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  1. It took 2 of my vulp imprints off my inventory. Also, scroll up and read the post from MobyTheDuck. Or you can just read the Arcana patch note.
  2. From personal experience, I'd say try getting Necramech Thrusters. Before the Arcana update, I collected about 250+ scintillants trying to farm this mod and it just never dropped. I recently got it from the T1 Arcana. I'm not sure whether it's "important". It's a good mod, I like it, and I use it on my mech. But I think you can get away without it.
  3. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Getting an Adarza Kavat from 2 Vulpaphyla imprints VISUAL: It's just a Kavat. I named the Kavat "Proto-Robotic". REPRODUCTION: Revivied 2 Panzers. Create gen imprints from them. Use 10 kavat gen code and those imprints in the incubator EXPECTED RESULT: A Panzer that inherits both mutagens OBSERVED RESULT: A basic adarza kavat REPRODUCTION RATE: 1/1.
  4. So I revivied 2 Panzers (1 phijar, 1 adra). Created genetic imprints from them. Put 10 kavat gen. code and those imprints in the incubator for 24 hours. And I got an Adarza. What did I do wrong? Is a Panzer not guaranteed?
  5. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Arcana Vault T3 Fissure closures stage, the station to get the lantern spawned on T2 Vault VISUAL: N/A REPRODUCTION: Do Arcana Vault T3 Fissure closure stage, the station spawned on T2 Vault (i.e. the marker for it was 2km away). EXPECTED RESULT: The station to get the lantern should spawn on T3 as well. OBSERVED RESULT: We had to fail the mission. The mission was pretty much bug free since the beginning (T1) and no host migration and nobody left. REPRODUCTION RATE: it happened once. We re-did the mission after we failed it. The f
  6. I could only create 2 imprints for Vulpaphyla, but the Genetic tools says "0 of 3 scans used", which I think it doesn't really make sense for Vulpaphyla. This was on PC.
  7. I think it's possible. Someone joined to my group (public match) during arcana T2. He said he just talked to Mother in Necralisk. But that only happened one time. Other times, nobody joined in.
  8. Been waiting all day. Thanks. BTW, Is that an update note or my CVS Pharmacy receipt?
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