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  1. A time out on mission loading would be greatly appreciated. Maybe it could have built in auto bug reporting when a window pops up and you decide to select 'yes' when stuck on a loading screen too long (kind of like how /unstuck supposedly reports the bug when executed). I was unable to open the chat window during this, so I don't believe a command could fix it. However when I force closed the game a window appeared asking me if I wanted to quit the game. I'm 90% sure I was not the host of this session, but I waited 15 minutes to see what would happen. In the end my game became minimized from waiting, so I just closed the game. (I understand in this circumstance it should be my responsibility to quit the game and not wait around; I could have been prolonging the session in some way.)
  2. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Volt Shield, Mutalist Quanta Bubble, Odonata shield innate elements no longer combines with non-hitscan weapon elements. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Shoot a non-hitscan weapon with a primary element (heat, electric, toxic, cold) through a volt/odonata shield or mutalist quanta bubble EXPECTED RESULT: Toxic, for example, should produce Corrosive Damage through volt shields. OBSERVED RESULT: Toxic will produce Toxic + Electricity damage through a volt shield, or Toxic + Heat through odonata shields. REPRODUCTION RATE: Every time
  3. I'm wondering if verifying the download cache didn't work because I equipped the unreleased theme.
  4. Probably a solid state drive. It took 5 mins for me too.
  5. I believe only the host can see the explosions despite if the host or client is the one shooting.
  6. The operator getting sent back to the frame is an intended mechanic unrelated to quick thinking; you will always get sent back to your frame if the frame loses all health with an active ability. "if the Warframe is currently using a channeled ability, or an ability that has an active duration, it will still receive 10% damage from all sources." The issue/bug is that this mechanic takes priority over quick thinking. It should drain the frame's energy even when in operator mode. However, if you are not using an ability and have quick thinking on, you will not get sent back to the frame at 2 hp.
  7. Shylumi

    Sarpa Bug

    The first bug is both easily repeatable and exploitable; if you can get the sarpa stuck in your first case where it no longer fires, after it is done shooting it will have an infinite combo duration even when using heavy attacks. 1. To do it you have you have enough melee speed that you can shoot faster than the sarpa can fire bullets. Berserker alone is sufficient. 2. The fastest way to fire gunblades is to use the first shot of the "forward + attack" combo, and the first just "attack" combo repeatedly. On PC that would be e; w+e; e; w+e; e. 3. If you fire faster than it can shoot, then stopping the shots will result in the sarpa "catching up," firing bullets after your done attacking. 4. The trick to get the combo stuck forever until you swap weapons is, directly after it is done "catching up" firing all stored bullets, shooting again will result in the sarpa shooting nothing. Pressing left mouse buttons will cause it to begin firing normally again and dumping out all bullets shot in the silent firing phase. The sarpa begins to behave normally but has infinite combo.
  8. Laundra Relay Hydroid's Relay Scene
  9. I have also experienced this countless times for months and months. Also I have the suspicion that enemies are able to pick up the "invisible" coins but not players. I haven't tested this thoroughly, but I have noticed enemies randomly holding coins even though nobody is dying in index runs where I am frequently experiencing the bug.
  10. Both damage and status chance are unaffected by multishot on the alt fire. The Alt fire also doesn't launch enemies like the normal corinth. These are two big differences between the prime and normal variant that aren't described as intended changes, so I am making the assumption they are bugs.
  11. Bug: Exodia contagion appears to have a significant crit chance loss when not hosting. Perhaps other values are also reduced, but I haven't tested any other stats. After testing different zaws in the simulacrum, I came to the conclusion that, while hosting, the base crit chance of exodia contagion is the zaw's base crit chance + 20% Using this build below, I can achieve a crit chance of 299% (all red with a rare orange crit once in a while) (Base Crit + 20%) * (1 + Sacrificial Steel + Riven) (.32 + .2) * (1 + 2.75 + 2.007) = 299% Using the same zaw build on both runs, here are how the values appear using a max range vauban in elite sanctuary onslaught. On the left I am host. On the right I am a client.
  12. While the fantasy of being an invincible frame blowing up everything surely exists, I feel that the self damage update has catered entirely towards one side of the player base and not the other. At it's current state, the high-risk, high-reward effect of the less popular AOE weapons feels very diminished, with little risk and a greatly reduced reward. Many players still choose high risk high reward methods, whether it be using a max strength Saryn with no health mods, or using an amp buffing Volt in eidolon hunts despite his small defense compared to chroma. I believe that both self damage systems (the current one and the one before the update) are at an extreme, and I feel that there needs to be a balance between this system and the last. Having a mix between the two would feel rewarding to players who stategize their combat while also not giving a huge penalty if they slip up (insta-death) ~~~~~~~~~~~SUGGESTION~~~~~~~~~~~~ Creating a tier based health penalty system, entirely separated from a weapons damage and mods, in conjunction with the stagger system Using the % health penalty as a method of balancing weapons based on their overall popularity and power. Rewarding players with a removed or greatly reduced 90% damage falloff of the current system. Tier #1: Stagger + Stripped Shields Players receive a stagger to warn them they shot themselves Shields will be removed entirely (as if "protected by shield gating") This would be a small penalty for players who are already playing carefully, as they will have shields to spare if they accidentally shoot themselves. This tier could instead be a percent of health or shields for frames without health or shields (hildryn, inaros, nidus) Tier #2: Stagger + Per-weapon based percent of max health reduced Stagger used again to warn player and pause the frame, also prevents the bombardment of explosives around the player. Will not abruptly kill the player like the old system, but will make them more susceptible to dying. Players who are playing more aggressively will have a greater risk of dying, but can be rewarded still with carefully placed shots. Can only proc once per shot with single shots weapons, or once per second with high fire rate weapons Tier #3: Stagger + Max health reduction Players who continue to shoot themselves could be left vulnerable with very little to no health, capped at some minimum. Stagger would make them highly susceptible to dying from enemy fire. Some kind of system like this could make charging into combat with AOE weapons less viable, but still possible with carefully placed shots. Non-AOE weapons would be viable for face-to-face combat, and players could be rewarded much more for long distance shots if the damage falloff was reduced. Players wouldn't also have to experience the pain of dying instantly from one misplaced shot.
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