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  1. yes this would actually be very nice, it would make a lot sense too, however it does feel like extra work, perhaps in the future this sort of change will come.. i do truly hope we can use other means of 'dodge' instead of roll on every warframe except hildryn.
  2. So one day i was playin Hildryn on the plains, and i noticed i friggin love the 'dash' instead of the rolling, it fit so nicely into the action happening around, the sound, the animation of it, the feeling of it was veeeery nice. I wondered how it would be on other warframes, the first came to my mind was the Atlas, because of his first ability 'punch' is kinda like dashing, i thought how awesomely hildryn's dash would fit on him too. Especially now with all the crazy looking deluxes in the game, (like Atlas's deluxe skin literally makes him a bunch of rocks which looks amazing btw, or think about the chroma's deluxe which has a large back) i really think having the option to use the hildryn's 'dash' instead of 'roll' would be very useful. One mans opinion however, along with a few friends.. but what do you think my friends? Edit; Many apologies if this is the incorrent thread for this, considering it's just a different animation.
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