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  1. My only complaint is that claw weapons don't seem to have any visual effects when swinging...? Some weapons(whips, sword whips, etc, etc) have awkward looking visual effects. It looks like the only good-looking visual effects are on the greatswords. Makes me wonder why all their pre-release videos were shown using the greatsword.


    Otherwise, I think it's fine. I like the mild screenshakes with weapon swings. I don't quite miss the old quick melee, but that's just me. It'll take some time for me to get used to.


    Edit: Oh, it says that I'm on NSW but I played it on my old account on PC.

  2. One big thing I wanted to ask ever since I first started this game in 2014(I think? it was around Update 7.0) was camera changes for melee weapons. Especially more so with the Sword alone mode; I feel like a change in camera angle to be more centered and more zoomed out would make Melee just feel so much better, while giving you some better spatial awareness - especially with melee weapons that you can't really see where they're hitting. Now that Melee 3.0 is somewhere in the horizon, I was just wondering if anything regarding camera is in consideration! 


    Thank you for all your work, DE. 

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