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  1. I think Inaros could get a segmented health bar, similar to Kuva Liches. Depleting a full segment from enemy damage should cause a few seconds of invincibility. Maybe have the percent of the health segments scale based on max health, so higher max health means more segments the bar is divided into. Base with no mods at unranked should be two segments with a small amount of health left over after the 2nd segment, and potentially have every 1k health more add another segment.
  2. First and foremost, Lavos is in a REALLY good spot power and survivability wise. Some minor usability tweaks would make him the most perfect he could probably be, however. First and foremost, having to re-fill Lavos' vials after every cast really ends up only being detrimental. Either you 1: Stop and refill the vials, interrupting normal movement, offense, and defense in the process, or 2: Use an ability without refilling your vials (Either accidentally by forgetting, or having to use an ability in an emergency situation) and lose out on a portion of the damage and status that ability could
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