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  1. Yes I’m aware of the listen-for-stomping workaround, unfortunately it’s not reliable 100% of the time.
  2. The fight appears to still be broken ever since Heart of Deimos launched, tried again today due to it being a Nightwave challenge again but the boss continues to get itself stuck and won’t spawn enough raknoids to progress the Deck 12 portion. Taking the thermia canisters up and blowing the remaining vent anyway will make the boss cycle through the remaining dialogue then head outside, but unfortunately goes no further after getting itself stuck in the loading tunnel (alongside a group of raknoids that were probably supposed to spawn in Deck 12). Another diluted thermia unfortunately
  3. Also having issues with this, farmed it several times just before the Deimos launch with no issue so this appears to be something that has started since Update 29. Have made two attempts at this fight this morning, both times the Exploiter Orb has been stuck in the air after three destroyed vents and refuses to spawn enough Coolant Raknoids to progress. First attempt spawned 1 fewer than needed, second attempt didn't spawn any at all. The Exploiter Orb also spawned in the Deck-12 entrance tunnel when making the second attempt. My Switch had been powered down and restarted in-between a
  4. I am also curious about this. From the eShop listing I could definitely see how some would interpret it as 1,770 total platinum. Pardon the camera shot, unable to take a direct capture from the eShop screen, but to be clear this is what we are seeing:
  5. Hello. The Paradiso Chest Plate from the new Deimos Supporter Pack doesn't appear to be placed properly, in several frames it's almost entirely hidden, while in others it's only partially visible. Some examples below. Nekros Deluxe - almost entirely hidden Baruuk - mostly hidden, upper tip visible Wukong Prime - lower part visible Nova Deluxe - mostly visible
  6. Hey Tenno, if you bought the pack and are still missing the helmet, I would recommend sending in a support ticket with the Support Desk link near the top of the forums page. I had my ticket answered today and thanks to DE support I am now with helmet. 👍
  7. Can confirm, also bought Esteem Pack V but no helmet. Saw [DE]Helen wearing it in a recent community stream so it for sure exists in-game, but would appear some of us that bought the pack did not get the helmet, as also seen in comments in this thread.
  8. Currently watching [DE]Helen's community stream and she's using the Loki Opal Helmet there, so it's definitely in the game. Could we have our missing helmets looked into, please? 😀 My current Loki helmets, with his Opal skin but sadly no helmet available:
  9. A small update seems to have just gone out, battle avionics are working again for me now. 👍
  10. Same as above. The skin is nice, but noticing there’s no Loki Opal Helmet. Curious if there was supposed to be one since the previous four Esteem packs came with separate Opal Helmets.
  11. Yeah something seems to have broken Railjack on consoles, can confirm battle avionics won’t fire properly using the usual R+B, R+Y and R+A buttons. Resetting controls to default settings doesn’t fix it this time either, unfortunately. A temporary workaround seen in another board is to just tap R to use the avionic in the first slot, but haven’t found a way to use the ones in the second and third slots.
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