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  1. Hopefully there isn’t a “cred cap” like the “standing caps”?
  2. Hmmm, whipswords and glaives, how about that? I’m really curious as to how glaives would look like in melee 2.9999.
  3. I think I've posted this already, but are you guys looking into anything related to camera changes while in Melee/Sword Alone mode? I feel like centering and zooming out the camera a bit in the melee mode would help plenty with feeling cramped while in Melee mode.
  4. One big thing I wanted to ask ever since I first started this game in 2014(I think? it was around Update 7.0) was camera changes for melee weapons. Especially more so with the Sword alone mode; I feel like a change in camera angle to be more centered and more zoomed out would make Melee just feel so much better, while giving you some better spatial awareness - especially with melee weapons that you can't really see where they're hitting. Now that Melee 3.0 is somewhere in the horizon, I was just wondering if anything regarding camera is in consideration! Thank you for all your work, DE.
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