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  1. Those, in my opinion, should be the kinda enemies that make the tenno squad go 'oh-S#&$' in a mission. They're just a joke...
  2. Casual... that's me. I do more damage than a Saryn while playing my Trin.
  3. The speed is one thing. The somewhat unrefined shooting mechanics of the game don't help. Microlag is especially noticeable in the Conclave. The lack of varied pvp modes where people can contribute in more than one ways further adds to people's dislike. The cc bonanza of the pvp balance is, yet, another debatable issue... In the mean time in the Crucible there's always a team ready for some action. It's plain fun. You know what - why don't you try it? It's free...
  4. Ugh... Dude, your entire post is becoming a bit hypocritical. I would warn you against becoming an echo-chamberist. But the reason why I highlight that particular line is because I play Conclave in WF and like it(that actually has earned me some ''ha-ha's'' in the past from this community). But Conclave in WF reveals just how janky WF can be overall. The direct comparison between the D2 open arena pvp and WF Conclave does not look good on WF's case at all. I'd advise against further delving in.
  5. Ooh, I dunno... servers, weapon balance, arena pvp, gambit(a damn good game mode), refined shooting mechanics, raids(this directly connects to weapon balance), absence of broken melee mods. To be fair - some of the best stuff in D2 is entirely free. Granted, you need to spend money equal to a full game for the two expansions but I'm afraid it's worth it. I honestly think that the competition between D2 and WF would ultimately improve both games. I wish both well. Hopefully I'll be still around to see them grow 🙂
  6. Destiny 2 is pretty damn decent game. WF better start taking notes on a few things.
  7. Seen a lot of folks roflfail them Spy missions during Sorties. Sometimes people's Tridolon hunts would go 4x3 when they have been going for 5x3, or 3x3 when they've been aiming at 4x3. That's about it, to be honest.
  8. Trinity will... will... give heals? You know - the current s2w with memeretard strike could actually be something of a pickup that you build up. Sort of like in DOOM 2016. Would make so much more sense.
  9. Maiming Strike is the bloody number one sin WF has.
  10. Bruh... get out of here with these casual hours.
  11. If you want an effin' challenge, complete that with the Skiajati.
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