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  1. Please let us know if it helps or if you need further assistance. It’s kinda scary to delete save data. Does archiving data then reinstalling also work? UPDATE it did not help at all. I’ve tried all of the solutions that were shown in this thread. 😭
  2. Yes, please help. This has been going on for a month now.
  3. I disagree. If you've seen other primes, you'll notice that each one are based on their regular version. The deluxe skin looks completely different from normal Ivara.
  4. This has probably been mentioned already but putting the darkest black from the Smoke Colors palette on metallic textures causes what you’re looking at.
  5. I live by myself and I'm convinced I've had several "man in the wall" like encounters. So he doesn't bother me at all.
  6. There was also a moment where whenever I have to check my mods, the entire background goes pink! All you can see are the mod slots while the rest of the screen is neon pink.
  7. This was really helpful. I thought I was the only one experiencing that. The game acts as if I am on solo mode even though it’s set on public. It keeps saying that it couldn’t find me any squads. The only way I can do missions with random people is when I am the host.
  8. **DISCLAIMER** I ultimately don’t care how people customize their warframes. I don’t like it when people pair these colors(and they decide to pick the most neon version of them!): red and blue orange and green yellow and every single color possible black and white black and red When it comes to armor, I don’t like when a tennogen skin theme is clashing with the armor’s theme. Like combining grineer with corpus skins. People love to use the wings syandanas but most of the time, they don’t pair well with the warframes’ looks at all.
  9. It’s mostly the characteristics of warframe that falls under the art category which made me hooked to the game. I was hooked by the design of warframes especially Equinox and Limbo. Also, the variety in warframe powers. The fashion also suits my taste and I was happy that I could basically not only play with my warframe but have it look different from everyone else’s.
  10. I found a temporary solution. Just go to the area where you enter the railjack and your railjack should appear.
  11. I think switch will get the update after DE fixes a few bugs on the other consoles. That way switch players won’t be lagging behind with console updates. We’ll most likely get Empyrean with hotfixes included.
  12. Why 3 hours though? I genuinely think that is just too much.
  13. You know this kind of threads don’t do well. 😓
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