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  1. i think its time we talk about this ability. . . so it has an amazing UI display (lol thought i was going to talk about the ability itself?) that i would honestly love to see more of as a toggle option for various abilities, as i love the big, clear, and obvious, "this is the ability, this is its duration, this is the value!" of one of my skills, rather then a small hard to see number jumbled with 20 other symbols and numbers all in various states of appearing and disapearing. things like Iron skin, warding halo, molt, or any of that warframes buff abilities. I wou
  2. cut the ammo by 90% increase the damage by 900% i would honestly love it if primary weapons were like a BFG, you had one shot but could delete a single enemy. give me an anti material rifle with 1 round and 2 in reserve that does as much as a reaper prime heavy attack and let me go hunting.
  3. primed sure footed when you get used to it, the start playing a frame without it. . .bleh
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