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  1. This may not be a popular opinion but I agree 100%. There is so much more that can be done with dojos and it feels like a step backwards.
  2. Better than them releasing it early & too buggy. I'm fine with them taking their time on this.
  3. I agree with (most) people in this thread: -The changes are great! Thank you. -Can we please keep the bait blueprints tho?
  4. +1 on this, I was in a pub squad and he was level 74
  5. if you pull out your scanner you can see exactly where they are, and then you can stand in the right place and the prompt will pop up. this still should be fixed but in the meantime you can do that fyi
  6. Dude you are an amazing human I have no idea how backlogged you are but my request would be Drake - Headlines respect
  7. I just wanted to chime in and say this post accurately reflects both sides of the coin: 1.) The appreciation I have for DE's hard work, the enjoyment of the new system! 2.) and most of the issues I have with the new system as well. =) (some lines bolded by me):
  8. I was defending the canister and when it was 92/93 the host decided to jet for extraction. By the time I made sure the canister was completely collected, the host triggered migration and #$ed everybody over. This happened twice and I lost approx 12-15 fractures so far. I'm happy for the players that have wanted solo extraction for so long but something needs to change here.
  9. @[DE]Rebecca The abilities UI looks really cool! Just one thing! PLEASE DON'T HIDE THE STATS BEHIND A MOUSEOVER! I'M BEGGING YOU! (That's how it looked in the devstream) Please keep the current EFFICIENCY of the layout! i.e. Less clicks / mouse movements to get the information you need to see. Thank you guys! I appreciate all your hard work!
  10. Edit: editing my post after reading more of the thread + replies. New lore = sounds awesome. Alert changes = sounds like the Wolf credits will be limited, which might end up something most active players will have the biggest problem with. For people really busy with life & missing a ton of alerts, I'm sure the system will help. Anything else I'll reserve judgment on til I see it in action :D
  11. TY. Never seen so much pointless whining on a single thread
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