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  1. what ? what was "35" in the projectiles ?
  2. it would be good if they were all in the drop table, and all possible to buy at Necraloid.
  3. a good nova speed use power donation, so even with 50 strengths, it will give them 10% speed. (but 10% speed is far less a problem than 60%)
  4. it don't "relies on low range", it don't care about the range. if you use Narrow Minded for duration and overextand for low strength, you will have 124 range.
  5. Allow Xaku to change 3 of the ability with the Helminth, instead of 1 ; and allow to change independently each part of the third ability. (exempt place in the third ability an ability that can be sort press or long press, because we already need it to swap between the 3)
  6. If no, why are they male/female ?
  7. if they still test things less than 12 hours befor the release, it is very, very bad planning.
  8. "Movement 3.0" there is nothing to change about it. if they want to try new thing, they should do it on only 1 warframe.
  9. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Value-added_tax#/media/File:Countries_with_VAT.svg it is the case in most country of the world. (and in usa, it is at the state level, not the country level)
  10. a nerf is need when 1 thing dominate the other. a buff is need for all things that are not use because too weak compare to the others possibility. And if there is too mush powercreep, it is ok to buff the ennemis. (there is too mush powercreep)
  11. Depend. Some ability are already not very strong on the original warframe. There is not reason to have a nerfed version of Volt first ability. At the opposite, if you want to balance the Roar, you don't need to nerf it to 75%, but to 40%. (+20% damage before strengths) And the main trad-off is suppose to be that the original warframe have 3 other ability that you can not use.
  12. "Zephyr : Base Ability Buffed - now has a HOLD or TAP functionality. HOLD to receive original functionality. TAP to suck enemies in a wind Vortex. " this is good... this should be the base ability of Zephyr.
  13. the reduction of effect is enougth to totaly change the ability. if on chroma, it multiply the damage by 4, and on the other warframe, by 1.8, there is a good reason to play chroma. or for saryn ; kill everthing on the map, or just kill a pack of monster is totaly diferent. And 2nd point : only one ability can be change ; you steel have to play the warframe to have the other. if only one ability make the identity of a warframe, this warframe probably need to be change. (exeption for the exalted weapon. that also should not be usable on other warframe) true, but it is alr
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