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  1. Ok just doubled check and Madurai is the set focus school and both phoenix are toggled on.
  2. I wanted to try using these for damage output but obviously do not understand how they are applied. I setup a few test weapons totally raw damage w no crit and no status mods and just used damage mods, elemental mods, and IPS mods. No matter what weapon type I tried it took the same number of bullets or strikes to kill my test simulacrum enemies with or without these passives. I then tried the wiki and do I have this right? Straight damage mods like Serration get a multiplicative so 165% x 1.25 = 206.25%. Then for any IPS or elemental mod like Sweeping Serration we add on 25% s
  3. I can confirm it is here for Playstation as well.
  4. So I am going to farm some intrinsincs and I was curious if I am pilot and I shoot a fighter down does the affinity gained from that kill apply to my warframe and weapons normally (25% to frame and 75% weapons)? Same with kills from my teammates?
  5. Between the wiki pages and 3rd party sites you can find a tracker to tell you everything. I can't find an online resource to tell me what are the current Steel Path Alerts. Anyone know of one?
  6. I know the avionics are tradeable. I just wanted to verify that Railjack Components are still not tradeable?
  7. Great suggestion but don't you have to only build out 6 wreckages: https://www.warframe.com/news/dev-workshop-update-29100-corpus-proxima-the-new-railjack
  8. So did the latest Riven Disposition changes drop w Octavia Prime update? If so is there a place that has the changes?
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