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  1. Same. It's like a bad joke. DE could unvault Equinox Prime as well xD
  2. You can check the list of Warframes here. It's sorted by release date. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vRdwRWr64zMOuFOx-Yvsx_2MG8zLumvwCkW9l3quGZ9MBT9TLe2ktYXRKO1K6ECBqiSUPPUCfBVyoqG/pubhtml Original tab contains all non-Prime released Warframes. Highlighted records have Prime versions. You can check the queue for the next Warframe Prime Access. Prime tab as you can expect presents all Primes. IMPORTANT: The Vaulted field in Prime tab shows if the Warframe has entered into the Vault from it's releasing in the Prime Access. It doesn' show the actu
  3. Want to trade Cedo Barrel for Cedo Blueprint
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