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  1. I don't know if its just me but I really think that a player leaving a mission more than 5 times in less than 30 min should be ban for 24 hours. I don't know it this topic have been posted before but every time there is a new frame coming out, the situation is kinda aggravating... Please if you feel the same way, make this topic an priority. I'm not sure if its the right place or but plz don't delete this message... Thank you all
  2. Actually still not fix... and affinity booster, I'm not sure, but doesn't apply....
  3. Bonewidow exalted weapon doesnt have the same damage output as before... and also the hit detection is not right, the enemy is next to me and cant hit... something is really different than before...
  4. Happen to a lot also. Not sure but I think its when I deploy the K-Drive after getting out of the Archwing too fast, not sure. Plz fix ty
  5. Thank you! Please continue the fix!! But also, there is a major bug, I think, I'm not sure how to replicate and dunno where to post it... in Orb Vallis when I get out of the K-drive it happen a lot that I get out of the map, the floor, I think specially when I switch too fast from an archwing to a k-drive and get out of the k-drive... /unstuck wont work and its an endless loop. Impossible to get out of that when playing solo. In multi, other player can force you out to the exit for the return to Fortuna. On an other matter, Affinity is lost for Necramech, when the player server is leaving
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