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  1. Nothing will top the Meowscular/Grammeowster Chef so any attempts will be in vain.
  2. When it comes to currently planning a dojo and the connecting rooms there're some limits I've bumped into. While all the gardens are very nice, I'm kind of surprised we don't have any small/large rooms that are just empty with a basic Tenno floor. For example, say I wanted to design a small spaceship bridge area or a commune with a corpus theme or maybe even a fake storage area. The main issue that crops up is having to spend time placing down panels to cover the floor, and even then it'll never reach the doors. I'd be nice to have some rooms that had the blank canvas of the Inspirational Hall
  3. Capcom added something similar to this with the Iceborne expansion for Monster Hunter World, which they called Hunter Helper. Here's a video that gives an overview, but the gist of it is that low rank hunters can call on high/master rank players to aid them in a quest, and the assisting player will get a small bonus reward for joining. Along side that they can earn pendants after helping out in a certain number of quests, which are purely a cosmetic reward. If done right I could absolutely see something similar to this being included with the squad-link feature. The major hurdles with thi
  4. I'm curious. Is the issue that there isn't any difficult content with exclusive rewards or drop chance modifiers for veteran players, or that there just isn't difficult content end of? I could see the challenge developing for the former and the arguments/outrage against it among the fanbase, but if the majority of veteran players only want to play the game at a higher difficulty with no other changes, I wonder what the issue is. Is it to keep open squads populated no matter what mission node is active?
  5. I really appreciate how highly customisable the controller layout in Warframe is, and have managed to almost make the layout work for me. Almost. But the one thing I never managed to make work comfortably is the alternate fire function. I had to replace it on the right stick with the camera shoulder swap just because of how much more useful that function is as a TPS player, and how few weapons with alt-fire I use on a regular basis. The best placement I’ve found is the right D-Pad, and while it’s mostly fine for toggling semi/auto on weapons like the Fulmin or zoom on snipers, it can be harder
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