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  1. can a dev perhaps pass along making absorb slightly more transparent to the Nyx channeling it, i dont want to ruin my energy colors to see my screen, something like how the various wing ephemera's or mirage clones work.
  2. was curious if Nyx 3 could see an animation speed up, its very slow and my only pain point with her.
  3. i might be the minority but i had fun using Archguns in normal missions, but with galvanized mods our normal primary's and secondary's are now much stronger and archguns have actually fallen behind quite a bit. mayhaps its possible to see galvanized mods for them in the future?
  4. the RNG on drop rates is what feels terrible. i would prefer getting less but 100% of the time as it gives me agency over my farming and time. one of the best aspects of warframe over other games like destiny was the resource system, if i need rubedo, i can go to a planet that drops it and farm it, while getting other resources that i will inevitably need. having to run a mission 7 times and get no drops in a row (this happened) is you wasting my time, and i dont feel like playing a game mode if your just going to waste my time. in theory my friends and i could play void storms for an hour and get no keys. that sucks, its a bad feeling, its a waste of time. make them guaranteed rewards, 100%, period. then adjust the amount drop'd as needed. anything else is you just wasting my time.
  5. thats what mod slots are for, if a mod does this, you have to use it in place of another damage mod. and even so, why would you have to add massive downsides? so what, people dont use it and keep using whatever the Fotm AoE weapon is? rather then having the ability to use a braton prime and not take minutes to clear a room that everyone else just lept through.
  6. a mod for rifles like the soma, braton, etc, perhaps similar secondary's too shots ricochet off of targets and hit 1-2 nearby enemies, essentially a mod the recreates the beam effect of nukor, cycron, atomos, etc. in a logical manor for weapons that despseratly need a multi target function, those being the classic bog standard rifle type weapons. another request or option would be to alter the blast status effect to create better AoE explosion's at a moderate range, perhaps similar to something like the acceltra's base radius. i honestly enjoy weapons like the braton, ambassador, etc. they are just too impractical, and i think DE knows this and just keeps strapping AoE modes onto these weapons (like the ambassador, stahlta, trumna, etc.) when i would prefer to use the original assault rifle function, its just needs some functionality added to it.
  7. remember when they said they were not going to balance around it, and that it was just its own thing.
  8. to its decline WoW has spent quite some time on systems and content that it then leaves to be irrelevant and unfinished as they then create another system, rather then focusing on development of core content and systems. watch any game downfall do this, focus too much on content and systems that will be rendered irrelevant. take destiny 2 seasons, they focus on repeatable activities and systems that they then remove after the season is over. man power and dev time went into that, and the content was just removed, that loop is unsustainable and leads to burn out for everyone involved. -steel path is nice because it uses the broad content warframe has developed up to this point. (im sure the dev time that took to create vs the play time it gave was far more efficient then any of the open worlds) -liches also make use of all that content for obvious reasons. one of the great things about warframe in a simple example, is that planets drop multiple resources, this means if your farming for one resource, you get some of others, this snowballs when you need something else, oh you already farmed 3 of the 4 resources needed so go and target farm another, and get some others, rinse and repeat, its great. the bad version was open world zones, in an effort to either force grind of the new content or remove the advantage of pre stockpiled resources you turned them into islands, they don't interact with the broad content of the game, meaning once your done with them, there is no reason to return. had they had at least half of the resources been traditional star chart resources people that enjoy that content could interact with it while still making progress within the broader content of the game. almost every open world and railjack of sectioned off resources that i assume is to once again either force grind of the new content or remove the advantage of pre stockpiled resources. a VERY rich person once said don't focus on profits, simply make your product the best, profit will follow. rather then locking rewards behind resources, content, and systems that force our interaction with them, and cause behind the scenes metrics to be skewed (look 100% of our players are doing this content, they must love it! no you put a required resource behind it, without that resource nobody would do it. . .) -please stop making so many new systems, and perhaps continue expansions of previous tile sets and broad content. (literally every tile set past Jupiter is a dated slog) -please stop creating loot islands, at least half of new content should be traditional resources. (yes less up front interaction, better long term interaction) -please stop forcing specific content interactions through rewards. (if I put $100 at the top of 200 steps of stairs, and everyone walks up them to get it, does that mean climbing stairs is fun?) the difference between if something is a grind or not is simply enjoyment. people will play for hours if they are having fun. (insert don't waste our time, let us waste our time)
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