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  1. I've had Wukong sitting in the foundry unclaimed as I patiently waited for the rework. Patience failed me and deprived me of 3 free forma lol. 😆 Cheers though. Thanks for the rework! (Note to self: Claim Vauban during the redtext before his rework release)
  2. There is 2 of every frame glyph in the change menu.
  3. Hehehe. Yeah... that "good angle" bug report screenshot is going on the Orbiter wall if we are ever blessed with custom posters. You know... so I can act 12 again. 😁
  4. How about one that the Ministry of Silly Walks would approve for grant?
  5. Amongst all else, thanks for this! Its been so broken for a while. While you're at it, mind raising the ceiling over the forest outpost a little? 🤣
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