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  1. Hi, I've had two instances now where being killed by a boss leaves me unable to respawn even though I have plenty of lives left. This seems to be an issue with solo play. Several friends I've talked to have this issue as well. The only option is to close the game and lose all progress.
  2. >Fixed blown out and generally all around broken environment assets in Railjack missions, as reported here: Does this include the weird patchwork Skyboxes? Especially noticable in Railjack missions, but also really clear in Cetus at night.
  3. Same, worst part is I can't click peoples names in tradechat anymore.
  4. Not sure what you mean by ground. If you mean enemies in non-railjack missions, yeah it's probably armor you're dealing with which is what this update is addressing. If you mean enemies in Railjack missions that board / are on points of interest, it's not armor at all it's just massive amounts of health, which I actually like.
  5. This is good. Still gives CC but without tossing enemies around (and seperates it from Impact). My Chakkhurr is ready
  6. building for Impact on melee weapons, and sending enemies flying with your fists / hammer actually sounds pretty fun. Bad for DPS, but still.
  7. Armor isn't the issue with RJ enemies, they just have a lot of health.
  8. Huge meta changes. I'm seeing a lot of Status' / Arcanes / Weapons / Frames / etc which are going to be a lot more viable with all the changes in this mainline. Really really excited for this. "Our long-term goal with this change is to build upon this series of changes to allow Status to impact bigger threats like Liches and Eidolons and not just have blanket Immunity. " This is also very exciting to me. Great work can't wait!
  9. Can confirm this is still an issue. Had to abort multiple bounties this weekend and tell new players to stop using their K-drives and hoof it instead.
  10. Changes to converted liches are great. Mine shows up in missions often now and feels like a legit help. It's also just cool.
  11. Really appreciate so much focus on motion controls for Switch! Railjack is much more playable with the motion control update.
  12. Did a couple veil missions the past few days, and it was literally every time I left the seat. Got me killed a few times. Really frustrating bug.
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