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  1. Thank you! That was fast! And the stream was awesome! It’s always a treat to watch and listen to how the sound team is working. They’re so creative and talented. Also hoping the second Warframe Soundtrack album will be released soon.
  2. The second Gift of The Lotus alert with forma doesn’t show up on Playstation because it uses the same node as one of the anniversary alerts - Cytherean (Venus). Can somebody look into that before it expires?
  3. Sounds like a bug. I believe I cured my kavat more than 3 times.
  4. Unfortunately the quest is not re-playable. I wish it was, it's a fun quest. But I don't think we were supposed to get that drop. Just do the Isolation Vault bounties.
  5. I think daily reset would be easier to track for a player. It's not like you will place a timer in special notification area in the Orbiter so True Masters could quickly check if they can grant a blessing today. Or will you? Sounds like approx. 1 Legendary Rank per year with the rates you release new gear. Is it Finally! Nihil and this Sword look awesome!
  6. I just did Lech Krill assassination on Mars with Kuva Siphon modifier. He didn’t drop Excalibur part. It’s on PS4 so we may be behind on bug fixes. Edit: just did The Sergeant kuva siphon, got a Mag part as the mission reward. So i seems not all assassination missions are affected.
  7. It's aimed at new players, I guess. But yeah, could throw in a normal Furax at least.
  8. For me personally, farming Arbitrations feels more rewarding than Steel Paths: vitus essence drop rates are better (imho) than steel essence and you can get them as rotation rewards in packs of 3, and you get some nice arcanes, mods and A LOT of endo along the way.
  9. Both Protea's alt helmets have been added int the cred store a while back. I know because I've built them already. And wiki says as much.
  10. Nah, they said they completed all the weapons. So it wasn't an unexperienced decision. Also NW weekly requires you to convert or vanquish a lich. Not keep him alive. And NW doesn't really force you to do something you don't want to do now or ever. There's plenty of standing from other tasks and glassed enemies, with catch-up mechanic you can skip some tasks and do them some other week, if you like, when you have time and mood. Yes, there are some dailies to parazon a larvling or something lich-related, don't remember. But why even bother with those? We don't need to do all the NW dailies an
  11. Exactly! That's why I'm kind of confused why OP decided to make it hard on themselves and then rant about it. But well, yeah, everybody makes mistakes. We burn ourselves out sometimes for no reason.
  12. The video is from my first time killing lich, yes. I have about 6 at the moment, one of them converted. So the number of liches doesn't matter. And yes, I tried clicking on the lich, one of mine have quite enjoyable and funny lines, so I check on him sometimes 😬 So no, nothing fixes the cinematic. It's like they forgot to add video part of this cinematic into game when added everything else: button, audio and subtitles.
  13. Well, wasn't that the whole point of the Kuva Lich system? They are your enemy and are supposed to annoy you and steal your precious stuff. And you are supposed to hunt them down and get everything back. Why even keep them roaming the system? Also, converting the lich will work too, in case you were thinking that vanquishing is your only choice now.
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