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  1. Melee 3.0? Been a while since the last update. Will frames with exalted weapons or frames with direct relation to melee mechanics, specially the counter (like Ash or Atlas), be affected and if yes, receive any tweak?
  2. Chroma rework? He got literally two good skills. And those two good skills are redundant with each other. His 1 and 4 are a joke. Honestly I don't think a rework for the dragonboi can be done with numbers only.
  3. What about Chroma rework? He's literally as badly designed as pre-rework Limbo (who had three redundant abilities) for the reasons below: 1 - Two buffs that should be one ability in his 2 and 3. 2 - A useless 1. 3 - A useless 4. 4 - A niche only in a very specific game mode where he can be replaced to the same effects with little to no loss of time (aka use a Rhino). So he suffers from lack of role, a niche where he can be replaced, two redundant abilities, two bad ones. In a time where we get mostly tweaks and no outright remakes/reworks or ability replacements (even though Nyx is getting one after eons) I don't think only messing with his numbers will make him a good frame. Second question would be about Vauban. I understand the devs have an awful lot of stuff on their plates right now, but him, Chroma and Volt are in dire need of reworks but I kinda gave up asking about Volt lol.
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