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  1. I guess Gauss is the perfect frame and don't need a feedback thread then, since you ignore it so blatantly.
  2. Almost 20 pages of Gauss' feedback are being ignored? It's been almost a month since his release and not a word about changes on his problems.
  3. Hopefully there is more coming for Gauss than that, otherwise the entire feedback thread was only for show.
  4. Agreed, I'm using him at higher levels going with Boar Prime/Gram Prime and Redline build. It works, but I do think he needs a little more boom on his kit. He's great at concept, but I think he suffers of a pretty bad problem that a frame can't suffer: even with a optimal build (high duration, formaed), he feels unmodded, like I just reached level 30.
  5. His damage abilities falls off hard on higher levels. While it's really fun to play him on lower levels, on higher levels (sortie and above) even unarmored (corpus, infested) enemies can survive multiple Thermal Sunder combos on Redline even on a max strenght build . And his buffs aren't that strong to be worth it. There's no trade-off for this lower ability range for a really high damage unfortunately. I suggest buffs. Edit: Also, redline is too weak for a ult buff. Wisp does everything better with her one.
  6. Melee 3.0? Been a while since the last update. Will frames with exalted weapons or frames with direct relation to melee mechanics, specially the counter (like Ash or Atlas), be affected and if yes, receive any tweak?
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