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  1. Sounds like any ol' regular online gaming community. That said, I think WF has the worst community based on what I, myself, have seen from this and other games.
  2. Looks like it's Corpus Amalgam time... better go tell Alad to pump up the assembly lines.
  3. I'd answer you that question if the game wasn't so broken, lol.
  4. Oh, but of course it's bad design. How would I know? Me - who actually enjoys the challenge of moving efficiently in the Kuva Fortress. But of course, silly, silly me. And if there weren't moderators around to keep the fragile WF players from some more challenge in arguments they wouldn't get any challenge in anything WF related. But let's just say, for the sake of argument, that it was ''bad design.'' Does that mean that WF should be nothing but empty even field with nothing but hordes of enemies coming at the player for them to kill?
  5. Why is it that when there's a modicum of difficulty in anything that WF players complain, lmao.
  6. Rank 0 Adaptation stacks to it's maximum, regardless. It just requires you to be more careful getting there. It's much more balanced then max rank, and I actually think that this should be one those mods that can't be upgraded. It's rank 0 state is strong enough. I have plenty of capacity left after that, regardless. I use rank 0 Adaptation deliberately.
  7. Garuda is one of the most well balanced frames out there. I play mine with 0 rank Adaption and have loads of fun with it. Her 4 I use to hover in the air and apply bleed procs to everything, which also functions as cc. Then I use my Dual Skana, Braton MK1 and Afuris to deal more damage and apply more paper cuts which bleed everything dry.
  8. I will tell that dude that Frost has CC and % armour reduction :D. Something similar applies to pretty much every frame. Just the stupidity of maxed rank Adaptation is enough.
  9. Nope. Pointless. And I am not even talking about the nonsense that most people will bring to the table which is the lack of rewards. I am talking about the awful gameplay.
  10. I wouldn't be able to play WF at all if I weren't playing other games, lol. I have more hours in Single Player RPGs than I do in WF. Underrail: Expedition is absolutely my most favourite game ever and I just can't hide that. Doing solo Pit of Heresy in Destiny 2 has been a blast for me. Learning all the details of a successful run and toying with different builds that actually have an impact on the outcome, ect. Just stuff I can't get in WF. I know a lot of people will say that it's wrong to say, but I've always been of the opinion that WF needs more impactful gameplay than j
  11. Part of the no direction WF is taking all the time. I was away when they were doing and releasing the whole RJ stuff and when I came back to play some I took part only because of NW. I don't think that people going into WF really ''want'' to play RJ. While the concept itself might be different degrees of cool, the fact it's spliced on top of a game like WF doesn't really make it good.
  12. I am in the opposite camp. Instead of nerfing frames, nerf frames more. ...although I do like changes that affect everyone equally like the shield immunity. Not that the shield immunity is good in and of itself, it's just an example of common functionality that can exist between frames. But yeah, just nerf frames.
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