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  1. i want the void storms to award holokeys differently. im burned out.
  2. i was operator dashing on Jupiter tile set over the open bit to the clouds and hit a no player access area. long story short i was teleported inside the locked the puzzle room. the tenet diplos head shot perk dosent count to the head shot riven clear. also technically merulina is an ability, BUT. i want to use fishing spears, also. seems like a bug to me LOL :p
  3. reflex denial occasionally reflects damage onto the frame.
  4. occasionally, transference out and trying to void dash, you fail to dash. like dashing into a invisible wall. happens while solo and in a party.
  5. is there supposed to be lv 560 Spector in granum, in the misted of the lv50s?
  6. can you PLEASE add a means to trade companions to Master Teasonai for standing. my kubows are not going to lotus ui for credits. they need the best home. maybe you can swing players can outright buy them with their standing, that way they can get a real home. like a Ticker for animals, in such. also lower his gate, idk how long that kubrow is gona sit at there at the gate and only be seen at one angle, they wont run i assure you.
  7. is at all possible to not aim through the frame, i would like to see what I'm aiming at. (this the main cannon)
  8. Sanctuary Onsulaught on yareli k-drive passed through the portal and it the mars tile with water pit fall, went through the portal and into the water and fell into the void and was stuck there, unstuck did nothing. had to wait till party cleared the next floor to leave. also after patch i lost all yareli customizations in SO mission and when i left they were back.
  9. Komi with a friend, or ballas or teshin, or lotus.
  10. can there be a means to have syndicates pay out medallions after your capped. when your capped and noting to buy you have no reason to do the missions, the reward goes to the void and your just collecting the medallions, in the end. its no different then doing diemos missions, stocking up points. having the missions payout medallions would nice. alternatively. i would like to have a nightwave-ish means to all the syndicates so i can gain a item without have any relation to them. or you can still do that multi tenno thing i left somewhere LOL
  11. can you add a parazon mod for stealing the air out of lungs for a survival runs? last breath
  12. remove the mission failed title from abort mission and call it what it is which is MISSION ABORTED. cant fail something you did nothing in. and have lotus chime in, since you have rebb
  13. golden instinct is nice but i really wanted to have it on a pet as a mod.
  14. which will you post in warframes news link, in game? to the forum or the main page?
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