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  1. Railjack Exterminate/Defense could do with more fleshing out. As everyones said, having them behave like Skirmish POI's so not everyone is forced to enter the capital ship would be the biggest immediate change. And people have also suggested adding more interaction between the away crew and the railjack crew during these modes, but I'd like to give some specific suggestions (With an overall formula to follow for further RJ modes). Once the Exterminate/Defense portion of the mission begins, enemy crewships could intermittently start to warp in and the Railjack crew would have to prevent th
  2. One question, will the option to change the backdrop only be limited to the Open Space? With the number of other rooms with windows (Inspirational Hall, some Gardens, Observatory etc.) it'd be a shame if it was restricted to a single room. On a related note, it'd be cool if we could have freely placeable window decorations that also showed the skybox (Or adjustable skyboxes for each placed decoration for maximum creative freedom), something like the window props from Doom 2016's Snapmap. Here's a picture as an example of what I mean: Would really reduce the claustrophobic nature of a nu
  3. Made an earnest attempt at using the Mandachord, and got... ok results with the percussion, but sadly I don't have the patience or skills to fully use it, at least not decently lol. Was wondering if you could do Goodbye Mr. A - The Hoosiers, specifically the beat from 0:10-0:20 was what I had in mind, but if any other part of the song works better/is easier that's fine too. If none of it's workable then no worries. I can imagine you'll be getting a higher influx of requests over the next few weeks, so best of luck Buff00n and keep doing amazing work.
  4. Not the best quality (PS4 Share + mostly red scene = youtube compression hell), plus was also planning on a smooth fade out to black with the advance camera tool as well, but camera placement/interpolation was getting too hectic. Still, fwiw, think it turned out pretty ok. Also probably wanna mute since the Necramech slide audio is nonstop lol.
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