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  1. lawyer up🤣🤣🤣🤣 better yet, contact Ace Watkins, maybe he'll make this part of his 2020 campaign...
  2. this is true but its not very common IMO. WF Market makes selling realllyyy easy and is practically an in-game store for me, anyway. i would really recommend anyone who hasn't, take a look at it
  3. Heck yeah. This is the whole concept of "renewable rewards" and one of the basics of endgame content. +1👍👍👍
  4. I am 100% in favor of this proposed change and it would be consistent with what DE says they want to do. I hope they take that into consideration.
  5. Part of this is OUR FAULT (not specifically you and me) when people go NUTS over any announced change and say "Thank you DE finally" or "DE listens!!!$@$" without even giving thought as to what that change will consist of...
  6. Artificial time investment seems to be the goal lately, (what the heck was this tedious and drawn-out Nightwave "boss" mission?) It would be cool if you didn't dilute the drop tables a la Seeding Step, and put the extra stuff in the store. tbh I'm playing FFXIV and MHW more & more, and Warframe less, so take my opinion for whatever its worth. I guess I'm past the "dopamine hit" phase of Warframe - maybe I'll be addicted again when there's story, lore, and new stuff to do with the frames we get. Its just a bummer - raids in FF are a hell of a good time and I wish we had something similar in WF. but after this last update bringing more bugs than it fixed, and not offering much in the way of content, I'm too disappointed to care much Here's an idea, how about putting all these rewards into DISRUPTION - the mode that everyone loves to play but has zero useful rewards - instead of nerfing the Endo farm? especially because all those Auras + Arcanes are nigh-useless for "endgame" (Arbitration-level) players and Corrosive Projection will still reign supreme. Put the mid-game rewards with the mid-game mode.
  7. Anything that gives us replayable content is a plus. +1
  8. @[DE]Tweep Catchmoon projectile still bouncing off Eidolon limbs, Eidolon's DR is still nonexistent/reduced massively.
  9. Here is a side-by-side comparison of the Original and the New rendering. Use the UP arrow to vote for the Original graphics. Use the WHOA face to vote for the New graphics. (Click for Full Size) (Click for Full Size)
  10. Damn bro I've seen you post this in like 50+ hotfix threads. I respect your dedication. DE GET THIS MAN A FIX! He deserves it! jeez!
  11. oh screw you, everyone knows Conclave is dominated by the same 12 players who flame, harass and report any outsiders that come into the match. if you can even find a match in the first place - that's why it's IMPOSSIBLE to play.
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