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  1. Trying to achieve a 3:20 per rotation in Corpus Excavation Arbitration is something to behold. No, I don't think just anyone can do it. Try it. Use whatever you want. I dare you. I really can't complain about Arbitration loot, either. Almost all of it earns plat - Aura Forma and Ephemera being the two things I can't sell.
  2. People say Atlas is redundant, but what can you really say about spinning Nekros. In reality Nekros is more redundant than Atlast, tbh.
  3. Here's what I have: In my opinion you need status chance on the riven to burn off armour reliably. In a perfect world you'd get more electricity on the riven instead of puncture so that your corrosive procs really weigh in. The plus recoil is not bad, actually. It makes the weapon more FPS-y. I play it with Synth Reflex so I never bother reloading it.
  4. It will give you gas, I believe, with cold left open to mix with something else you like. Or bolster the elemental types you already have on the rifle. But that status duration is not good at all. You can use it for the damage only, and it will see you through the star chart without any problem.
  5. Sold a maxed Primed Mod just yesterday for 270p. I think it's a reasonable price. Those are a bit niche, and I would wait a bit before selling. Even if people do say that endo is easy to farm, it still is a resource that denotes time spent in game. I've sold maxed mods equal to roughly half a mill of endo over the last month, and no matter how much endo you have in the end, you will always need more.
  6. I understand where you're coming from :D. Nicely done. But I'd still much prefer if they weren't firing from holster, to be honest.
  7. Well, if I remind you why exactly that would mean you didn't read, and possibly understand my initial post explaining my stance about the weapon better. As for the armour stripping potential... There are so many other weapons that do that much better than the Ignis Wraith. I mean, you catch a number of enemies in the blast radius of an Ignis, and now you're sitting there pointing your mouse in one and same spot for about... I dunno, 15-20 seconds? Maybe more. Some other people would clean house in literally 5 and move on. If it's your thing, sure, it's yours to use. But if you were to ask me about one benefit the Ignis has, I'd say it's ammo efficiency not armour stripping potential. And before armour strip heat is kinda bad at dealing damage.
  8. Dude, in Corpus excavs that can happen when you pick up a battery cell. You really have to be playing the game differently past 20 digs.
  9. Harrow would really push that weapon forward.
  10. Aha... I wonder if all those guys using the Ignis did the same research as you 👉... Tell ya what. More out of interest, why don't you show me this, so called, research?
  11. I am wondering if you play the game past that same level... or how exactly you mod your things if you get outdamaged by an Ignis/Wraith.
  12. Hello! As a player I use a lot of speed holster effects - Vigorous Swap, Speed Holster aura, Synth Reflex, and always mix, match and mod my loadouts to have 3 weapons that complement each other. For every con I can give the new melee system, there's a pro to compensate it, and one of those is the instant swap between melee and ranged weapons. I use that a lot, especially with ranged weapons that burn armour and melee weapons that are modded with Condition Overload. I do notice that ranged weapons with auto/held trigger continue to fire after being swapped into. It works like this - I continuously fire a weapon and push the melee button(in my case Num1 on my mouse) to switch then proceed to melee with my mouse 1 until I finish what I am doing. Switching back to the ranged weapon will bring it back firing in my hands without me pressing anything. It happens all the time when switching between ranged weapons, as well. It didn't seem like a big issue at first, but to be honest, over time it began to grate. In some of the more extreme cases, like Twin Grakatas for example, you can easily waste 30-40% of a clip by doing nothing else than switching back to that weapon. I understand that developing this game cannot be easy, but could someone, please, look into that? Thank You for Your attention.
  13. PoE can be pretty dumb with it's hardcore mode, though. Didn't see that corpse explosion totem in all the mud? Oh, well... In WF, generally speaking, co-op endgame content where higher co-op skills allow for quicker objective completion(hence more rotations) would, imho, be overall better suited. But I don't dislike the basis of these ideas. One of the current amalgam corpus enemies can spawn a copy of your frame if you let them, and that copy is interesting to face. The AI is not terribly good, but it does a decent job at blocking all your melee attacks and shooting you when you present an opening. Being in a mission and somehow making a mistake leading to a ghostly copy of your frame hunting you for a week a la Stalker style could be interesting. But it would need some extra twist of sorts on top of it to be next level. PS:addressing revives certainly would be a big part of end game content, as well. Though how exactly... I am not too sure, i.e., my imagination hasn't given me an idea yet.
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