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  1. It's all RNG. I got my acceltra around round 3 to 5. Two Akarius BPs in one run. My character is mr 24, but I still don't have hate or despair drops from stalker. Got a bunch of dread bps, tho.
  2. You mentioned "Venari" only once and didn't explain what it is. Something that can be expanded a bit I think.
  3. I've seen it being used for recruiting a tridilon party. Someone wants to join in. Claims to be a veteran. Checks his/her stat. Only 8 kills/captures. LOL.
  4. Check out this Grind Hard Squad's video. He's also using Adarza to buff the crit chance duration for Redeemer.
  5. I used Excalibur for all junctions. But I think Wukong would work just as good.
  6. Maybe a warframe with a chroma-effigy-like companion that can be commanded to go berserk. It's not a pet, a moa, nor a sentinel (but all of the above). And yes, it's like Chaos Legion, one of my favorite games. Well, Chroma's effigy is kinda like a full-grown Legion anyway (except that it's less fancy).
  7. USB 3 is supposed to be a bit slower than SATA (assuming this is your SSD's interface). So that's the downside. But, if you're using this SSD solely to play Warframe separate from the Operating System's HDD, you gain some performance improvement, since it's dedicated to just whatever the game needs to read/write to the SSD. I think you'll see noticeable improvement IF your main HDD is not already an SSD (i.e. regular old-school kind).
  8. I'd just stick with the topic of modding here. Because that's what the subject of this discussion.
  9. I don't think you can't have modding without trade-offs. At least, that's what usually happens in real life. You want your car to go faster, you'll lose fuel efficiency (or the backseat) for example.
  10. Last night, I did an arbitration defense mission (public match). Played as Frost Prime and not a host for about 40 waves. I stayed in a frost bubble with the NPC most of the time. The NPC somehow never failed to follow me, even when I went outside to pick up stuff. While this turned out to be a good tactic, I just wonder how does it work. I don't think there's a "follow" button for the NPC like in the syndicate missions.
  11. Somebody threw a Wolf beacon last night during a relic run. He was way much faster to kill (not too tanky). The howling was quite muted/soft. Also, not sure if it worked before, but Magus Lockdown worked quite well on him last night.
  12. I hit the same too this morning. I guess goodbye Warframe, hello life? http://i.imgur.com/X6U1qAy.jpg
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