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  1. Hello to all Warframe players. I want to start this thread off by saying that no, I do not honestly believe that the Devs will change any of the following Frame's abilities just because I think that these would be cool. This is just a fun exercise that I thought would be a neat thing to do, and help bring the community together a bit. In a bit, I will be listing some Warframes, and telling you what updated abilities I would give them, ranging from a slight change to an existing ability to outright changing all four to something completely new. This list will always be incomplete as there are many variables to consider, and more Warframes are always added to the game. if you think you have a better idea of what abilities should be changed, and what to, or would like to add a Frame to change, please put it in the comments. Also, please keep the comment civil. No name calling, or saying an idea is stupid. These ideas are subjective, and this is supposed to be a nice and fun activity. With that said, The Warframes I'm listing are generally speaking, ones that i can get a general idea for. I have not necessarily used each Frame in game, so please bear with me. With all of that said, let's begin: This list will be in order from most needing to be optimized to least needing: 1. Volt-Abilities to change: Static Discharge, Electric Shield, Discharge Reason for change: Seemed like the Devs wanted to give Volt a power set similar to popular electric-powered super heroes with the first two abilities, but then backtracked heavily in the second two. (The superheroes are Flash and Thor) The big change: to capitalize on the superhero aspect. Static Discharge: While I have nothing against this ability, after seeing people use it, I feel like it's lackluster. Volt just swings his arm and throws electricity at an enemy. I would update this attack so that it worked one of two ways. the first way is to get Volt to go Flash. Volt would zip over to the nearest enemy, circle around them in an electric blur, stop, and then throw an arc of electricity at the enemy, stunning them. The other way this could this could change would be go melee style like with Thor. Volt would surge his body with lightning, then either do a series of punches, swings,and kicks at the target, or just power himself up with his lightning and let the player go to town with the melee button. name would either be Lightning Throw (Flash), or Shock-Punch (Thor). Electric Shield: Get rid of this entirely. It doesn't belong with a character meant for speed. Instead, replace this one of two attacks, both Flash-related. The first option is a multi-punch attack. volt zips to an opponent, unleashes a fury of (what seems to be) a few punches, kicks, etc., which either kills or depletes an enemy of a lot of health. the other option is simply phasing. obviously, you don't want Volt falling thru the floor. with phasing, Volt is able to pass thru enemies, allies, doors (ones you can already go thru normally) without notice to other entities. He would also be invisible to enemies and scanners, so no door barriers would stop him. I have no names chosen for either. Discharge: While I know that this ability could technically be used as a Thor-like move, I would either change it up or replace it. The change I would make would be that I would have Volt slam his fists into the ground, sending a wave of electricity outward in a certain radius. You could also use this ability after jumping in the air, causing Volt to slam his melee weapon into the ground to send out the wave. The other option is to do a staple move in the Flash TV series: the sonic Punch. This move would deplete all of Volt's energy, and in return, Volt would run all the way back to the start of the map, then sprint back to the enemy you're targeting and punch them, creating a shock-wave and instantly killing them. This would only deplete a lot of health on the enemy if they are a boss entity. 2. Loki-Ability to change: Radial Disarm Reason for change: Loki is obviously supposed to be based off the titular trickster god, so his first three abilities make sense and work well save for Invisibility, which just needs a duration increase. The big change: To capitalize on being a trickster. Radial Disarm: With over 20 unique Warframes to use, each of their abilities should be unique, and unique to those Frames, making each one pivotal to almost any given situation. So, when I see two Warframes that have two identical abilities, I get a bit miffed. Both Loki and Mesa have an ability that jams the enemies guns, thus forcing them to use their melee weapons. This makes sense for Mesa, as this would give her an advantage with her ranged weapons. However, I fail to see how a Warframe literally built to make a mockery of the enemy would need an ability to jam weapons. So, I would replace that ability with this: Ability Swap. To borrow a power from an alien species called the Skrulls, who were able to change their appearance at will to mimic the look of another person/creature as well as any abilities they may posses. So, Ability Swap would work as this: Once activated, all four of Loki's abilities switch to a random Warframe's abilities, all maxed out. During this time, his energy would drain at a steady rate, so Loki would be able to use these abilities until his energy is depleted. This ability could be amped up further by physically changing Loki to the Warframe he is mimicking the abilities of. 3. Chroma-Ability to change: N/A Reason for change: Chroma is the combination of four parts, one from each of the elemental Warframes, so it makes sense that his abilities should use the combinations of each part's element. All abilities would remain the same. I will edit this list with the other half of initial Frames to change when I am next available.
  2. I've been practicing the MR 9 test for over a week now,, and I'm no closer to beating that as I was the first time I practiced (when I beat it). I've already watched a few YouTube tutorials, and none of them helped. I've tried moving around differently, and switched weapons. Nothing's working. PLEASE HELP!!!
  3. I've figured it out for channeling. And Exalted blade is an ability, not s channel. I'm going to explain my thoughts about Secondary Fire in a future post, but in short, it does nothing. It's just for channeling, so I don't understand why it's also called secondary fire.
  4. I've been practicing the MR 9 test for over a week now,, and I'm no closer to beating that as I was the first time I practiced (when I beat it). I've already watched a few YouTube tutorials, and none of them helped. I've tried moving around differently, and switched weapons. Nothing's working. PLEASE HELP!!!
  5. The Title was the best way I could grab attention, and it's not as if it's clickbait. There ISN'T any double meaning: I discovered channeling before I learned about mods and how they could upgrade a Warframe. My channeling boosted my Frame like a power-up, like Full Cowling does for Deku in MHA. Maybe I'm wrong and channeling only affected meleé, so I was projecting. But that only confirms that getting rid of it or moving it changed my experience, and in a bad way. If you're in game, the channeling would drain one point every couple seconds. I spent a lot of time looking at it so I could better time my attacks. Even if it went down while you were hot, it's no more significant than mods not working because you're getting hit. I only say "Focus" because before I got and Operator, I read it both ways, heard it both ways, etc. That's the games fault, not mine. I know that Focus is used specifically to help your Operator, I get that. You are saying I am implying something that I wasn't. I know that ignorance does not validate anything. If it did, our justice system would be on its head. The way that those notes are stated seems contradictory. "You have it, but f*co you, you don't"? And they say "Alt Fire button" but they make no mention of what that is. Is it left trigger? No. That makes you aim your firearm. Is it right bumpber? No. That's to activate abilities. Not clearly stating things is frustrating to pelike me, who can barely figuout the game so that they can keep up, and new players.
  6. I guess I better give him a call then. Thank you for letting me know.
  7. The shield leaves my Frames arm and hits an enemy as a ranged attack. How else should I call it?
  8. I HAVE asked, multiple times in fact; not in the forums, as I hadn't had time to go there until recently. I have asked in game from multiple people, but no one would help.
  9. I don't have Twich, so I don't watch the streams. As for Twitter, the Devs don't say anything useful. As for having time, you're wrong specifically in my case. I was working at a camp over summer, and couldn't play due to no internet. I come back home only to see my game needs an update. 1 week later, I see that every thing changed. I only had 1 MONTH to get used to it.
  10. I don't remember it's name off the top of my head, but it was for basic, light Sword and Shield attacks. When I get back on tonight, I'll screen shot it, and send it to you, as well as a screenshot of my Warframe channeling energy.
  11. Oof. I feel that. And that's one of the things that changed thanks to the update.
  12. I appreciate those things you said. Thank you for keeping an open mind and level head.
  13. If you like it, that's fine. I'm gearing this more for discussion and to give the people who hate it a voice.
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