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  1. Would you guys share your exact engine (Vidar MK III?) and what avionics you are using to get to that speed? I have a need for speed.
  2. Basically what is in the title. I currently do not have the standing to purchase the access key from cephalon simaris and was hoping new ballrom simulacrum would be direct access.
  3. So when I’m piloting my RailJack is there no way to call up my tactical avionics within the pilot UI? Do I have to exit as pilot in order to access the tactical menu?
  4. "Not happy with these unasked for and unnecessary changes but guess I’ll have to live with it." True Dat
  5. Can you equip two different types of guns on your Railjack side turrets? If I equip Apoc it deploys same instance on both sides?
  6. Also the wiki doesn't specify a range so how far away can I help my fellow players, infinite?
  7. So according to the wiki Squad Health Restores "Can be used to heal sentinels." I assume since they left out beasts no love for Kubrows and Kavats. What is the logic behind that?
  8. I was thinking about Barrier but worried about enemies that might inflict viral / slash. Do we have a lot of enemies using that combo?
  9. Ok I was a violator. I used to run double arcane guardians on frames w no armor. Someone like Zephyr. I like arcanes that have a simple trigger. I started looking into what I would run under the new rules and I am not sure I like my options. I mean arcane grace isn't even 10% chance to proc. Arcane pulse chance is fair but it is tied to health orbs that have a low drop rate to begin with. I mean the damage arcanes have some power behind them, maybe the best defense is a good offense. I like arcane fury for my playstyle. Anyway curious what you guys partner up w arcane guardian for survivability?
  10. So are the arcane changes limited to just warframe & magus arcanes and doesn't apply to weapons (pax, exodia, virtuos)?
  11. Just starting to build my armaments and I was thinking about trying out Lavan turrets to avoid overheating. Are all of you guys using Zekti w Polar Coil?
  12. My problem is I want to play Warframe. I am tired of having to rework weapons and loadouts that I have invested resources, time, and forma into perfecting these things around how I would like to play them only for a new release to come out that makes me have to scratch that and rework it. Some balancing and nerfing is necessary but changing double arcane guardian is pretty much creating busy work for us without a blaring reason. For me I use it on my weaker frames. DE instead of messing with arcanes which work how about you fix the million bugs in Railjack. Much butter use of your time.
  13. Thanks! I don’t suppose anyone has some suggestions on how to minimize this?
  14. So is railjack misreporting intrinsics on the rewards screen a thing? I finished an Earth Proxima mission and RJ reported I had earned 4 intrinsics on the rewards screen. I transferred to my orbiter and that screen also said I had 4 intrinsics. But when I went to the drydock to apply my intrinsics it had only give me 1. So I did a rinse repeat and earned 3 intrinsics and this was displayed to me on all screens and when I went to apply my 3 intrinsics it had only added 1 additional. I am running with an affinity booster and a smeeta. What gives?
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