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  1. WTB Never Rolled Rivens: dual keres, laser rifle
  2. Great analogy!! On my viral builds I generally try to use slash to cut down the last 50% health. What's your best option after you have have halved the armor?
  3. First us console guys always have to thank our PC tenno brothers for blazing a trail, Reading up on update 26 and read that "Heat Status procs now reduce targets' armor to 50% of the original value, with subsequent Heat procs refreshing the duration." So if I understand this cuts armor by 50% with any additional heat procs keep that 50% going? With corrosive it is a 25% reduction in armor with each subsequent proc. I might be looking at adding some heat to my builds when we get the update and wanted to see what you guys have done and experienced.
  4. WTB Dual Keres Riven never rolled, WTS [Cyath Magnasus] 25p, WTS [Reaper Prime Exisus] 15p
  5. When you roll a riven and accept the new stats can I assume the riven name changes prefix & suffix to reflect the new stats?
  6. Is there a reputable marketplace for selling rivens similar to warframe marketplace? Don't think it matters but I play ps4. Thanks
  7. [Reaper Prime Exisus] 20p, [Sepfahn Pura-argibo] 25p
  8. I opened a support ticket with DE in the past and they did respond and fix my issue in about a week. I only did it once.
  9. I just did a test and I also do not get Platinum as a purchase option when I search PlayStation store https://store.playstation.com/en-us/grid/search-game/1?direction=desc&query=warframe&sort=price
  10. How long does it generally take to go from cert to launch? Was curious if you might get it this weekend
  11. So for the Companion Weapon Rivens will Simaris Offerings have one for every companion weapon or a specific list?
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