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  1. Update 30 is here, 1 year since Deadlock Protocol, and this cinematic is still broken. I hope someone will remember it when “Corpus Liches” are released.
  2. Can confirm. Didn’t get 50 creds for Wolf Howl emote I already had.
  3. Kuva Lich cinematic, that's available in Codex since Deadlock Protocol update, have been broken since then and still not fixed after Steel Path update. Basically it just doesn't render video, only shows black screen, plays audio and subtitles. I mentioned this bug at one of the Warframe PS4 Twitch streams, Danielle saw my message and said they will look into. But either devs couldn't reproduce it or they just didn't have time for it. Either way, seeing as it's still not fixed, I thought I need to properly report it here with some evidence. Attaching the video below.
  4. Hi. I recently started to participate in trades (3 weeks now) and ran into some problems. 1. When I invite players to my Dojo they arrive and we can talk in dojo chat but we can't see each other and can't trade. This issue is persistent and occurs in 100% cases. 2. When players invite me to their Dojo most of the time it works but sometimes it's the same - we can't see each other. 3. When we go to Maroo's Bazaar often one of us can see other players but it's empty for the other. Sometimes we can make it work for both of us after several attempts but sometimes it just doesn't wor
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