Mastery Rank: 16 Region: EU-West Playtime: 585 Hours - 2 Month Motivation: I was up to now a solo player but wanted to have a community around to do things together for example nightwaves, events, farming and other stuff 🙂 Playtime per week: 30-unlimited atm Clans before: My own clan with me as the only member
  4. Yeah so i'm kinda pissed off right now...1 hour+ in the vallis did a lot of fissures...host migration failed...everything lost. Nice job DE. 1k Nightwave standing gone. 20k+ Polymer Bundle gone. 28 Fissures gone. Tyvm for this time waste.😡😡
  5. I don't know how people have such associations. When I play warframe i'm not like "daaaaaaaamn this mesa prime got a juicy look *fap fap fap fap*. I think "Daaaaaamn i have to grind more juicy nightwave challenges *breath breath breath* These are just pixels of metallic suits nothing more nothing less. Its ok if you are for woman rights etc its a good thing but this is so ridiculous. And why dont you complain about male frames then like rhino who is bulky and got many muscles ? These "sexualized" male frames shame on DE for making them so attractive...! *irony off*
  6. seems like there is a cap at 23 atm because i got 23 aswell and when i enter the vallis there are no fissures anymore
  7. Ok so i criticised the new system a lot especially from a "newer" player sight. So after week 1 i finished almost all challenges except the hydrolyst since i dont have a good amp and dont want to be a leecher. So for week 2 i did the kuva thing a few minutes ago. Enemies goes up to lvl 135+ which is kind of heavy. We were a nidus, mag and nekros combo and it worked out. we were always ~80-100% life support. So its doable if you got good mates. The other challenges seem all doable without much time invest ( except the survival things but 2 hours in a week should still be doable ). I'm still not sure after the bad anthem release if its the right time to do such changes, since DE could have get more new players from anthem and instead to banish them with an even more difficult start now, they could have make them the entry easier with running old alerts + nightwave at the same time. Maybe changes some old alerts but i think it would be more attractive for new players this way. And lets be honest games need new players because veterans will mostly stop playing at a certain point and only return for a few occasions.
  8. Okay an example of a rl situation like this: Lets say you work for an insurance company and your job is it to sell contracts. you like your job. You earn 2000$ a month for 100 hours of work. Now your boss comes and tells you due to financial issues you have to work 250 hours a month with still the same income. Furthermore you have to do other tasks like cleaning the toilets, washing the boss' car, etc. Whats the result ? You would quit the job very fast i guess. You see what i want to point out ? More time investment and things you are forced to do but you got still the same earning of it. Guess no one would do that in rl. So why should we do this in a game that only exists for the "fun" ?
  9. I guess one of the easiest solutions would it be to run the old alert system and this system at the same time. You would reward the players who are in to the grind and new players / casual players with the old alert rewards. Maybe you could half the credit rewards from alerts and add a small amount of standing for it instead ( around 200 or something like this ) so even players who dont want to anticipate in the new system would reach the lower ranks for a few fashion rewards / extra nitain etc.
  10. yay 😄 but honestly what i think about this system: i personally liked the old alert system more because i'm a new player ( kind of ) so it was possible for me to get aura mods etc relatively easy and fast. Now as a new player you have to grind a lot to get nitain and the aura mods, and not even all auras are included only 4 atm. so for new players warframe is difficult enough but now with the new system you have to grind something you dont know nothing about => even more new players will quit because if they understand the system and see how much grind it is to get something mandatory the bigger part of them will just give up. furthermore what is with the tasks like cetus bounties? the rewards you get from the bounties and the things you can buy from cetus are not the best ones or you already got them. so doing 8 bounties just for the 3k is frustrating. Same with hydrolyst thingy. This could be "improved" with things like do "10-30 missions for a faction" or "kill this boss of one faction x times" sure this isnt fun for everybody but atleast you can decide what mission to play or on what planet etc. And all in all i personally would like to see the old alert system back with this new nightwave system as addition
  11. still no abitration shows off and i didnt do the last one
  12. they don't appear on my star chart or are there new nodes ?
  13. Since there are no more abitration alerts how you are supposed to get mods like "Power Donation" etc ?
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