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  1. Been farming turrets to max out all bonus stats for all houses, but for both Lavan Talyn and Laith Mk III are stuck at 57.8%. Been fusing multiple scrap wreckages to boost it but it's stayed stuck, despite the fusing screen showing that it would definitely reach the max of 60%.
  2. While afaik this isn't a common issue for the rest of the game, at the very least here it's a cause for concern and might crop up more with future game modes and missions. When playing Volatile during a Void Storm, the number of objectives on screen at once creates an issue where the reactor heat gauge will occasionally be obscured by Cy's transmission updates, making it hard to judge how high it is and efficiently time the destruction of the distressed pipes. Here's a screencap showing what I mean. A quick fix would be to decrease the frequency of Cy's messages during this part, move the PinP down slightly or swap his messages to the right of the screen, but I'd like to suggest a further adjustment to transmissions in general . To permanently free up real estate on the left side of the screen, all incoming transmissions from friends and foes could both appear on the right of the HUD permanently. That does ruin the subtle effect where a majority of the time villains (Vay Hek, Stalker, Alad V, Liches/Sisters etc.) will appear on the right and allies (Lotus, Ordis, Teshin etc.) are on the left, especially during story quests that involve back and forth talking between the parties involved. To remedy this (And apologies if this isn't a very clear description, wish I could make a gif to better show what I mean), instead of the current animation where the transmission blips in and out, instead ally transmissions could softly slide in from left-to-right and vice versa where enemy transmissions will slide in from right-to-left. Furthermore, unlike now when the transmission has to fade out and back in when it swaps to a different character, it could simply overlap and fade left-to-right/right-to-left to the next character without delay. The reason for going through all this reanimating effort would be to still keep the subtle emphasis on what friendly and hostile transmissions are like. Having characters "battling" for the feed by pushing the other aside would be the same as it is now where they're on opposing sides of the screen, but now situated to the right side of the HUD. Likewise all friendlies in a conversation (Think Vox Solaris during the Orb Mother bounties) would be shifting passively to the side to allow the next person to speak. And lastly it allows the left side of the screen to be freed up for any future HUD additions or more detailed objective texts. Longwinded post for sure, but just been ruminating on some thoughts for a while about giving transmissions a slight quality pass, and this seemed like a good opportunity to bring it up.
  3. Would be cool if DE brought the back-breaker animation. I know the community was largely negative about it because it always resulted in an insta-kill, but since the Sisters have an animation for failed requiem attempts that don't necessarily kill you there shouldn't be any reason to bring back the old one for Liches.
  4. The void spark could be better about either sticking to the hallways or just going directly towards the item, whereas right now it seems to be 50/50 with which one it does (I'm guessing the latter happens when the former has trouble mapping a path to it), but once you pick up on which is which then you can keep an eye on your map for the tileset/direction to head in. As far as range goes it's deceptively generous. Had it on Gauss with 280% range and it could sense stuff over 1000m away, the length of multiple large tiletsets, My main gripe with it as of right now is that you need to keep activating it to check to see whether the area is barren or not, which gets tedious to button mash and slows down playing the game normally. I think it'd work much better if you could activate Golden Instinct and if you're out of range of anything in the level atm, it stays on passively as it's "scanning" the area, and once you do come in range your warframe emits a distinct visual/audio ping and then the regular void spark animation plays out. Would even be able to make builds for it, like modding for very small range so if it does ping you know for sure there's an ayatan or medallion within a few meters.
  5. Sure, but like I said, there's times where I'm either cracking those relics or levelling up weapons/frames or doing Lich/Sister hunts, and being able to still earn some Cetus standing while doing those would be a positive feature. DE already allow players to earn standing outside of the open worlds with freeing captured Solaris on ships/in the granum void, so this would be another step in that direction for the other open world factions.
  6. Been recently clearing out the Hounds in my foundry and levelling them up to passively get some Fortuna standing, and the idea just occurred to me. We can donate Hounds/MOAs to Legs, Predasites/Vulpaphylas to Son, so why not allow players to donate fully leveled Kubrows/Kavats to Master Teasonai in Cetus? Logically it makes sense for him to be the one to take in the base pets of Warframe, and it'd be a smart way of retiring the nebulous "Consign to the care of The Lotus at the cost of 25k Credits" by making it a more meaningful "Donate to Master Teasonai for 4,000 Standing". It wouldn't become a replacement for doing regular bounties on the plains, but for folks wanting to free up some slots or those who have the resources to keep breeding more pets, it gives players an option to earn some Cetus standing while playing the rest of the game, much like you can with Solaris.
  7. One of the changes with the newer bundles in the store like the Lavos/Waverider Collection is the option to get the bonus decoration when you gift them (ymmv on whether you like it or not, but it's at least nice to help out another player to get the bonus decoration instead of having wasted dupes in your inventory). Unfortunately it doesn't seem like this feature ever got added to the Baruuk Collection. If the pack could be updated to make the Baruuk Mandala a gifting bonus that'd be great.
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