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  1. and you don't think that the good solution would be the change that ?
  2. and you need around 50 000 000 focus point to have everything. so you need to do it near 150 day ; so 150 hours of farm. (you would be faster in elite, even if all your team leave you. but it is still 100 hours of farm) and a problem is that the set-up is not beginner-friendly at all. (and it is explain nowhere in the game) it would be better if the first lentil give more than the half of the Lua. as exemple, 2.5% for the normal, 3% for the greater, 3.5% for the eidolon, and 4% for the Lua.
  3. it is not possible : the weapon are balance depending of there stance. if you allow this, i would play the Fragor Prime with Stinging Thorn (dagger stance).
  4. It would be something very easy to create : everything for this already existe in the game.
  5. i don't think that the MR lock is a good things. i don't think that they should be a power curve depending of the MR. or may-be for the firsts MR, but not higher than 7. above, they should balance the weapon, to not have some stronger than the other. (it is normal for the base version to be less strong that the prime/wraith/prisma/kuva/... but all prime/wraith/prisma/kuva/... should be similarly strong as the other prime/wraith/prisma/kuva/...)
  6. there is no MR wall, you can use the weapon at any MR. if you speak about the need to use format to have the highest MR possible : a day, there will be more than enough warframe and weapon to be MR 30. a day, having 90% of all weapon and warframe will be enough to be MR 30.
  7. you want an easy solution ? make that each node correspond to 1 kuva weapon. there is 31 "normal" mission greener mission on Saturn, Uranus, and Sedna (not raijack, not dark sector, not assassination...) ; so you can have 31 kuva weapon with this method. (and you can find lot of other solution.)
  8. use this build : https://overframe.gg/build/new/2885/shedu/?bs=WzEsMjg4NSwzMCwxLFtbMCwwLDBdLFs2MTEsMTAsMl0sWzU5MiwzLDBdLFs2MjYsMTAsMV0sWzU4NCw1LDBdLFs2MzYsNSwxXSxbNjI0LDUsMF0sWzYyNSw1LDBdXV0= (the last slot can be heavy caliber, hunter munition, your riven...) with this, you can kill ennemis level 100. or even more, if they don't have armor. but it is true that the Shedu is not very strong. the Acceltra is far better.
  9. i would prefer to keep the scool-specifique lentil, but make the lentil independent of the warframe/weapon. as exemple, if i craft a Naramon edolon lentil, i can chose to gain point for Naramon, independently of the warframe or weapon that i use. and if i have a Lua for Madurai, i can chose to gain points for Madurai, then come back to the edolon Naramon without any cost.
  10. But it add 1 slot of variable mod, even if they also increase the dps. And these mods increase the dps of around 30%, that is far lower than the 165% of the serration, so it would be easier to make utilitary mod usefull enough to compete with this. As exemple, on my Ignis wraith, i could sacrifice a +30% damage for the mod that increase the range of 8 metres.
  11. if it is math, how do you explain that Blood rush and Sacrificial steel are 2 good mods, and depending of you build, you should play one or the other ?
  12. some mod do this. but most of them are never use, excepte some specific to one weapon that are always use when the weapon is use. i think people would like to have more mod like it, but most of the time, if it increase less the DPS than an other mod, the will not use it. yes, it is not enough to be consider as different. if they were stronger version of the, but with a condition, it would be interesting. a bit like the acolytes mods, but strong enough to make interesting in some contexte to use the alternative mod without the base mod. (like Blood rush compare to Sacrificial steel) it would be stupide to remove the main mod for base damage without rework/remove/nerf the other base damage mod that are balance to be good even near the main mod. (if you remove hornet strike, augur pact need to be reduce to +30% base damage, because actually, the mod give 90% damage when we already have 320% damage) and for the powercreep, it depend of the part of the mod that is transferred to the base stat of the weapon. don't think that if you remove serration, but only increase the damage of 100% instead of 165%, the slot freed will not be enough to increase lot more the damage.to be as strong as before, it would need that the new mod increase the damage of 32.5%. as exemple, Vigilante Armaments when you already have Split Chamber, increas the damage of 31.5% (without counting the set bonus). if you add a third elemental mod of 90%, it increase the damage of 32%.
  13. to have a clear presentation the actual state of all top tier gun build. lot of people want to change things in it, and before, it is necessary to understand what is the actual state. the fact of having 4 fixe mod limit the diversity (in melee, there is 2 option to have crit chance : blood rush or sacrificial steel. so it is a bit better. same for bas damage were we can use State overload). the fact of having the crit mod in the fixe mod make not-crit weapon bad. only having viral and corrosive as main element mean that the other composed element are not strong enough.
  14. In green, 4 mods : base damage, multishot, chit chance, crit damage. In red, 2 mods : 2 elemental mods (60damage - 60status, or 90damage/primed), most of the time, to create viral or corrosive. sometime, radiation. So there is 3 more mods (including the eximus) for customization, depending of the weapon, personal preference, ... It can be a third elemental mod, a riven, or some other possibility (on main gun, i see ~10 other mods that can be interesting). (and when a gun is not critic, it is not top tiers : have the 2 critical mod on a crit weapon increase more the damage than any other alternative. so no crit = less damage)
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