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  1. Okay, the right Meso V6 also gets dropped, so it is just an UI bug.
  2. Looks like I cannot finish the Vectis Prime, because I have no access to the real Meso V6, as the false Meso V6 gets dropped.
  3. I don't know if this happened after the Ivara Prime update or before, but looking at the void relics menu after the Ivara Prime update shows 2 different Meso V6 relics (in the German version, if this has something to do with it). One has the Akstilleto/Braton/Forma in common, Carrier/Vauban in uncommon and Vectis in rare. The other one has Burston/Ninkondi/Tipedo in common, Chroma/Dethcube in uncommon and Limbo in rare. Which one is real? I also don't have a Meso V6 relic atm, so they show up grayed out.
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