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  1. Grineer explosive weapons (Tonkor and Ogris in particular, though Kulstar also could benefit from similar) aren't incredible by any means outside of the Kuva Bramma. Even the Kuva Tonkor and Kuva Ogris aren't typically widely used from what I see on a day to day basis. So, what I have in mind are a couple weapon augments specifically for Grineer explosive weapons that might give them some new life. Each one would be a weapon-specific augment for the appropriate weapon. Scored Casing: Tonkor Grenade detonations scatter X pieces of shrapnel, bouncing up to Y times and punching through targets for 50% slash/25% Impact/25% Puncture damage, with a 65% status proc chance per hit. Razor-lined Casings: Ogris rockets scatter razor-sharp projectiles while in flight and on detonation, dealing 70% slash/15% impact/15% puncture damage, with significant status chance. Not usable with Nightwatch Napalm. Flight Speed reduced, higher ranks spawn more projectiles per meter traveled and on detonation.
  2. Honestly, these are good ideas. I'd also appreciate the ability to have alternate-fire swap modes or instantly fire the alt-fire based on user-choice on a per-weapon basis. It's a bit cumbersome to use Euphona Prime's buckshot because, even on a thumb mouse button, it's awkward to have it instantly fire on alt-fire when so many other weapons' alt-fire button swaps modes. So, options to convert semi and burst weapons into auto and auto-burst for player comfort would be ideal. In fact, I'd support them being exilus mods that cost zero capacity specifically at base rank, but can reduce the downsides if their rank is increased (In the end, making them cost 5 capacity at max rank of 5 for minimal downsides). Considering how many exilus mods are just wasted space, and how auto weapons are in such an impressively more comfortable spot than semi trigger weapons, these new exilus mods could allow for semi and burst weapons to reenter the fray in a big way for people who don't want to get/exacerbate carpal tunnel/tendonitis/arthritis with click spam.
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