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  1. I was going to ask the same thing. I want to replay and show my friends (who don't play Warframe) the whole main story-line so far starting from Natah and ending with Ropalolyst fight. Chimera Prologue is the important part of the narrative. Please, make it replayable. 🙏
  2. I'm also having problems with invites. It was ok for a while back in June after Jovian Concord update. But now all I get is "could not deliver invitation" or "host not found". Can't trade, can't join squads in recruiting, can't play with friends. It's strange, considering I still can see people in relays and join/host public matches with random squads.
  3. It also happens when Wukong runs out of energy while Iron Staff is active. I've been able to get out of this state by pressing triangle (switch weapons).
  4. Ducats won't drop on consoles again, I'm calling it.
  5. I just reread your statement, did the research and realized that it's not allowed to even join other players because you need the vessel in your gear wheel. 😿
  6. Oh, so you didn't waste a blueprint. Then there is hope, I guess. Just find someone in recruiting or in your clan who never done the quest and gift them (as in, trade for Ammo Drum) your blueprint in exchange for letting you join them and scan the kavats. Only quit if they don't spawn or don't give you codes, just to not waste your key and time.
  7. I would suggest to try recruiting chat. I see some people sometimes asking for help with "Sands of Inaros". If not then Derelict Survival. According to wiki,
  8. RIP. My condolences. 😧 And thanks for the heads up. I was about to make same mistake on the next Baro visit in hopes to farm those kavat genetic codes. I guess the only way to "replay" it then is to join someone who needs help with this quest.
  9. Wow, that is some new level of impatience. I mean, I'm not judging you, it's your plat, but still...
  10. We already have "Complete 3 Assassination missions" and "Complete 3 Invasion missions".
  11. What happened to "No spoilers for new players" rule?
  12. Funny thing. With almost 600h in game I haven't seen even a single Pathogen Rounds mod. Now after several hours of farming Wolf alert I have 57 of them.
  13. I just wish we could sell those wolf sledge heads and handles for ducats, now that everybody will have a lot of them.
  14. Just when I thought I'll take a weekend off of Warframe. 😴 Thanks for the nitain anyway. Wolf sledge parts prices will drop for sure.
  15. Tenno Tunes Vol. 3 is my favorite so far. But this year has some good tunes too. Can't wait to add them to my Soundcloud library. Congrats to winners! 🎶
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