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  1. Overall great design and i'm glad to say apart from a few QoL issues this frame is perfect. Sevagoth: Personally i didn't find any problems with the low armor value but it just looks weird how low it is when we speaking about a frame who mainly survives via lifesteal and debuffs. I would consider bumping armor up to 200. The drain is manageable on him from Gloom but i would also love to see a very slight increase in the energy pool. Passive: Great ability however the range and speed is ridiculous which makes it harder to hit enemies and the hit detection feels off too. Weirdly enoug
  2. Probably late to the party but here we go. Passives: Imbue elements: Personally i've found no problem with it but i can see that in hectic moments or for console players the current iteration can be problematic so anything that makes the whole imbue mechanic smoother is a welcomed change. Valence block: Nice little passive but unreliable even with Transmutation probe. With enough kill per second you can work around that and get a decent uptime but by using Prime sure footed and possibly Rolling guard is a more reliable method to achive the same thing. It's there. It's fine. Status duration
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