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  1. Whenever I have a lich, it seems to load their files before anything else when I enter the orbiter. I will go over to the arsenal and try and use it, and there is a 10 second hang. Once my lich speaks their line, it instantly resolves and I can change weapons / mods etc. It seems like it prioritizes loading the lich first, which is rarely useful as I don't check them that often.
  2. Unfortunately I think by now the message might be "what we've transferred already is all we're going to". We're coming up to one year without any Switch catch up tennogen as the last time was Aug 1st 2019 with update 25.4.0 (unless I missed one somewhere).
  3. Context - I have been using Valkyr's Paralyze ability more often lately in very high level content, as being able to trigger a finisher on heavy units is very useful. Issue - enemy animations will override the "stun" from Paralyze. The best example is corrupted heavy gunners. If they start to perform a ground slam when you use Paralyze, Paralyze does not work. It often feels like the ability is useless because of this inconsistency, and the targets you are most likely to use it against, are the ones most likely to interrupt it in this manner (Corrupted Heavy Gunners in particular). If this happens, they will not be vulnerable to finishers. Reproducible - Yes. It's very easy to reproduce as the first thing a Heavy Gunner does when you're close to them is the ground slam, and the first thing you try to do is Paralyze, so it happens almost every time.
  4. I think i've reported this a couple times already, but just because it's still in Deadlock, I'll mention it again. Reflection maps on various surfaces are broken, and look like checkerboard areas of square light and dark. This is most noticable on the Railjack floor, Orbitor lower level floor, and other dark high gloss metals.
  5. I haven't done much aside from run a solo mission and walk around the orbiter a bit, but performance improvements seem good so far! I can see the details on my frame in the arsenal again. New tileset absolutely knocks it out of the park though. I love how alive it feels.
  6. Very excited! Looks like a fantastic update. Can't wait to check it out thank you!
  7. Had this with my Zaw (Dokrahm) as well. Turned off "visible when holstered" and that worked for now.
  8. There's several that I've forgotten about, but Volt Arrester Helmet is still the main one I personally miss. The frame just doesn't look the same without it. I actually reached out to the tennogen artist for it to see what the chances of it coming to Switch were, and they said they hadn't been contacted about it yet so, no luck.
  9. Very excited for the performance improvements listed here and in the OP. Thanks!
  10. Aside from one or two comments I misinterpreted from streams, nothing was different between this time and any other mainline patch.
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