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  1. crewmembers with tennocon 2021 shoulder armor, clips into shoulder sevagoth agile animation has misaligned shoulder armor/sigils on limbo
  2. why not add a means to collect crew members at not the cost of a slot, like liches. I feel like collecting crew is the same as liches. can you add a means to check crew members anywhere in the game to see their stats; so I can buy a new one at not a cost of a slot, because i cant remember their stats 3 zones ago. even seeing your crew from the orbiter could cut a zone. otherwise your forced to go to a dojo or a relay, just to look at a panel. to go...that guy out. zone back to ticker. alternatively, add crew members stats to the warframe app,
  3. nice, crack that whip on debbysheen, i want my revenant hoodie, ghoulsaw when? archmelee boomerang when? archmelee for ground when? kick shoes when? pets 3.0 when? can there be more regular helminth abilities? what is the next frame? the beast of bones frame when? can syndicate leaders be crew members? can operator use warframe idles, i mean who is controlling who, at the end of the day?
  4. can the necromech vitality mod actually give the +120% to vitality example bonewidow 1800hp +(100% hp rank bonus)= 3600hp + 120%hp = 7920hp mine displays 5760hp: 1800hp +(100% hp rank bonus)= 3600hp + 60%hp = 5760hp is the mod is not working at giving +120% hp or is displaying the wrong percentage on the description which is only +60%hp
  5. yea your second reactor is max stats. if it was a fire hazard or a electric hazard you could overwrite the one you have. but they are both ice. there are 3 zetki reactors. but i can agree that its a bug that the max stats on it blocks you from fusing. the cost of fusing should be less then building a new one. however, i would just say build it and crush your old one, after its finished. if you build it and crush the old one you'll get your resources back in a way.
  6. great you fixed Epitaph on lavos aiming down sights, thank you. also not mentioned in fixes.
  7. the railjack missions from the dojo are not updating, says void storm and turns into anomaly. npc crew getting stuck in turret.
  8. please move CYs icon from popping up OVER the volatile meter
  9. is sevagoth shadow supposed to be dragging their hands while doing forward combo?
  10. is there ghoulsaw? im totally stealing that key art. and giant boomerang when?
  11. i have a npc crew member getting stuck in the gunners seat, i have them on defender for a reason (for this reason)and switch them to gunner in when i need them to do so and switch them back. i expect them to change back. i have asked this an update ago as well. i dont see it in your trello.
  12. soloing, staring from drydock, rare occurrence, npc crew and myself unable to enter front turret, turret became nonresponsive, as well as back turret locked crew member in it. and at the end of mission the back turret became an exit and continued to be an exit at the drydock. im getting mk 1 pieces as drops in veil missions as well as on pluto. when all parts are mk 3. it happens rare enough to be a bug. can form up work on crew members? so i can unstuck them, by forcing them to my location on the ship. so i can then assign them to not to use the turret.
  13. can you fix the new railjack turrets not showing up in the zekti tab? can you add a contracts tab some where on tickers ui, so i can see the crew i have to compare?
  14. had a gunner not being reassigned when i reassigned them. i dont want them to steal my affinity, if i can turn them into defender or repair duty whenever i want, i can take full control of my ship so i can earn the affinity. cant help if they get stuck in the gunner seat.
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