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  1. >old tennogen content being added >VOLT ARRESTER HELMET Oh god I had completely given up hope, thank you!!!
  2. Yep, but it's also been a conversation point all year that they're investigating how to implement it. Lots of us are hanging on for any bit of news about it, so wanted to make sure this was or wasn't an indication of that being formally dismissed.
  3. Very very concerned about this. I'm not sure if it's intentional but this reads like DE closing the book on cross-save in general. Is it just "There will be cross-save only between PS4 and PS5 at this time"?
  4. Hello, Equipping Nekros binding attachments while standing in shotgun idle stance creates a significant animation error where the bindings fly around back and forth at high speed. I am able to reproduce this with the following steps: Equip Nekros with the Irkalla Binds. Equip a Kuva Kohm (or other shotgun). Stand idle with the Kuva Kohm drawn. Thanks
  5. The one bounty to "Collect Samples" for the Corpus researcher is much slower than any other bounty in Cambion Drift. While most phases are about 5 minutes or so, this one often takes over 10 minutes to complete. We kill enemies as quickly as they spawn, but the drop rate is just very low, and the enemies don't spawn very quickly. I was doing this on steel path mode with a full squad of 4, and despite kill time being relatively good, we had to disband at 20 minutes because we only had 10 samples by then.
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