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  1. hey brobro, course, you are welcome to join when you leave your current one :D check the main area on the clan page here on the forums for the discord link
  2. Greetings, there are many available options currently recruiting right here on this page, people work hard and create recruitment topics to attract like-minded players. Like the Squid Beard or the Sanguine Law, there is also Eternal Covenant created by me. I suggest reading their pages 🙂 and decide which you like the most.
  3. some actual ghosts you have there 😄 i know too well how that's like, don't blame your clan leader, im sure he lacks the time he had when he created your current clan. It happens. You are very welcome ma G, exit your current one and the invite will be with you. sent the invite, remember to create your dojo key to access the halls.
  4. oh man that gave me chills.. well you'll love the current dojo you'll be in then cuz even the spawn point is something i created with love. However you will still need to exit your current one otherwise the invite won't reach you Thanks for the TED talk 😄 course you're welcome
  5. "One For All And All For Eternity" Greetings Tenno, I am Oakencrown, and I'm here to name the next Eternals for the Covenant. New frame who dis?? ^This, This is one the many reasons i created the Covenant, people coming together and maybe streaming together, cracking jokes and all. If this is what you like, the stuff you just read then you'll love it here. This page gradually gets better the more you scroll down 😄 ~~~ Ranks - Benefit the Covenant and Ascend ~~~ Lord Eternal - The First Eternal is considered as the wisest, and the
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