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  1. Yes it's surprising but true. Here's the link: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Berserker Quote from page: The attack speed buff from Berserker is independent of mods and therefore stacks multiplicatively with them. For example, in combination with  Spoiled Strike and  Primed Fury, the weapon's attack speed will be at (1 - 0.2 + 0.55) × (1 + 0.75) = 2.3625x of its base. /quote
  2. I did this test the normal way before the fix that broke it, but I cheesed the MR19 test using an archgun to clear the map from the start point before strolling in to save the hostage. Not sure if there's any mastery lock in your way, but that cheese could help.
  3. I believe the reasoning behind this build of double speed mods is because P fury actually stacks multiplicatively with Berserker. So it is a better bonus than simple addition stacking like PPP and CO. That being said, organ shatter or a decent CD riven would give more DPS and should never be overlooked in favour of another speed mod. I build all my melee with primed reach. It's equally as important as a damage mod imo, since you can't damage what you can't hit. Lastly, if you take Naramon school you can omit drifting contact and slot another damage mod or p reach.
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