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  1. Instead of nerfing or changing effects because players are using them. Ask why did we make a scaling event that has the most tackiest enemies in the game, and is only a mobile defense mission. And your knee jerk reaction is to NERF the frames that are used in order to not fail the mission, due to horrible enemy scaling, especially for the railjack missions. Even then your thirst for blood has not been quenched, and now you are making changes based on form over function and a subjective descriptions based on this so called "flavor reasons", the head scratching proposed Garuda changes to defense targets. Stop using the form over function route and just make the changes in order for us, the players, to keep the defense targets alive. Stop trying to alter a problem that is not a problem at all, and all that these proposed changes are going to do is make your player base resent you, DE as a whole, even more. Stop abusing us and just listen to our recommendations. I have recommendations on what to do about Scarlet Spear, but I am not going to upload it here, as it could use some more refining; that and it is 2:15 in the morning and I need to get some sleep Here is another thing I wanted to mention. How is this a war? What depiction of sci-fi war, has people doing what we are doing right now? The only mission types that we are doing are glorified mobile defense missions. Personally I thought that this event would demonstrate sentient battle tactics and give us ways of attack and counterattack against the Sentients, eventually leading to trench warfare on both sides. (I really like WW1, and trench warfare is not often displayed) (On a side note I know the deadline was missed community created warframe, and I wanted to put my idea for the trench fighter warframe. If I should post the trench fighter frame idea here please let me know).
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