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  1. I'd really like Fulmination to be available since there's not gonna be any Ambulas events any time soon. My Staticor NEEDS it
  2. Still didn't fix the issue where the buttons act like they're still being held after returning from Operator mode. I still cast my 3rd ability when trying to melee attack and can't shoot my guns until I press R again.
  3. Now if only you could get them to take the Dargyns out of the Plains of Eidolon... 😂
  4. Pressing left to inspect players still does nothing. The chat box is broken. Can't resize the box or select any players from the list. Clicking "Show Profile" does nothing. *since launch on the Switch* If you press L and R at the same time it acts like you're holding L and R. This makes using abilities after changing from Operator mode impossible as it changes back to Operator mode. Also, it stops you from using primary weapons. The glitch ends when you press L or R again.
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