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  1. vast untime does weird things to the vome/fass meat. they sometimes disappear.
  2. when you are awarded points as an award and as the bonus award after a 3 vault run, the game never says bonus and just gives you 6. i want it to say 3 and bonus 3, (2 slides). So that I Know that I actually hit the 3 day bonus. ALSO i would like Importance on exiting to push the actual drops of the runs to the front, instead of intermingled with all the junk. Credits > Vault awards > mech drops > basic mods > materials.
  3. did a solo 3 vault run, and ran into glitch that vaults 2 and 3 had their end goal set at the first vault. so i had to go all the way to the first vaults treasure room to receive the clear. also side note: K-drive dungeon race to the finish.
  4. is the Sprongi decoration supposed to have collision?
  5. that was the most cursed episode of hometime yet, im awaiting the tennogen vid. thank you.
  6. you are allowed to have a completed railjack and be without a dojo. you can start mission from your orbiter. however when finishing mission your unable to return home because the game requires a dock. the work around is to start another mission to get the mission complete endslate and then abort the mission, to return you to your orbiter. the other problem associated with this dilemma is the refueling part, which there is also a work around, you offer the featured dojos, which can be visited, the dry dock is meant for party members also, you can refuel there. ironically can also start mission
  7. would it possible to make a color pallet that is shifting color morphs? i for one can never be satisfied with one color. a one min color morph wont kill anyone...visually.😛
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