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  1. Oh, right, the post was about Vacuum. And I'm here complaining about radar 🙃 Agreed, that would be a good solution too, since we can turn off undesired focus abilities.
  2. I suppose lore-wise it can be explained as our warframes have some chip that connects them to our companions. We loose this connection when transference out. But I agree, this is dumb and inconvenient. We suppose to kill those dark-colored vomvalysts at night in POE, or inside the murex in railjack missions, and it's kind of dark in there too. In operator form it's so hard to see them without enemy sense.
  3. Lol, this is so true 😬 Also: knockdowns! knockbacks! more knockdowns! jeeez I'm glad I almost finished with Orb Vallis. Just a month worth of toroid farming for rank 5 arcanes and I'm done 🙃 And I just love Cambion Drift for aesthetics, the feeling of exploration and everything. I think for the first time in 2 years I really want to go back to an open world and not necessarily to grind new stuff. Just to freeroam and explore and enjoy surroundings, maybe do some bounties and mining here and there. I'm really loving it and taking my time with it. 🧡
  4. I might be wrong, but I thought they actually applied this to Cambion Drift caves and vaults, and when you go into the world it generates anew every time, except for the surface part. But I'm not sure if it's true, need confirmation. And if it's true, I agree it would be cool to apply it to Plains and Vallis.
  5. When looking through the scope of your tranq rifle and animal is nearby: 1) it beeps 2) one of the arrows (top, bottom, left, right) pulses showing the direction in which to look 3) if you look in the direction of an animal it should have pulsing red (or orange) highlighting like scanners have.
  6. It's called Glare in Display Settings. Though it's may be Bloom, don't remember. I disable both usually.
  7. 1. You got timed-out like everyone else because chat is in slow mode. 2. And yes, it's not only in your head, her voice sounds intentionally seductive. But I don't think it's the operator that interests her. More like your warframe is quite an interesting infested specimen for her. 3. As for the line "something so small..." - don't remember the exact words - it's about the fish as in "there's a lot of useful parts in one small fish". Didn't even notice any other meaning.
  8. That's your space kid. It happens sometimes when you quickly go out and in of transference, especially if something else is still loading (like when you just entered the open world). Just a visual glitch.
  9. Now we know how PC people feel after big updates 🙃 It's cool that we getting those fixes at the same time. It's a bummer though that some fixes need cert, but oh well! Thank you for your hard work, guys! 💗
  10. It's like for any Syndicate: you need to accrue the maximum standing for the current rank (5k for Neutral) and collect some sacrifice items (3xSpinal Core Section for Entrati) to be able to rank up. Go to Grandmother and exchange your tokens for standing.
  11. This looks like a bug. I met people in Q/A chat (PS4), who asked how they can see their current credits. Apparently it's not there for them where it used to be. But I see my credits, platinum, traces and other currency just like before in the top right corner.
  12. I agree that it shouldn't matter. Just asking to narrow down the circumstances.
  13. This is weird. I went into the Helminth room with Nidus straight after the update to check new look. Had no issues so far. Just double-checked it. Have you guys completed The Glast Gambit quest?
  14. I didn't die. The second ability makes you invincible for a time and then you just jump around and shoot the boss. After that Snake just breaks apart, Father sighs and says something along the lines: "Oh Snake! Your time has come. Rest, buddy." Don't remember exact words, sorry 🙂
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