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  1. can you fix bloodshed sigil not appearing on revenant mephisto skin with his mephisto syandana on?
  2. the bloodshed sigil with mephisto syandana, disables the bloodshed effect
  3. there should also be a bonus to the player who dumps 1000 forma into a frame, so its not a meme. favoritism exists and should also be recognized. frames need to extend to be fully customizable, i want hp, energy, and armor to be removeable and also accolated to how much you forma put in, if forma is 1% at 100 forma its bolster in stats. therefore being a favorited frame. or even every 10 forma makes a aura'd slot. polarity needs to be noticed, it is damning to customizing a frame based on your mod system forcing a player to re-forma and or have a second frame, to have a separate build. volt has 2 distinct builds, discharge and eidolon hunts and both have different polarity builds; so having one frame is not enough to compensate those builds. i dont want 2 frames; i want one frame. i want fully customizable frames. in cannon having 1 frame of each is plausible. you have 1 car, it can drive you to and from work and using forma on it, does what? certainly cant turn it into a truck, you need a truck. but if you cut it up and transform it into a truck, it does. customizable. also i want 30% less affinity to level a frame to reach lv30 at rank 30.
  4. this streamlines how you acquire the corrupted mods with vague player choice ALL the of corrupted mods to be reallocated to 1 of the 4 dragon keys. key will open the vault door regardless and the key will be used and burned near the statue so that players with keys can use theirs. if 4 players have 1 key, party gains 4 mods. if you bring all 4, you can only pick one at the statue. this method doesn't require you to carry all 4, but you still can. this reduces the loot tables so that a player can directly farm a mod of their choosing per key and its loot pool. 4 smaller pools to fish out one mod directly would be easier than from 1 large pool, your guaranteeing the mod to yourself but still reliant on rng. then you can make X key run parties, and still do randoms and if players have key can trade theirs and acquire mods based on the key they used.
  5. ooo i want cool wings. any chance new grandma spooky story?
  6. can there please be a difference between solo liches vs party, party can be faster but not when its dead, and im not askin for help in the chat, that's lame. i dont need help, i need it to be faster its still slow, yea 10 spawn faster, does it though? i dont feel it. can you add a mode that i sit the thrall down to dinner and movie and coax it out of them with love.
  7. i want to have toggles on combos to just turn them off. its to easy to slide across the room into a hole and i rather just disable it, to just not do it anymore. its also a ton of tappin e and its a bit too much finger gymnastics, idk how you fix that. considering also you nerfed melee, you have to hit them more, with just melee. also why not have an innate speed holster to it ,like 10%.
  8. thanks for fixing my nidus, he looked more gross without his bits.
  9. i thought the prime details for the mutation stacks was cool, on tennogen. RIP revenant mephisto syandana with sevagoth's agile animations clips his chest and his crotch, looks cool af but gots no dangle. edit: Nidus technocyst tennogen lost its back leg mutation effect, its just missing visually
  10. can you please move CYs pop up from above the volatile meter,
  11. host migrated mid railjack portion of the sister showdown mission, i became host, ran the mission again, sisters spawn but their all for the other party members except mine, mission finished and now i have to do it all over again. why have me host the mission and not even pop my sister? fix host migrations please!
  12. can we have bullet time on merulina, she'll feel more like a warframe if she had it and also would help with aiming the k-drive in the direction we want to go, as well as there is also no forward momentum when jumping to a ledge on the k-drive, that is if that is what you expect the dash to do.
  13. when sister or hound spawns in i loose host or client, sometimes its a short and im ok and other times its hard freeze host migration, then i play by myself for the rest of the mission or i host again depending on when it happens. also happens when players load in as well. in parties, sometimes sisters are killed but icon stays behind and sometimes glitches out anything else to pop again in showdown dog took my primary gun and i couldnt switch back to it when i picked it up, and then melee was stuck in my hand when i used my pistol. i did transference during showdown, appeared on the railjack as operator, transference again and was back in mission, as frame. i did a solo mission for granum void to get sister, existed granum went to get the capture part and sister claim, then after i used transference and poped back at the hand again as operator and transference again was frame again, basically i teleported back to the hand.
  14. hip holstered EXEC needs a nerf. LOL edit: just the placement on the hip, you can place it weird if you like, which i do find hilarious, to each his own.
  15. lifted status resist mod please, and reduced lifted status from stances.
  16. thanks for fixing the doggo, its killed me several times. can you add life strike to the Hounds; they could just healing themselves or add additional stat to pack leader and prime pack leader to have "on damage % lifesteal-link"
  17. make it so i can use any relic on the void storm in poxima mission and not just forced AXI. why does it matter what relic i use? idc what the relic items are, its the price of admission to gameplay. you might as well have crafted keys like the derelicts. how about corpus relics and ditch the whole holokey nonsense and have Gast just weekly charge your weapon with an rng % element.
  18. RIP innertube 😭 but my...fashion frame lols
  19. i want the void storms to award holokeys differently. im burned out.
  20. i was operator dashing on Jupiter tile set over the open bit to the clouds and hit a no player access area. long story short i was teleported inside the locked the puzzle room. the tenet diplos head shot perk dosent count to the head shot riven clear. also technically merulina is an ability, BUT. i want to use fishing spears, also. seems like a bug to me LOL :p
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