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  1. The Nyx and Rhino packs don't appear on the playstation store for me. The main, all inclusive prime vault appears on the Market but once I get redirected to the actual playstation store non of the packs actually appear. Still got the Mag and Nova packs in there from a year ago.
  2. Yes I have also made a thread about this the other day. Out of my first 7 tries the drone got stuck 4 times. I have since done the mission another 5-6 times and the rate of this happening is still well over 50%. This is incredibly infuriating as I'm sure I'm not the only one who's been looking forward to this event for a long time and now I can't even be arsed to bloody do it because there's, I'd say, a ~65% chance of it just bugging on me.
  3. I've tried doing the mission 5 times. 3 times in a row the drone failed to go around the big orange thingy the Hemocyte spawns from, getting stuck on the terrain, forcing me to abandon the mission. Edit: I've done another 2 runs since. 1 I got to finish but the last one got stuck again. That is 4 out of 7 missions where the escort drone got bugged making me waste time and resources.
  4. I ignored you once before because you sound like you are high on your own farts. I don't think I'm screaming and I don't think I'm being a keyboard warrior and last but not least I don't think I am being unreasonable. My point is pretty simple. DE didn't communicate this well enough and I have talked about what they should have done.
  5. Except you can, in a very easy way, which I have explained about 10 times by now but you people still seem to repeat the same thing like bloody parrots.
  6. Because just wanting to play the game, not caring about the aforementioned things is such a toxic attitude. /s Good, the more people that complain about this legitimately bad move the better. Maybe if enough people talk about it we will get to actually spend the resources we were robbed of.
  7. Which I have already argued is not a adequate bloody platform for such an important information, jesus christ.
  8. I shouldn't have to keep track of news I mostly don't give a crap about to receive a warning about losing my wolf creds. For the 5th time, I don't understand how a message to our inbox wasn't delivered about this.
  9. Look at my edits. No, I don't look at the news console and I'm sure I'm not the only person who doesn't. Regardless, I wholeheartedly believe that is not a good enough way to communicate this to the players. This was an important enough thing for a message to our inbox.
  10. I don't remember getting any warning in-game that it was gonna end last weekend. It may have been said so here on the website, it may have been put into the news section on the orbiter but I don't remember getting any real warning about this.
  11. I still had like 350 wolf creds saved up to spend at a time when I needed something and I really feel like this loss of wolf creds was not communicated to me, as a player, well enough. edit: Or a message to our inbox about this. There were several ways to communicate this properly to the players. edit 2: To everybpdy talking about the news console. That console is a hidden away little thing that I'm sure a lot of people forget even exists. That is not an adequate platform to communicate such an important thing. At the very least we should have gotten a direct message into our inbox about this.
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